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Amazon's Major Money Dump in Seattle's City Council Election Panned as 'Dangerous and Ominous Development'

That is what we must change. The Reagan admin has corrupted seventy % of our national legislature and is directly responsible for so much of today’s problems.

I think it would be quicker to do an end run and just start a 3rd Party on the Left

About a week ago the Wall Street Journal editors remarked on this that if business loses this election, then the progressives will change the rules so that business never gets a second chance.

That said, progressives can’t repeal the laws of economics. If they are hostile to employers and businesses, without offering any ‘outs’, such as relief for worker operated cooperatives, then they run a risk of no business being conducted in their city or polity.

I’d be happy if the Dems (and Repubs) would just start learning and applying actual economic policy rather than the perverted capitalist doctrines they keep hoping finally produces the benefits their lies have promoted for the last 7-8 decades (so far with nothing to show for their efforts than huge levels of income inequality and record levels of criminal greed). They need to understand how money works and why tight regulation is essential to minimizing graft and corruption within any economic system that has any capitalist influence in it.