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America Has Entered the Weimar Era

What if some people don’t care about love and respect especially from the left? What if they view people not like them as enemies? Because that’s possible too.

They get love and respect from a group.
any group will do.
how do we de-enemy groups?
how can we bring all groups into one group?

a thought excercise…


Thanks to @webwalk for the inspiration …
[A serious parody for the entertainment of those willing to be so thoughtful]
We must remember that these people believe they are ‘exceptional’. They have been birthed into the greatest culture with the greatest everything in history, according to their ‘education’.

We need to use the current ideology to “pivot” into another, healthier ideology. The people themselves must do this in a way that they think they are doing it themselves. We need common ground and a distraction from yesterday’s shortcomings with the goal of the survival and guaranteed superiority of the people of this planet throughout our universe, it is our destiny.

[sarcastic smile with serious eyes and nodding head]

I offer our enemy, the future unknown space entities (The FUSE) as our chance to unite as Earthlings. We must create a society of harmonious purpose to be masters of the universe. Earth must build the infrastructure to house, feed and educate all the people to the highest standards. The FUSE is far advanced beyond our abilities. We have possibly millions of years of catching up to do.

We need to work together and start now or be assimilated by The FUSE.

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Good questions. I think some people don’t want to be with other groups. And thinking checks or healthcare or some other thing will fix it seems delusional. Some people simply don’t believe other people have a right to govern, whether rich or poor. It’s a tough nut to crack I guess.

It is a tough nut, see thoughts above in my edit.

The comparison with the Weimar Republic is apt. The most particular similarity is the connivance of the police with the far right.


Slicker, yes … and shameless in his disingenuity.


This article should be circulated to every Democrat in Congress and the White House. This is the best analysis of our current situation I have read.

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Truth is America has far more in common with nazi Germany than it does the preceeding Weimar era.
Having already spent several decades pillaging, invading and destrying countries all over the world while slaughtering black and brown people at rates exceeding that of the nazis.
Secret police, torture, ghettos, death squads, propaganda, toxic nationalism, “work camps” and arbitrary imprisonment without due process have all been a reality in America for most of that time aswell, it is just that much of it has been done outside its borders.

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I particularly appreciate the comments about the buffoonery of all flavors of “American Exceptionalism”. The most exceptional thing about America is the persistence of its political narcissistic arrogance.


True, Biden would not have been allowed to be POTUS if he was better than Trump. Biden is just slicker, what some would call " The more effective evil"!

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We’ve all encountered inappropriate affect. Seems the situation here was one of inappropriate effect.

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