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Amd GOP Assault on Safety Net, Trump's HUD Secretary Says Poverty Mostly a 'State of Mind'


Amd GOP Assault on Safety Net, Trump's HUD Secretary Says Poverty Mostly a 'State of Mind'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Republicans want to slash the nation's social safety net, but that's apparently okay by some top Republicans because the source of poverty is really just in the minds of the nation's poor.

Offering the latest evidence that the individual President Donald Trump chose to lead one of the nation's largest anti-poverty programs has little but contempt for the low-income people he was appointed to serve, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson says that being poor, really, is mostly a "state of mind."


"“I think poverty to a large extent is also a state of mind.”

Not really too surprising coming from A guy who said that Black slaves “immigrated to this country”…


Trump’s stepin fetchit is a goddamn ignorant disgrace in every and all senses - a house-boy that will perform! Carson was chosen to destroy - like all the ginger pig’s other cabinet/adviser positions - what little has been built for the 99% over much time against great odds by people of good conscience …understanding and education!


Some people need to lose their fortune in order to get in touch with reality. Fortunes have been lost due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control and if that ever happens to some of these elites they would most likely commit suicide. Why? Because they lack character…without money they are nothing as human beings.


Carson could be right. Being poor is a state of mind when one considers how poor the heartless oligarchy is in human terms such as:
scientific skepticism
scientific method
human rights
Naturalism (philosophy)


Lynne, I’m not attacking you here, but I think you have unintentionally presented a rationale that is completely without basis and that is that any person who would commit suicide as a result of having lost everything material and having no income to get off the streets, would have done so ultimately because they “lack character”, whatever that means.

Having lost a friend to suicide, and having experienced myself the deep and dark experience of contemplating such over and over…criticisms of those who have taken their life always come from people who have no idea how deep desperation of one’s personal circumstance can become.

Perhaps those who end up killing themselves “lack the character” of sociopaths like Ben Carson.


Poverty mostly a state of mind, Mr. Carson? Well, if that is true, does it mean your American, ancestors had to endure slavery because of their state of minds?


Guess living in a mansion in the same general vicinity (West Palm Beach) as the emperor who anointed him, as woefully unqualified as he is for the cabinet position, has blinded him to the plight of too many of his race in our nation. Does he still own the 48 acre property in Maryland? When he looks in the mirror, does he see a white man in black skin (oreo) and thus a shame to his bruthas? Or is his cranium so empty that he sees nothing? He apparently is devoid of any compassion for his fellow human beings of any race. Perhaps he forgot about taking the Hippocratic Oath when he became a doctor that in essence says, “Above all, do no harm.”

Carson has conveniently forgotten how the social safety net/public assistance aided his family while growing up in Detroit, MI and how affirmative action got him into college and medical school. His father and mother must have had deep and dark (loser?..a DJT word of the day) states of mind if Carson’s theory is “true.” He is just another of DJT’s pawns in his (DJT) and Bannon’s chess game. And as such, Carson is a very dangerous afterthought.


Who the hell are these “somebodies”, Mr. Carson? Sure that Dom Pérignon isn’t spiked?


Carson’s mind - and his heart - is clearly just as empty as that of the rotting Orange Jack-O-Lantern for whom he “works”.  Both of them should have been tossed in the dumpster of history the day after Hallowe’en!!


Obviously, getting Dr. Ben out of the compassionate arena of medicine and into the cutthroat piracy of Republican politics was a move most fitting for someone of his caliber. At least he is now in better compliance with the Truth-In-Dickheads Act. No longer is he a weed out of place posing as a flower.


It is a bit hard to pull oneself up by the bootstraps when the system is becoming more and more rigged against the masses. This is especially so where the a primary goal of the hegemony of the power-elite is to overwhelm society with so much despair so as to cause the common person to substantially lower perception of just what constitutes the “American Dream.”

Corporations routinely stash hundreds of billions annually in offshore accounts, supposedly until such time as such monies need to be repatriated, which avoids taxation, dividend payouts and increased pay for rank-and-file workers.

Corporations are notorious for paying obscenely inflated salaries, bonuses and stock options to top corporate executives.

In general, all levels of government fail to provide for well-rounded K-12 education and affordable programs for college education; instead, to serve the economy, the certain industries overly relies upon the importation of both unskilled labor as well as graduate-level tech workers; it depresses the wages and salaries at both ends of the spectrum.


…said the Mindless to the Mindful.


If “Poverty Mostly a ‘State of Mind’”, is a true statement, then being an illegal alien (you kniw, from outer space) or being black is a state of mind is a true statement.


Carson’s mind is what happens to a surgeon who takes nips from the ether tube in the operating room.


Yes,poverty is a state of mind…the state of the minds of the oligarchy.


Carson has got his so everyone else can get fkud far as he is concerned…He is rich he is black and he is a moron…and his idol isTrump…


Medicine is supposed to be science based. Knowing that there may be individuals who would react as Mr Carson has described is one thing" anecdotal. To extrapolate that to everyone, is absurd.

And if poverty is simply ‘a state of mind,’ please do explain why the wealthy spend so much of their efforts on not losing their wealth and in trying to add more and more to it at the expense of others. Doesn’t sound like a ‘state of mind’ to me or maybe it does. Just not the same ‘state of mind’ he was talking about.


This article and others by MSM along with CD is a distraction from the articles being circulated today about China’s stated plan and goals to eliminate poverty in its countries and alleviate it in developed countries around the world.

Not saying at all that China is an angel. But the Silk Road and the Maritime Road are BG game chambers. The West is not doing and has never done anything that can touch it.

As a child, I always the thought that every place had roads that go everywhere like the US.And at least a few into the next country. Soon Asia will have that. Tajikistan, the poorest in Asia, with 50% of its income coming from foreign remittances, is on the track.


Carson is an insufferable twat.