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‘America First’ Budget Is Unworthy of Our Nation


‘America First’ Budget Is Unworthy of Our Nation

Richard Eskow

With typical bombast, Donald Trump dubs his 2018 draft budget America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again. No, it won’t make America great again. It reflects a hardness of the heart and a sickness of the spirit that are unworthy of the American people.

Chances are, the great leaders of this country’s history wouldn’t even recognize its vision of America.

A Vision of Hard Power


Great article.

Wish it was available to be read in every Newspaper in the Country.

Of course, the Newspapers are all owned by Entities that don't want us to read articles like this, or if we do get to read them, they can counter with Cherry Picked "letters to the editor", (there is no other kind), that will serve to Undermine.

I'm glad this article is here, it's kind of up to us to spread the word.


America's First Family is Unworthy of our Nation.


America's president was sued by the state of New York. He and his dad were sued by the department of justice for discrimination in housing.


Richard Eskow presents the hard facts about this budget, and does it very well.The quotes from James Madison and Theodore Roosevelt are warnings to us, from two American Presidents who did, I think,
truly want the best for their country, and to ignore these warnings would be foolish indeed.

As much as I despise Trump, and everything he stands for, I know that much of this budget appears to have been in place in the minds of the Tea Party Congressional Republicans, just waiting for a
chance to spring it on us. I am particularly impressed by theses lines: ".....but his budget blueprint is ideologically consistent with the modern GOP's hard-right extremism. It values death over life, and
fear over hope." These are very important words. They are right in line with the observations of Chris Hedges here four days ago. So much of what has been happening lately should come as no surprise,
given the preponderance of Southern Republicans, as well as military men in this administration.

On a lighter note: I have a better sub-title for the Budget Blueprint. I propose that it change to "Make America Grate Again".

Also, I wonder why there is so much mention of "Hard Power". I'm hearing that a lot lately. Maybe some of the Trumpsters have erectile dysfunction fears. Just saying.


Yes, that is why they hate women so much.


Actually, what began with the Reagan Revolution has been ongoing. Our more fortunate just haven't noticed much. Predictably, the austerity agenda has continued to trickle up, and is now nipping at the heels of the middle class. Because the proverbial "masses" have been so deeply split apart by class and race, there really isn't much that we can do about it.


I think that's a choice. I see what you mean, but if you want to live apart and be divided that is your choice. It's not as if we are all unconscious victims. People have choices. If they want to exercise and start recognizing that we are all part of the government, then maybe we have a better chance. The hand wringing there is nothing we can do about it is what got us here in the first place. And as an individual or with a group you can still help others if indeed you have the will beyond just posting about the same thing over and over again. If you are waiting for the sky to fall or for some instant movement to happen then you will wait forever. Give back a little unless you have done so already.


Who are these "masses" ? Are they the same as the abstract "poor" you write about all of the time? Maybe this will work for you- a national right to die law that gives people that choice so they do not have to live in poverty. The Netherlands has a right to die law, and in certain cases ( from what I have heard) poverty and depression can be qualifiers along with a doctors' recommendation. Imagine that- if that were the case here- you wouldn't have to think about " them" possibly since there is "nothing you can do about it."


It could even be fear of erectile disfunction. Traditional male values equate the ability to get it up whenever one wants to, and keep it up as long as it's needed. And that this physiological function is connected to all forms of male power, of "dominating," of being "a real man."

Men who are driven by this illusion are terrified of women who, with a single askance glance or "wrong" facial expression can unnerve a man and make him unable to "perform."

This fear explains the fear of allowing any fluidity in how people present their gender, particularly anything that makes men seem less "manly." Gayness, hair length, ability to participate in physical activities like muscular work, physical fighting, all things threaten many men's sense of gender legitimacy and openly effeminate men and brazen unrepentantly sexual women must be suppressed by any means necessary by men whose emotional psyches have bought into this view of maintaining gender "normalcy." People can be and are killed if they seem to transgress this boundary.