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America Has Its Gunsights on Venezuela

America Has Its Gunsights on Venezuela

Vijay Prashad

Last Thursday—on January 10—Nicolas Maduro was sworn in for his second term as president of Venezuela. “I tell the people,” Maduro said, “this presidential sash is yours. The power of this sash is yours. It does not belong to the oligarchy or to imperialism. It belongs to the sovereign people of Venezuela.”

These two terms—oligarchy and imperialism—define the problems faced by Maduro’s new government.



‘Trump’s national security adviser—John Bolton—coined the phrase “troika of tyranny” that includes Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. It is plain as day that the United States wants to overthrow the governments in each of these countries, and perhaps Bolivia as well. These are dangerous portents.’

Having done development work in Bolivia over the past decade I can attest to the fact that under the leadership of Evo Morales things are getting better for the People. Each yearly visit revealed new construction for the middle class. He has support in both the urban and rural areas. There is no legitimate reason to target him based upon whatever charges will be fabricated. Human rights, anyone? He is actually doing fine there. While he plays defense against the intrusion of multinational corporations that want resources, such as lithium, on their terms, he will be a target. The People’s advocates always are…


Empire needs no legitimate reason, merely sufficient power. Bolivia, Nicaragua, Venzuela, and especially Cuba, offer what is often called “the threat of a good example.” (see https://chomsky.info/unclesam01)


Disaster Capitalism: Shock Doctrine Naomi Klein which most people who visit this site have probably read. This has been going on for decades i.e. Standard Oil, I think in Bolivia and installing dictator in Chile in l970’s, and how many failed coups in Cuba and Venezuela.

Empire (oligarchs) never give up and they have so much more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to get their policies and coups/regime change done thru the suffering of these people. Think of Reagan follies in South America and now are border is overwhelmed with these human being trying to flee starvation and violence.

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Evo Morales, Bolivia’s leader, had an anthem written in his honor:

Someone with musical training should write an anthem to Trump, a blend of patriotic song and country trash music.

Since Reagan, the financial elites have been doing to “we the people”; what, through the government, they have been doing to weaker countries for decades, sucking out their wealth. And they are doing an effective job of it. Now half the people of the US have been reduced to precarious, near poverty, while those financial elites as a consequence, prosper beyond avarice. And the process of “more for me requires less for you” continues, unabated – with Trump at the helm.


It’s been done.


My reading says that Bolsonaro is in place (in part) to invade Venezuela (oil). Bannon helped Bolsanaro win.

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HI jujudahl: I read a book about ridiculous wars and Grenada seem like the worst of those. Apparently the people in Grenada didn’t know it was even happening, and supposedly some of the soldiers had to use their own phones to find out what was going on, A few soldiers died too—for no reason, I think this around the Thatcher ( with her Faulklands war when she and Ronnie had to have their PR wars to pretend how mighty they were. Once again, so depressing as it seems like so often , those who were never i a war want to start them.

This is what is harming the GREEN NEW DEAL—idiots are still acing as if oil , fuel and wars cause no problems to Earth----I really believe that we have only those 12 years—and then— I guess, look for a cave somewhere and have a really mean dog. : (

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Venezuela is circling the drain as it is due to their stupid economic decisions. No need for anyone to invade. They going down on their own, and once that happens stuff’s gonna be for sale for pennies on the dollar. That’s socialism for you. Same thing happened to the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries. I guess some people never learn.

Sounds like the Green New Deal needs to mention some specific countries which need to change their economies away from oil.
And how to do it. And do it loudly. This is not in the news. It will cause more immigration. Trump’s base can’t possibly support it. Progressives definitely won’t support it. It definitely won’t be a move toward a greener future, so Green new Deal won’t support.

Put it out under the bright lights. Trumps base was promised less war, and he’s trying to get out of Syria. Expose the South American plans. Loudly

This is where progressives in Congress, from Sanders to Warren and even AOC, really fail - by abdicating a critical role on US (imperialist) foreign policy. Few people even know about US’s internecine warfare that never sleeps. This represents a continuity from one administration to the next and goes back - at least - to the invasion of the Philippines in 1898.


You’ve drank the MSM Kool Aid! They make “stupid economic decisions” because their oligarchy and therefore the global oligarchy, don’t like those decisions that lift people out of poverty, economic decisions that don’t enrich the already rich. But shouldn’t a county be allowed to make “stupid economic decisions”? Was Obama’s bail out of the banks - who caused the Great Recession (still on going for working class people) - a stupid decision? I think it was, and most on this website would agree. Should Maduro have the right to foment a coup here in the US because of our “stupid economic decisions”?


A sure sign that one is a propagandist (or a victim of propaganda) is his equating socialism with communism. To distinguish between the two is not subtle, but perhaps I could help: Social Security and Medicare are socialist policies but not communism. .

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Folks: aren’t you like me just sick and tired of this old school diatribe of using democracy as a lie for a way to steal foreign resources?


" They make "stupid economic decisions" because their oligarchy and therefore the global oligarchy,"

Been there, done that… that’s what they used to tell us in Eastern Europe once they ran out of money, “foreign reactionary forces are interfering with the revolutionary process” therefore we have to suck it up. It will get better someday. Thankfully the whole experiment ended before it got “better”.

And nobody is going to invade Venezuela. Would be a waste of money. They gonna start selling themselves to the highest bidder as soon as they hit rock bottom. Good god, 1989 was only 30 years ago. Have you people forgotten already?

All you wannabe socialists should brush up on theory.

In socialism as well as communism the "people" (i.e the government) own the means of production (to make it easy to understand, think of it as Trump being your boss).

Social Security and Medicare are social programs that would not exist outside a capitalist society that can fund them.

The most stupid thing ever uttered (ok there’s others too ) was “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”.

I didn’t write “invade”, I said “foment a coup”, which the US already did in against Chavez in 2002. I expect you make $ 7 figures - otherwise you’re just a disinformed dupe.

I stand corrected. Foment a coup it is. Still not worth the expense.

I guess I’m a dis-informed dupe cuz i am not even close to making $ 6 figures.

My previous experience says Venezuela is going down, coup or not. I mean how incompetent can someone be, having the world largest oil reserves and totally fck up the economy?