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America Is Already Socialist, And That’s a Good Thing

America Is Already Socialist, And That’s a Good Thing

Miles Mogulescu

During Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech, many of the old, white, Republican Senators and Representatives must have gotten more exercise than in weeks, jumping to their feet to applaud almost every sentence of the endless rhetoric.

One of the moments that got the loudest applause was Trump’s attempt to blame progressive Democrats for the problems of the current Venezuelan government, proclaiming the U.S. “will never be a socialist country” to a loud standing ovation from Republicans (and too many Democrats) and chants of “USA, USA, USA.”

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]Trump’s crap is about to come to an end. There are new cops (the house) in town and they uphold the letter of the law. They will expect the sheriff to do so also.

The author is a confusionist who does not understand what socialism means. Socialism is neither nationalization or the welfare state but an entirely different social and economic system which cannot co-exist with capitalism.

To social security and Medicaid/care we can add the socialist medical program run by the Department of Defense. I never paid a dime for medical coverage during my Navy career…and Congresspeople and the president also make use of this program. Hypocrites!

The US Veterans Administration (VA) being a carbon copy of British system is indeed “socialized medicine” whereby in both systems the gubmit owns the hospitals, clinics, vehicles, and other tangible assets, and the doctors, nurses and other staff are all gubmit employees.

Medicare is modeled after Canadian single payer whereby the gubmit manages services provided by doctors and nurses who are not gubmit employees in privately owned hospitals and clinics.