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Ambitious Investments in Child and Elder Care Could Boost Labor Supply Enough to Support 3 Million New Jobs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/21/ambitious-investments-child-and-elder-care-could-boost-labor-supply-enough-support

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If tax money is involved (subsidies) those jobs may face mandates to be outsourced globally. A similar set of issues may applie in dozens of service sectors- everything from teaching and nursing, to environmental and networking services, engineering, construction and other jobs that may see higher levels of subsidization in the future. In any cases, a number of developing countries (India is a big example) clearly feel as if the trade agreements we have signed in the past as well as the new ones that are being drafted legally entitle them to those jobs because they bid cheaper. As far as the applicability of US wage regulations, such as the US minimum wage, they claim that the nature of these debts as part of trade agreements exempts them from having to pay countries like the US’s minimum wages, it seems as if that is being argued in a dispute that is before the WTO right now.

If it comes from the government, it cant be a good deal for people, only for corporations. as thats what the rules have said these last 25 years, ever since we joined the WTO.

A smart person would have to conclude that the entire country is being shamelessly deceived by our totally dishonest leadership. Dont fall for their good cop bad cop routine. Seek out the truth even though you will have to look at the media outside the US to read it.

We’re being told good jobs are on the way to get us to fall into this trap. The only way out is to get out of these trade deals, something the neoliberals like Bidern or Trump wont do. (Although Trump pretends he cares, he doesnt.) Biden - as part of the Obama Administratiuon was involved in setting up TISA. Which is like GATS on steroids. Its negative list which is a freeze, a standstill on all kinds of progressive policy. It makes it impossible to fix our huge problems, creating more foreign entitlements for corporations. They include entitlements for foreign firms, if they are the lowest bidders to act as middlemen for those jobs. Taking the lions share of the wages.

The poorest countries in the world are the ones expected to win out in the tendering competitions, but the people who will be placed in jobs are the children of their richest, because nobody else in these countries has a college education. See the propaganda for “World Competition Day”. I would like to put forward that we should stop propping up dictatorships, and that instead we should return to the old way of doing things pre WTO and pre-FTAs so we could funnel jobs created by our own tax money to our own people, and have public services like the countries in Europe, Canada, etc that had them pre-WTO and so now can keep them - as long as they change nothing. Otherwise we’ll lose the public services we still have, soon. We’re being led into a trap by the two crooked parties and their crooked leadership.

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Not to mention this is actually outsourcing children and the elderly so the slaves can be more productive. Obviously the author sees child and elder care as investments.

I hope you don’t mean me?

What I was getting at, is that if subsidies (tax money) are involved, (and it doesnt involve national security) there is a good chance that foreign countries firms, Think companies set up to do those kinds of jobs, “NanniesRUs” or “SchoolsRUs” or “EnvironmentalLaborCo” or something like that, may have to be offered a shot at the work. may have to be offered a crack at the jobs. Via a internationally available procurement process. Via a tendering process. This is a big change, one that will shift a lot of jobs to developing countries, where the powerful can get their cut of everything.

Some countries, such as India where they are having riots over the scarcity of jobs, may want those jobs, even if they pay very little. So they can skim off the cream.

This has been the plan for a long time.

This throws a wrench in all the plans for government subsidized “New Deal” type jobs. Has since decades ago.

The possibility of the US issuing 3 million work visas so that immigrants can come in to do child and elder care here is preposterous. Especially when the US unemployment rate is in the double digits.

I was agreeing with you, sorry for any misunderstanding. Well said!

You might be surprised, in my state we have more than 2 million undocumented workers, something like 4 in 10 and possibly higher. So just from observation I would at least consider it, this is CA the demographics are a little different. We also have a quarter of the homeless population here as well.

Visas have always been manipulated. After WW2, one entity issued 50,000 visas for Nazis.

Except that child and elder care will not be confined to California.

And work visas are under heavy Covid19 restrictions right now.

True, but these are traditional roles for immigrants and it is on a large scale. Hard to even find a English speaking as a first language person these days. Covid-19 may prove to be a barrier but who knows.

CA is the national guinea pig.

The powers that be look at all those undocumented workers (and legal immigrants) sending back remittances (and increasingly even the labor of American citizens working here at home and being paid well) as income lost to them. Disempowered labor brings back the highest profits, under trade deals it instead goes to the rich people they fled and their families, imagine that.

With Mode Four, most of the profit skimmed off goes to the richest people in the labor supplying country. (The ones who own the body shop firms) The jobs here go to their children (if they are high skill jobs requiring college degrees) or to poor workers who must pay outrageous fees to be placed in these jobs. (which they must still pay back if something bad happens)

The big losers are US workers (and in the case of privatization of public services, like police, - note that foreign supplied police will make it GATS -imperative to outsource all of them eventually, UNLESS THEY CAN INOLVE NATIONAL SECURITY AND LOTS MORE SECRECY, like omnipresent ultrasurveillance - Internet in everything-

just as likely to be done with other services like teaching and nursing - So impacted especially are civil servants.) The middle class won’t know what hit them.


Yeah, government decision making is mostly privatized, and now people. Human trafficking is big business.

particularly if it can be framed as “legitimate” legislation

Indeed, or a discriminated algorithm. we are all just crash test dummies now

The Indian government and business groups have a huge PR campaign trying to get us to do the various things that will trigger and facilitatate a huge wave of outsourcing. You wouldn’t beleive the level of propaganda I saw when I was on Twitter to try to get us to pass a bill that basically would allow the things the body shop did to break the visa system (they submitted huge numbers of applications for work visas, far more than every other country combined) This resulted in the waits for Indian workers (who are outsourcing US jobs in a serial manner, but the quotas on visas limit how many workers jobs can be converted to offshore every year, because it limits the number of people doing the conversions) Anyway, they want to get rid of that. They want to basically go first come first served. That would basically push all the other applicants, many of whom are legitimate students, out completely.

When they created these programs, did anybody intend for them to destroy millions of jobs ?

(because thats what will happen)

India is a near fascist country, its no longer a democracy. We shouldnt be trading away our scarce jobs to anybody - but we especially shouldnt be helping countries that have caste systems, and who have barely implemented primary education (and not funded it adequately) We shouldnt be propping countries up that repress their people. Sacrificing our own jobs and families to do it.

Because it stands in the way of outsourcing these jobs they want to get rid of social security. (Dont believe me?
Read up on the decades long totalization agreement issue, in the Indian press. You can also get a good idea of some of the issues in the publications from the International Labor Organization.)

Wake up America, or your future will be a LOT different than what you think it will be. If tax money is invested in a job, there is a good chance it will go to companies from the other side of the world, who will then proceed to import their own workers to do the jobs they win. Here. This will undermine the value of all workers labor, drastically. And the vakue of human lives, when analyzed for economic purposes. Your lives.

If a state represented by Feinstein and Harris in the Senate is the guinea pig, we’re fucked.

Your state is a bellwether. Just not a consistently good one.

Well it is a big state, parts of it are still good. The parts that haven’t burned up yet or nuked by Fukushima. Besides, we are not the only guinea pigs. Regardless, we give more than we take.