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America Can't Afford Another Gorsuch in Government


America Can't Afford Another Gorsuch in Government

Lois Marie Gibbs

Anne Gorsuch, the mother of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, was my worst nightmare. In 1982, when I first confronted her about toxic contamination in Times Beach, Missouri, she led the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under Ronald Reagan.


There's that concept of a psychological profile of an individual devoid of the personal capacity for empathy again. Ya sure do leap a whole lot of legitimate process that by nature is inclusive and sorta slow to work through, despite its generally being more concise and accurate at the end of the process.

I'd like to introduce a correlate notion that seems to be increasingly reflected by the aggregate of self-selective groupings of these types in the politicaleconomic bailiwick cum swamp. Can't remember who originally noted it, but, to paraphrase: The abuser never forgives his victims.

Hmmm.... correlate to the above also seems to slide over into the procedural and conceptual realms. These then are reshaped so as to assure that the VICTIM IS NEVER FORGIVEN and hence publicly skewered to dehumanized in turn so as to facilitate the dog-whistle 'process' of criminalization. And as the system has so clearly revealed there is BIG MONEY and satanic-type power in the delusional construct that this is something legitimate. NOT!!!


Lois Marie Gibbs, thank you for contributing these first hand Facts to the Community.

As I reported hearing on WBAI FM 99.5 in NY yesterday, Neil Gorsuch founded a Fascism Forever Club at his Catholic Prep School, which lead the Commentator on the radio to point out Poet John Milton's observation that "Childhood shows the Man, as Morning shows the Day."


Another bit of art for inspiration. Introduced as an advertisement, Fearlees Girl rides the 'superwoman' coattails, is also reminiscent of the 'wonder woman' trope introduced by the democratic party. The reality of art however is, if it is in fact art, that its images are NEVER contained by something so banal as advertising. It will be interesting to see what happens with the image of "Fearless Girl" and how people express their interaction with the sculpture over time.


'Abuser never forgives his victims.'
I think you've really got something there.


This - for me - represents one of the hidden perversions of colonization still deeply embedded, probably unconsciously, through advertising and the institutionalization required to deny the genocide and ongoing ethnocide (assimilation) required by predatory capitalism.

This is what makes the decades required in South Africa to even begin to make a dent (80% of SA is Black); in Brazil the dictatorship (60s-80s)had openly stated that there to be NO indians left in Brazil by the year 2000 - they were to be assimilated or eliminated; same in the US. Wrong!

Facing the truth when a system is founded on denial of the truth is a true test for wisdom and, I would submit, the challenge for our and the up and coming generations. I think of Edward Said and his precision in identifying the methodologies colonizers utilize(d) to dehumanize with 'the exotic' which he termed "orientalism" using Disney and Hollywood and museums (celebrate the eliminated by making them a "collection"). It is truly perverse when you think about it.
Edward Said on Culture and Imperialism


So true. When the Jews returned to their homes in Poland after WW2, the majority of Polish people were upset that the Nazis hadn't killed them. Many of the Jews left Poland and emigrated elsewhere. Same was true in other countries like Latvia,Lithuania etc.


Look like the branch doesn't fall far from the tree!


Neil Gorsuch is one of those people whose professed great love of the law seems to be most deeply felt when it gives him cover for the exercise of cruelty. "The law made me do it." If you believe in the doctrine of reincarnation, it's pretty hard not to think that his immediate past life was as German SS officer. Slick, clever, cold and evasive. What he learned as a child was how to smooth over his mother's rough edges. He's moving up.