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America as a Company Town: Royal Dutch Shell Workers in Pennsylvania Coerced to Show Up for Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/18/america-company-town-royal-dutch-shell-workers-pennsylvania-coerced-show-trump


When CITGO started pulling out around here I went to Shell. Now I’ll find a less evil place to buy the stuff
Shell “you’re Fired!”


Ethane is particularly nasty stuff. Unlike methane, WHEN 97 miles of crappy, cheaply sourced HFW pipelines and assorted gathering systems tear open along any undetected cold weld, penetrators or edge inclusions (new, scared or undocumented 1099 temp workers; whistleblowing impossible). Compressed wet gas shoots out @ 1,400psi, hugging the valleys, looking for an ignition source. Happened here TWICE last year, both NEW pipe. PHMSA’s new term is subsidence. In Democratic Pennsylvania, Mariner East goes right by hospitals, nursing homes, firehouses… and in Middletown it’s <300’ uphill from FOUR crowded schools. Try to protect your land and end up in solitary confinement (like that 63yr old woman did last year). Both parties are slavering over a $84 billion tease from China. Just look at thousands of wellpads, 8 or more fracked wells each, everywhere BUT Pittsburgh. Now, imagine what’s going to happen, once all the scores-of-thousands of old boilers in NYC get converted to gas? When all of Northern Appalachia becomes Cancer Valley™. Once the HUGE coal-fired plant’s closed and the huge old fission reactors… all we’ll hear about is jobs, baby, JOBS? Ethane crackers will just be the start?


Trump is truly off his hinges. He actually suggested to union members to dump leadership if they don’t support trumpism. How absurd. The GOP does everything it can to diminish union activity.
This outrageous suggestion from trump is the equivalent of asking coal miners to stop using gas detectors and canary’s.

One of the hallmarks of fascism is government working with corporations toward a common goal.

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Right, but no more off hinges than Congress and the Courts, that not only do not remove him but are actually going to allow him to run again.

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yeah but last i checked, no one forced them for vote for the fascist. But they did. That’s what you get when you go to bed with such unsavory elements. Fuck these people. I have no sympathy for anyone who voted for Trump and is now paying the price. They can choke on it.

The people who build cracking plants in river valleys, do not live there. The people who built & run the enormous coal-fired Foster Wheeler furnace or the Beaver Valley or Shippingport reactors do not live here. The people who manufacture, coat, inspect, transport, weld, install the pipelines do not live here. The majority of folks living along the Ohio & Beaver tributaries are basically stuck there due to economics (discrimination and nepotism in the best paying crafts), generations of red-lining along with four decades of stagnant wages, a corrupt plutocracy and abandonment following Reagan’s Miracle. These were the people who’d built America’s industrial might & infrastructure. They used to vote Democratic, knowing full well, they had no choice. White frackers, pipeliners and iron workers don’t live in these most polluted areas on earth. I remember videotaping the arrest of a film star at a Swiss owned toxic waste incinerator in East Liverpool, OH. in '91. It was the first time I’d ever seen the name Hillary Rodham.