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Bill C. Davis

In the election drama of 2016, Khzir Khan arrives as a brilliant deus ex machina. His choice of words, his dignified, eloquent cadence and honest tear-tinged timber has alerted the ears of a mesmerized population. He stands with a mature innocence - honor - compressed rage and grief. He spoke at the DNC and in ensuing interviews with words and phrases like "empathy"; "moral compass"; "a burden on your soul"; and "stewardship of this beautiful country."


This desperation to distract from the DNC email debacle is getting pretty sad and pathetic. Do the Clinton Clowns not know that Americans are well aware of who supports war of aggression? Do they think that Americans have never heard of Syria, Egypt, Ukraine, Honduras, etc?

The time has come to reject both the Democrats and Republicans as they have both shown massive disregard for the US Constitution and for US and international laws. That we have citizens that would vote for either is sad and pathetic.


Hey Bill! This isn't Grampa Davis' army of conscripts responding to an attack by another nation on the territory of the US. This is the mercenary (Hessians really--being paid in so-called "veterans benefits") military functioning as so much elitist multi-national corporate enforcement muscle.
The tragedy of the 2016 election that is even greater than the absurd candidacies of the two major political parties are the Khan couple standing before America tying to find some dignity in the sacrifice of their beloved son and thousands of other US military personnel in a senseless 15 year old war that only shows signs of expanding and no resolution. There is no dignity in their sacrifice which was predicated on the lies of a government that represents the 1%.
Donald Trump is a boorish and obtuse clown whose greatest enemy is his own big mouth, but when he said that the Iraqi invasion was the greatest foreign policy blunder in US history (to booing crowds in South Carolina) he spoke truth to power and power has never forgiven him for doing so. Not even Bernie had the guts to do that.
So now Bill C. Davis has joined the pile on of Donald Trump and in the process of trying to ennoble Khzir Khan, has swept under the rug the prostitution of both political parties to the concept of endless war for its own sake (aka economic stimulus).


Using the grieving Khans as window-dressing on the stage for Hillary's nomination acceptance speech was cynical and disgusting.

What "car bomb" can Mr. Khan stop by holding up his copy of the U.S. Constitution?

If there are car bombs headed our way, it is because both houses of Congress and the President tossed out the Constitution years ago, and adopted the neocon agenda, as laid out in the Project for the New American Century, (PNAC) instead.

Here are two articles which explain PNAC: http://www.ronpaul.com/2008-05-17/ron-paul-exposes-the-neocon-agenda/ http://www.ronpaul.com/2008-05-17/ron-paul-exposes-the-neocon-agenda/


Oh, give me a break! Has anyone bothered to find out who this man is and what his connections to Clinton are? The DNC and Dems have milked this story to death.
It's disturbing to watch as the country weeps alligator tears over this man's speech.
I don't want to pop anyone's bubbles but this Khan is a con by the DNC.
www.ligitgov.org stated that he is an immigration lawyer and he has been accused of letting certain people buy their way into this country and that includes making it easier for foreign investors to invest here. Critics have asked Congress to shut him down.
So did Clinton offer him cover in exchange for this heart felt speech? This is the Media people, they spin it all for your entertainment.
I watched the speech and was turned off as it appeared disingenuous. If his back ground is true, we should look past all the hype and get real.


Ameri-CON is more accurate than Ameri-Khan.

Davis, the playwright loves Mr. Con because he put on a great performance.


While harldy defending Mr Trump in this interview one can see how the media in the way of one Wolf Blitzer tries to milk this story so as to promote the Democratic party.


I always find it interesting that when a line of questioning by the media starts to go south because they are not getting the desired responses , the interview is ended because they have "run out of time".

By the way I think this ad is brilliant. No fn of Trump obviously and I do hope you all vote stein.


Glad to see the CD regulars calling out this nauseating tripe for what it is.

Like building a map, BC Davis has helped me fill in where I do not want to step, whom I will not read, or whose theatrical production is worthy of an early demise.

As for the Kahns: as I watched them that night I had a suspicion their entrance onto the national stage would not end well. Most little persons that mistakenly end up there get burned by those stage lights. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. So it is said.

You can not attain honor nor even glory by prosecuting an illegal, dishonest, and in fact, murderous policy. Many who have volunteered, gone and served in these US wars of aggression of the 21st century only realize these truths after the fact. Did not understand that there is no acceptable theory of pre-emptive war, that all of what was said about Iraq was untrue, or that in the end their only solace would be a kind of band of brothers survivalism of an environment of murder or be murdered. Pleasant dreams.

I feel sorry for the Kahns, just as I do for my human race. That we can not disenthrall ourselves from the attack and counter-attack of living hatred, herded by a wand of fear, held in the hand of greed.


The Khans were perfect comics for CLINTONCON in Philly last week.


Shame to see so many people duped by the Republican attempts to smear this guy. The man is "clearly" in bed with the Clintons. After all, he started his own practice after working at a big law firm that has previously done work for the Saudis who have previously given money to the Clinton Foundation. Wow! I could uncover that type of farcical connection for 90% of the population.
Plus he's an immigration lawyer who handles all kinds of immigration cases. Wow! A clear sign of corruption.

I believe in actual evidence.


"So now Bill C. Davis has joined the pile on of Donald Trump and in the process of trying to ennoble Khzir Khan, has swept under the rug the prostitution of both political parties to the concept of endless war for its own sake (aka economic stimulus)"

aka Greed, pure and simple.

For them there is no higher principle.


For the Democrats to use the Khans death of their son for political purposes, has to be one of the most ignominious things I have ever seen! And to add insult to injury, Trump had nothing to do their sons death in Iraq, if anyone was culpable, it was HRC!


AMER-CONNED....oh yes. The DNC vultures opportunistically used this family and their loss to BAIT TRUMP.... Why would Trump not take the bait of this challenge from the Cons. AND How many people in the audience have read the Constitution, I admit I have not....How about you?...Hillary?... This is just another distraction to distract the consumers.....For if there was no distraction, then maybe we would hear substance from either Clinton or Trump....no no...just hollywood and distraction and Theater.....