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Amazon's Billion-Dollar Shakedown of America's Cities

Amazon's Billion-Dollar Shakedown of America's Cities

Jacob Sugarman
If one required reminding of the Democratic Party’s complete capitulation to corporate interests, to say nothing of the country’s as a whole, he or she need only have listened to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s address on Tuesday. “One of the biggest companies on earth next to the biggest public housing development in the United States,” he told reporters during a joint press conference with Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

By the way, deBlasio was elected as a “progressive” but in actually having to govern its not so easy to avoid playing the game of race-to-the-bottom with corporate giveaways because if you don’t play the game, you really don’t get the jobs or investment needed to generate economic activity.
That said, Rhode Island played the game even more disastrously with a game company called 38 Studios leaving the state with only $100 million in debt. At least Amazon is likely to stay in business and they seem to be interested in locating where there is good public transit, access to universities and the arts, appreciate diversity and civil rights, and they provide a shopping service that people, voting with their dollars, want. Its hard to see how New York or the country, would be better off if they moved to some cornfield somewhere where everyone had to drive and diversity and innovation were devalued.
But bottom line I agree we need a law to deter corporate blackmailing of cities and states.

We need a law to eliminate corporate everything. As long as they have an unlimited stash of bribe money, they will be a powerful regressive force even if they are able to get professional speechwriters to make them sound sympathetic and humane, there isn’t they’ll do anything to make life better for their criminal cronies and colleagues.

I think the states should bargain collectively with companies.
How about if they form a union?