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Amazon Workers in Alabama Clear Hurdle in Fight for Historic Union Vote

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/24/amazon-workers-alabama-clear-hurdle-fight-historic-union-vote

No longer resigned to being “Alabamy bound”

This is an easy one; this is NOT a hindrance, but a help. Just find out which people “get to vote,” and get their votes. You WANT more representation.

Is this too simple, am I falling for a trap? This is the pandemic, if WE don’t act,THEY will. How do we know? Because they ARE acting as we speak, looking at the ROTpublicans here, every-time-always (okay, almost). We really out to know by now, in our BONES, that Fascist types (here and now, this mean ROTpublicans) learn our patterns, stake out our paths, and fire from cover.

We are nothing more than prey, to them. They don’t care about the things the rest of us hold dear. Look at a ROTpublican, and I DARE you to find a person who wouldn’t sell for advantage, even if it ruined someone else, even if it destroyed lives. THAT is what ROTpublicans support right here and now. Ruin and Destruction.

We are nothing but prey to them.

And the FIRST rule of resisting Fascism? Don’t Go Along. Don’t Do It For Them. Dictating is Bloody Hard Work unless you can convince the victims to do it to themselves… (that’s where Gunned Up Nazi Bois With Inferiority Complexes start coming in handy)

Amazon tops the list of companies that most need a union. However, I suspect that if that plant is successfully unionized; Bezos will take the Walmart approach and close it. After all Amazon is just the Walmart business model applied to online shopping. Even though he does not like Trump, he likes Trump’s mafia lite business approach.

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