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America in Peril


America in Peril

Ryan Cooper

The American West is once again on fire.


“As usual, one cannot say that these particular fires are unquestionably the fault of increased global temperatures, because that’s not how climate change works.”

With regard to the pervasive fires that we are observing, we must remember that in addition to changing climatic conditions, decades and in some instances centuries of artificial forest management practices have resulted in unprecedented understory fuel loads that render fire suppression so much the more vexing. The planet and all of its inhabitants are paying dearly for the arrogance and ignorance of humankind, largely rooted in avarice. Can humankind collect itself in an attempt to rectify its past abuses? That would be the only moral course. History does not inform one optimistically in this matter. Faith will likely only serve as a diversion for the well meaning, while the greedy take their instant gratification. This calls for nothing more than an all out collective assault on the lesser impulses of our species.


The resident in the White House will never do a single thing to control Climate Change.

He must himself, be burned in the fires of History, to once again bring a sense of purity to our nation.

Long, may he burn there.


Humans need to take responsibility for their actions ,at a certain level we are a primitive species probably the toddlers of the universe . Firstly a more awake species would tell the truth and observe ,say what’s so.

I’m sure conciousness is rising ,we have to understand who we are in relationship to the environment .The people who are making the most money(fossil fuel companies) are destroying the environment for profit . Follow the money .A big step forward would be to eliminate money ,make the money system totally transparent and visible ,visibility is another word for truth.

We are destroying nature ,our mother ,is this not insane .


This is another piece on climate change that is way too oriented on Washington. Many state and local political leaders had pledged to still meet the US goals for the Paris Climate Accord. We can’t wait for a political change in Washington. Action has to take place. States need set goals for renewable energy and work to meet these goals. And cities need to keep taking actions to reduce emissions. Forget the Trump and the Republicans and foolish people who vote for them Americans who understand the realities of climate change must take action and make sure the rest of there world knows that tens of millions of Americans are not following Trump but political leaders who are fighting climate change.