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Amazon Warehouses Flouting Sick Leave Law as Outrage Swells Over Worker Conditions in Midst of Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/07/amazon-warehouses-flouting-sick-leave-law-outrage-swells-over-worker-conditions


I guess Bezos can’t cover them. He only has $138 billion.

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Cos he had to give so much for his divorce settlement. And that mansion he has with 13 bathrooms.
Those poor workers.


Will this nation never become humane again???

Not until we the people start hitting the streets and refusing to work for Capitalist masters We are many, and they, by design are very few. Frankly I’m looking forward to stalking them with pitchforks.

If the conditions surrounding this pandemic aren’t enough to wake up Americans and stimulate a revolt nothing much else will either. That puddle of crap we find ourselves in must be seen as our (the peoples) ultimate responsibility. How much we each decide to sacrifice to stop the madness will be a large part of our success, if any.


These are Provincial benefits to workers in BC over and above the Federal programs.

The following outlines labor right protections that have been strengthened since the Covid outbreak. It includes paid sick leave and protection from being fired because an employee refuses to work in an environment they do not think is safe.



In the USA I have read Governors of various states are indicating that if workers refuse to return to work because they feel the workplace a threat to their health , that they will lose all benefits such as UI and the employer can terminate them without severance.

You know how sick a society is when the absolute worst rule. This is where we, in the wider community, can support these workers by notifying Jeff Bezos you will boycott his businesses until he provides protection for all the workers who labor under his greed. I have already done so and I am sure many CD posters have also.

Solidarity! Think and organize for General Strike and then non cooperation.