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Amazon's Major Money Dump in Seattle's City Council Election Panned as 'Dangerous and Ominous Development'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/06/amazons-major-money-dump-seattles-city-council-election-panned-dangerous-and-ominous


From the article:

“Seattle voter Sarah Champernowne, a Sawant supporter, said that Amazon’s involvement in the race was anti-democratic.”

Any corporate involvement in our political process is antidemocratic–as intended (thanks, SCOTUS).


Rep. Jayapal sez:
"I am extremely disturbed by the unprecedented amount of money that Amazon has dumped into Seattle City Council elections—not just a thumb, but a fistful of cash, on the scales of democracy.”

She has reason to be disturbed, as team Bozos is most likely hanging a fresh target around her neck as it reloads its money cannon for the upcoming federal primary.
Not to worry, though … the Cantwells and Murrays of the state will be just fine.


This is what rich people ( Corporations are people ) do. This is what rich people ( Corporations are people ), always have done and will continue to do in one masquerading way, or another, in local, state and federal elections. Unless they are put on, and kept on, a very short public-interest-in-fair-elections-law leash. This is not rocket science, it is corruption. End of story.
And, like the AA dude says, " you can’t keep doing the same thing, over and over, and expect different results. " True that, especially in cases like this. $1.5-2 million bucks is chump change in Seattle and to Amazon, as well. This is just an object lesson to Sawant and her supporters.


I still don’t buy anything from Amazon and I stopped shopping at Whole Foods.


HAve a few thousand people show up on the sidewalk in front of the homes of Amazon-backed candidates Egan Orion and Alex Pederson,
Let the Fascists KNOW how locals ‘feel’ about it.


The cure for vast amounts of money buying city governments is the election method that has been used by the Cambridge, Massachusetts City Council since 1940. Under the multiple office version of single transferable vote, all nine city council seats are chosen in one election. Any candidate able to put together a minority coalition of at least 11% of the vote can get a seat.

The city council as a rule doesn’t bankrupt the city with debt (constant AAA bond rating) and they don’t steal. They run things quite well. The city council looks remarkably like the electorate. Almost as a rule nobody bothers to try to buy a city council seat, because the fringe 5% of the voters who can be easily swayed aren’t enough to even buy one seat out of nine.

Cambridge’s system isn’t perfect. They randomly assign extra votes to their second choice candidates. This means that recounts don’t work. However, there’s a fix. Every voter should have an equal fraction of their vote go to the winning first choice candidate and the leftover fraction of their vote goes to their second choice. Odd fractions with numerators and denominators would be too hard to implement, but simply splitting each vote into one million microvotes would do the counting job perfectly well.


What’s really sad is how susceptible people’s voting minds are to money-driven political campaigns. Apparently it is difficult to resist being bombarded by the corporate message.


Please, NEVER purchase from Amazon or its many subsidiaries. WE CAN use the power of the pocket.


Seattle’s left is reminiscent of San Francisco’s: Too wealthy to care about the working class.

And so, they keep re-electing Nancy “Corporate Cash” Pelosi.


If they “don’t care about the working class”, then they are NOT left. Leftists have empathy regardless of their financial status.


Great example of why Move to Amend is so important. Corporations are not people and money is not speech.


Oh, if it were just quarantined to Seattle. The Bezos Bros of the U.S. have a much longer list, in their back wallet pocket, of progressives they plan " to take out of the picture ". Guess who!
The Democrats seem to want an internal war: some folks here in Portland I know gave money to the Seattle and Virginia candidates, at the expense of the Sanders campaign, in the last couple of weeks. But, that’s not going to stop this craziness of $$$$$ equalling the people’s will.
Very frustrating to watch it all play out.


Super glad NYC booted Amazon. If the monster were there you know it would be going after AOC even harder than it can as an outside NY force.

Looks like candidates who refused corporate money and backed Green New Deal did well in Virginia.


I love Kshama Sawant, and I hope she wins. If she doesn’t, I wonder if she would consider running for a higher office. I wonder if she would consider running as the Green Party’s vice presidential candidate. Howie Hawkins has already received the Socialist Party USA nomination (though the Green Party has not selected their nominee yet). Howie Hawkins is trying to bring together a coalition of independent progressives. He could sure use her charisma.

She might prefer to build her own party, Socialist Alternative. But the Green Party is the only progressive party that is likely to have national ballot access for 2020.


Great. Haven’t had the time to look into the " internals " of the Virginia results yet. That state has been on a rollercoaster ride for awhile.

And capitalism is not democracy.


Today’s ‘democrat’ party is not you’re daddy’s Democratic Party. It 's your daddy’s Republican Party.


Delivering the goods for the nogoodniks

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Ideally all money, regardless of where it came from, would be contributed to one fund which would be equally distributed among the candidates.