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America Gone Rogue

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/28/america-gone-rogue


Teel sez:
“Ever since the Treaty of Versailles was conceived from the ashes of World War I … America has had a strained relationship with the idea of adhering to international agreements, even (or especially) as they relate to issues of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law, to which we have long and loudly pledged allegiance.”

The Nez Perce, Lakota, Cheyenne, et al, might suggest the U.S. government spent more than a century honing its agreement-shredding techniques prior to Versailles.


To citizens of other countries, where forming community and social contracts is more important than irrational selfish individualism and egomania…the US has always been a rogue state. It was formed by greed and selfishness, marinated in a myth of being a chosen people, meant to convert the world to our way of life and only our way of life. We believe in lying, cheating, killing, invasion, to get our way. The Indigenous peoples, used to a more communal culture and moral code, could not understand lies and greed. They trusted, to their sorrow. Don’t trust the US in any way, shape, or form. Under that duping smile lies the smirk and the shiv in the back.


The United States went rogue in the late twentieth century, but the official seal of approval came when the Supreme Court selected George Bush to be president. Then came the Saudi and Israeli promoted and cheered 911. Since then, we have gone down the tubes to the point where we are ruled by the wealthy Oligarchy and their red and blue puppets, with an insane figurehead working its way toward a world war which is likely to prove the end of civilization, and quite probably the end of life on earth.
*All to put another thirty pieces of silver in the vaults of a handful of wealthy old men who want it all, NOW. I think those old men, mostly with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, are playing the old wealthy game of “He who dies with the most toys wins.”
*To them, over six billion people, a still (barely) viable ecosystem, a living planet trying to breath are worthless, expendable, only reflected in the small addition to their vaults as they blow it all away. They don’t value the future as they have none and they are not willing to share any of it with the youth and hope that is trying to repair their depredations.
*It used to be, in the old horror movies, that when the village had finally had enough, the people took their pitch forks, their hoes, their sickles and pruning hooks and assaulted the castle, dragging the monster into the courtyard and dispatching it, giving new hope to the village and the world.
*Perhaps it is time to watch a few of those old films, and think about it.
*Perhaps it is time to drag these old reprobates out to a cell, and give them bale after bale of greenbacks for their sustenance. Their last lesson should be that you cannot eat money, you cannot breathe money, you can just look at it.


well written.
USA not right now using land mines.
We prefer to use million dollar missles!
We do have way too many land mines still buried in soils in Columbia.
These were placed for drug smugglers demise.
Prez Obama tasked secy of state John Kerry to remove them within five years.

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"The Bloodthirstiest Regime On Earth Is Currently Ruled By The Boob Sitting Down In The Picture."

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We by all rights should be way past watching movies. Pitchforks today can easily be replaced by a large array of somewhat more decisive means. But it takes a patriot, someone bold and principled, to risk themselves for what they desire for their posterity. Selfishness won’t permit that kind of self sacrifice - and we rarely see it except in people like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, each quickly and decisively dispatched by our fascist high chancellors Obama and Trump, to prevent the unpunished good example to others of civic duty and patriotic action.

As for being a rogue nation, it is no recent phenomena. We could go back quite a ways to slavery, Native American genocide, or the United Fruit company, seizing the panama canal, overthrow of countless nations by supporting coup’s, to the failure to stand behind the world court as in the Reagan years when we were convicted of Terrorism to the tune of 40,000 murdered Nicaraguan civilians. One might reference the support of Israel and their countless violations of UN resolutions and international laws, which America has always stood behind. One might point out we are the only nation to use nuclear weapons, or even using them on our own people in Nevada afterward. We ignored the Geneva conventions under W Bush in our war against Islam, we utilize torture to this day, we have the highest prison population, have fixed elections, and we invade countries who have never attacked us like Iraq, and now Iran. We are the masters at international illegal assassinations using drones, while we claim there are no laws surrounding the issue. I wouldn’t say we are becoming a rogue nation, not at all - we have always been a rogue nation, and a very dangerous one at that.


Teel, go the extra mile. Why not say who orchestrated the 911 event. Might it have been the same Rogue State that has advanced the lies and propaganda of enemies out there ?


News Flash
Dan Coats, director of national intelligence, resigns.
no one left to hold Bolton back from attacking Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, China, Russia or Ireland. by third week of August, there will be irrefutable secret intel against each, per NSC and Pompeo.
Therefore, Nancy must cancel August recess and impeach. Take our chances with good ole dense Pence or finance drafting a few million army riflemen.
we are and will still be in rogue mode! cheney overjoyed.

Yes. How did the Saudi nationals manage to get the explosives into the three World Trade Center skyscrapers to cause three controlled demolitions? Even a fire department in a NY City suburb, which lost members who rushed to the WTC site to aide other first responders, accepts that the three skyscrapers were imploded by demolition, not jet planes and jet fuel fires, and that a new investigation of 9/11 is needed:

New York Area Fire Commissioners Make History, Call for New 9/11 Investigation


There were vertical plates, call them clips, welded to the outer perimeter girders. 650 degrees F., carbon steel begins to lose both tensile and yield strength values. The vertical plates failed in shear, which is 60% of tensile, (stretch - pulling from both ends).
As a few clips failed to very high temperature, the weight load they had supported transferred to adjoining clips, which also eventually failed due to high temp, more weight load carried than the structural engineer ever imagined.
He was interviewed on PBS for one hour and I only noticed three discrepancies. the most important one is that when he designed, there were no airplanes that large. Balderdash, plan on a B52, fully loaded.
Munson and Franklin Square may have a financial settlement to receive, political statement, etc. But, the towers came down due to steel failure due to high temperature.

steel used for product supports inside high temp furnaces do have 1% of an element added to strengthen the steel to perform as needed. this element is not in structural steel other than a trace amount…

Gee, our “government” supposedly wants to attack Iran because they are an extremist theocracy which is suppressing their own citizens and act as a threat to their neighbors. Hmmm, at the same time they have no problem at all with being best buds and suck-ups to the poobahs and rulers of Saudi Arabia which is an even more overt example of what Washington, DeCeit 's neocon assholes like Bolton and Pompeo are so worked up about. Looks like the most blatant kind of hypocrisy to me.
Our pols are mostly just shills for corporate and empirical “interests” and everything else is just bullshit that is spewed out by their lapdogs in the M$M. Right-wingers are likely to use one of the most pathetic myths - the nonsense of the so-called “Liberal Media”. It is the disgrace of this country that so many of our people believe that crap and also believe that Fux Noise is “fair and balanced”.

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Why leave out Israel, the worst abuser today. Mossad also did 911 along with the neocons in the US

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I used to admire Israel but that was a long tome ago. Then in 1967 Israeli jets made multiple attacks on the U.S. Liberty which was in international waters and they killed and injured many U.S. sailors. Israel was never held to account for that appalling attack on one of their “allies”. Since then, they have acquired anywhere from 100 to 200 nukes and yet they deny having them and they got all bent out of shape when Iran announced that was starting a nuclear program of its own, perhaps as a measure to influence the foreign policy of a nation that has said that it wants to destroy Iran. “Nutandyahooo” has even stated that Israel could launch a unilateral first strike against Iran without clearing it with the U.S. Israeli politics has remained right-wing and dangerous with “Bibi” re-elected and the Likud Party in control of foreign policy. The Likud was founded in 1973 as a center-right party and has moved farther and farther to right to reflect Israel’s ardent nationalism. Netanyahu has even bragged that he and his ministers can make the U.S. do just about anything they want and the U.S. remains Israel’s firmest supporter in its own geopolitical aim to dominate the Middle East.
I consider Israel a near rogue nation and I also believe that they are responsible for a great deal of the increasing tensions in the Middle East that could lead to war, a war that neocon trash like Pompeo and Bolton have been encouraging at the highest levels of our government.


Here’s a bit of sunshine - The crime of aggression,
Hope they make it retroactive!

The International Criminal Court (ICC) recently defined and activated for prosecution a new crime which holds leadership responsible for planning, preparing, initiating or waging illegal war. Noah Weisbord, an author and associate professor of law at Queen’s University who served on the ICC’s working group that drafted the new “crime of aggression,” discusses the legacy of the Nuremberg trials and the ways in which Trump may have already violated international law.

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But, no evidence of the very heavily constructed more than 40 massive vertical columns that occupied the insides left after the collapse except some of the perimeter metal “curtain” than enclosed the towers. And, I always laugh at anyone who writes about 9/11 describing those “perimeter supports” for each floor as, “clips”! Gives immediate vision of very weak “paper clips” that collapsed.

thankyou Sierra.
“Clips” is just engineer lingo for small size components connecting larger members.
In this case they are vertical.
what is important is the safety factor applied, expansions and contractions expected by seasons, welding details and quality of workmanship.
Lower interior steel “I” beam columns still at room temperature, could and did remain vertical because the concrete / steel debrie came straight down across the top of the beam, The square inches exposed to the debie is very, very small. the tops of the surviving columns acted as a knife. Not at an angle against the side of the column which would have bent or sheared an “I” Beam.

So where was the physical/site seeing evidence of those interior columns “remaining”??? As I said, as to the photos I’ve seen in the immediate aftermath of the destruction is/was no evidence of any internal vertical column survival; the only photos were shown some of the ground floor perimeter plating columns that wrapped the whole exterior perimeter. The twin towers were designed to withstand a fully loaded and fueled 707 jet. I’ll never be convinced that those two towers were brought down by the aircraft used. And for two to come down almost exactly in the same manner defies the odds.

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covered by rubble. i was trying to explain how a vertical column could survive.
the structural engineer was interviewed on PBS for one hour. three discrepancies noted by me. and his remark about aircraft size was the most blatant. he had the B52, fully loaded with fuel to consider.

Force = mass times acceleration

as the temperature effected “clips” failed, the slab floor fell and impacted the floor below, which also had heat weakened ‘clips’ - which also failed. now you have double the weight (mass) falling down to the third deck. etc. etc. etc.

it is aok with me if you think otherwise. Because - I wrote that three mile island released nuclear and majority said no. well, here we are with local cancer statistics that prove that nuclear was released. My wife’s cousin and her husband both died there soon after and they were young!!!

having a minority opinion pushes inquiry and that is good.

This nation isn’t “America”. It’s called “the United States of America”, or “The United States.”