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"America is Back," Trump Declares, Announcing Tax Cuts for Billionaires


"America is Back," Trump Declares, Announcing Tax Cuts for Billionaires

Nika Knight, staff writer

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump introduced his most detailed policy plan yet on Monday at the Detroit Economic Club, in a speech that was ostensibly targeted toward the working class but mostly outlined benefits for the wealthy.

The speech was also widely panned for lacking substance: New York Magazine editor Annie Lowrey commented on CNN that "it was self-contradictory word salad," adding that "there was just not much detail here."


And he will be the first in line to claim those tax cuts. The timing of this announcement coincides with his need to fill his campaign coffers...and what better way than to appeal to the lustful greed of the wealthiest 1%?

For him, it's only about the money and self-aggrandizement...his is the darkest of souls.


I would really like to see this crowd that argues against red tape and regulations be presented with a list of such and asked to give a detailed account of which they would remove.

As example there regulations which prohibit or limit the amount of toxins that can be dumped in rivers and streams by industry and that same industry insists this affects profits.

These politicians like to speak in the vaguest of terms when it comes to such things so the people are never sure what they mean when they say "remove government regulations"

They are hucksters nothing more and akin to those hucksters that would roam the roads in their wagons selling their cure everything elixir.


... a man who has perfected oral farting.


Every time Trump opens is mouth Paul Ryan's words come out.


Come on Trump Leftists, defend your guy!!!! I mean, he's going to shake up the establishment because he can't be bought!!!!!! He's a billionaire, duh.

And now for the disclaimer......


And once again. Yes Clinton is endangering world peace, yes she has a long track record of being a war criminal both indirectly and directly, yes she is likely to continue neocon driven policies of Global Hegemony that come from the bowels of PNAC et al, and yes that furtherance of those initiatives and agendas of those neocons is driving the world closer to a possible Nuclear confrontation with Russia

And yes, her core constituency is corporate power. She works tirelessly to secure Corporate Governance, including having engaged in a two year pay for play sojourn where she earned on average per day $ 29,000 USD.

Vote Stein.


"Close auto plants in Ohio and Michigan and open new ones in low wage states" ?

That is soooo seventies Donald. Where were you when they started doing that forty years ago, Donald ?

By the way, Donald, Ford even started building replacement plants in Mexico and Brazil at that time.

Get creative, Donald, like Obama did after the 2008 meltdown and use taxpayers' money to bail out GM who used the money to close US plants, buy back stock and build plants in China that have now started sending Buicks to US dealership showrooms this month.

Workers in Ohio and Michigan better hope Stein wins in November unless they want to head south and work for half of what they were earning...if they are lucky enough to get a job.

My cousin who worked a union construction job in Missouri for 25 years making $36 / hour moved to Florida where the same union job pays $18 / hour, however union jobs are harder to get in right-to-work Florida so he will be lucky to get $15 /hour.


What do you know, trickle down economics from the Republican nominee. So maybe Trump isn't that different. Just trickle down with some racism and xenophobia thrown in to get some additional white working class men to vote for him. Legally he could even run his business while being president. Wouldn't that be convenient. He could even venture into the coal mining business and be sure of fat profits. After four years he could surpass Bloomberg in wealth. Even the Koch brothers. After 8 years he could even be the richest person in the world. Trump first should be his campaign slogan.


Tax cuts for the rich? Why what a surprise that is! Now who would have thought that as people all get chummy over voting for Stein (who should run for a real Green Party in 2020) as a matter of principle...

...that the Trumpenstein monster will make those symbolic principles really matter. Yep it isn't just a symbolic principle when it costs you something. But don't ya know Trump won't be so bad say many and that they are just so mad at the Dems anyway!

But it will cost you. Not so much giving mob connections access to secrets they would so much like to know. Nor undue commercial advantages that any billionaire would love to know. Not even another round of Republican hate the little guy (Stomp the Peasants - talk about traditions going way back) and 'help the rich' economy... It will still cost you if Trump gets in. I mean it will cost you ...a bit extra.

Every Wall St connection of Hillary plus many other connections of Trump's of various kinds including Wall St! The connections that you don't have I mean!

Or did you really think that Trump would be for the little guy? I mean really? Did you really? Lol


Oh but he's a populist don't you know? I mean, the union busting offshoring billionaire is just consumed with passion to help the little people. (sarcasm not directed at you of course)


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What exact policy directive are you talking about?

He has stated time and again that he wants to cut corporate tax rates.


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TRUMP-MARE......What a nightmare of which Trump is proposing, a real nightmare for most of us, the 99%. But what a gift to the elite. And Hillary, another nightmare as well. The Elite have really done themselves very well, although they don't realize that as the foundation collapses, their world will soon follow.


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I think the Donald finally helped me decide. Can't be him. Can't be her. Must be the other. That's the only thing my conscience can bear.


Oh bug off you racist jerk.


Same old Nauseating back and forth of nothingness! The evil dance of duopoly vamps up. Talking to the American masses about politics is like talking to someone about your colon, it has become that painful/uncomfortable to listen to. No wonder they have been so successful in alienating the masses from the process with complete take over. Their strategy of making it as repugnant as possible is certainly working.

There are approximately 209,128,094 Americans over the age of 18. Can we not as a united people against this corrupt/nauseating political system ask as many as possible to donate $2 so we can place ALL the candidates on TV ad spots, analyzing them together on one major issue at a time? If the crooks can raise 100million on ads meant to deceive us at every turn can we not, as Bernie has taught us, go all "grass roots" on them? At the very least making this a fight to remember and not laying down again in angst over a system that seems too corrupt to change? Make them earn the corruption! WASTE as much of their money as possible! Let them know that we all know the jig is up and they are playing to an empty house. 1 well placed TV spot will undo 100's in BS ads.


And now for something completely different

As antidote: Winnona LaDuke - from addiction to the good life