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America and Israel Against the World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/13/america-and-israel-against-world


Apartheid states like South Africa ultimately fail, says Danny. But the difference here is AIPAC and Israeli influence on our elected officials, as well as ongoing hasbara initiatives that continue to make honest discussion of extreme zionism and Israeli policy difficult for many Americans. Thugs can plausibly triumph when they have the money, the power to intimidate, well connected supporters at the highest levels, and subsequent control of middle eastern foreign policy.


History shows that apartheid states, brutal in practice and often lasting decades, are doomed to fail. South Africa’s, which endured from 1948-1994, eventually collapsed under the weight of international sanctions, disapprobation and internal indigenous resistance. It may take another generation, but Israeli apartheid won’t last forever either; it too will crumble under the weight of its own contradictions. How can a country be both “Jewish” and “democratic” while some 50% or more of its population live as second-class citizens or under military occupation?

This is really a tremendous article! I do believe, however, Sjursen is a bit optimistic about the erosion of the Zionist apartheid entity that is now in the final stages of annexing what is left of Palestine.

  1. U.S. financial (primarily military) hand-outs. (Read the linked the CRS report.)
  2. The bloated Israeli military that has hundreds of nuclear weapons and a huge CBW capacity. (See No. 1 for creation and maintenance.)
  3. A highly efficient police-state and large prison system.
  4. The control over natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean.
  5. The control of Jordan Valley water.
  6. The lack of allies that the Palestinian people have in the US and Europe (See what happened to Jeremy Corbyn, et. al)


Tom Johnson
Columbus, OH USA


Very well said. Excellent and articulate analysis.

Thank you.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to remove two corrupt authoritarian leaders that to put the entire world through their temper tantrums?


Meanwhile Netanyahu is openly boasting how the Israeli Government interferes in US elections and gets US states and Governments to pass laws that benefit Israel.

The media is silent on “Foreign meddling in our elections” when it comes to Israel.


When some group has been bullied, they become the abuser - the first chance they get.


It’s disappointing to see the routine acceptance of a particular distinction between the US and Israel on the one hand and despotic governments on the other.

Time to catch up on these sorts of slips.

I’m not sure the Palestinians are going to be left with any real choice other than fight or die at this point.

they’ve so far been depending on winning the internal demographic battle inside Israel as Arab-Israelis slowly begin to outnumber the European colonists. Israel understands this, and what we’ve been seeing is the formation of responses geared to eliminate the Arab population effects years in advance.

This can’t end well.


Trump and Netanyahu (real family name is Milekowsky) are not the disease - they are symptoms. Zionism/Talmudism (which includes 65-85% of all Jews) are a malignant, metastatic cancer that is sickening, not only Palestine, but the entire world.

At least one is. Abby Martin is suing the state of Georgia for barring her from speaking at a public university on the Palestinian issue and for “her refusal to sign a pledge of allegiance to Israel.” And thanks to the complete takeover by that reeking kitty litter box feral leader our congress refuses to apply the Foreign Agents Registration Act to AIPAC and other pro-apartheid NGO’s. At one state has the balls to stand up to israel. Texas blocked the state from enforcing similar anti-BDS laws last April.