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Amazon's Female Defenders Denounce 'Macho' Repression and Demand Rights

Amazon's Female Defenders Denounce 'Macho' Repression and Demand Rights

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Hoping to shed light on how Ecuadorian Indigenous and mestiza women are subject to systemic criminalization and repression for their work protecting the Amazon rainforest from fossil fuel exploitation and p


Thank you for laying your lives on the line for everyone and the earth. Thank you.


“Long Live the Fighters”! Bravo to these fighters, indigenous women and men, who defend one of the worlds most precious and critical systems/habitats!

This article is a total joke, it blows way past the number one cause of deforestation of the Amazon, Cattle farming. Stop playing it off like the oil industry is the culprit. What a joke! Your fear of speaking up is cowardly. You are all cowards.

for the record, its US corporations who are really destroying the Amazon, thats why most Americans dont hear about it. We are basically corporate communists these days.

Read more slowly. The article clearly states that fossil fuels is only one of many issues addressed by these women.

“Corporate communitsts”? Really? Have you ever read the Communist Manifesto? Communism is the antithesis of corporate fascism.


Also Samuel can follow the link and read the manifesto signed by these astonishingly creative and courageous women.

I don’t see you going into the amazon and protesting against those horrible cattle ranchers. Nice, safe and cozy there typing away on your computer isn’t it? Oooh, you’re going to make a difference…