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America Is Better Than Trump's Cruel Immigration Policies


America Is Better Than Trump's Cruel Immigration Policies

Maria Cardona

The Trump administration’s new immigration policy of forcibly separating children from their parents when they show up at the border without documents is not only inhumane and un-American, but it also betrays President Trump’s complete ignorance of current immigration laws, the immigration issue and the naked political motive behind such a draconian and unprecedented move.


“America Is Better Than Trump’s Cruel Immigration Policies”

No, it really is not…Trump IS America and America IS Trump.


Sorry Dan. I disagree.

Trump is not America.

Trump is Hate and Greed.

Americans, many of us, have lost our values and have chosen to believe in those of wealth and fame.

Big mistake.


These cruel policies are a reflection of America, at least a part of the America, the white nationalist part. This part of America has been here for many decades and probably from the very beginning of the country and perhaps always will be here. The only thing that has changed is that a white nationalist ran in a primary of a major party and won the the nomination. A few decades ago another white nationalist, George Wallace, ran in the Democratic primary and lost. He next ran as an independent and won several states. He is the last person who did not run on the ticket of a major party to win votes in the electoral college. Fortunately there is another part of America and this part is willing to tolerate diversity and even to welcome it. It is in keeping with the values of the Enlightenment and in many ways creates a more vibrant countries with the mixing of different cultures and bringing in people who can really appreciate the freedoms and opportunities in America because such things were lacking where the came from.


You obfuscate and deny the truth…wealth and fame come from greed and hate. Trump is the President…that is a fact. I rest my case.


If America were better, we’d behave better. We don’t because we aren’t.


KI see no evidence supporting your thesis, and mountains of evidence supporting Dan’s thesis.


Cardona continually mischaracterizes separating immigrant children from their parents a new policy. BS. Not only did the Obama administration deport more people than any in U.S. history, operation of children from parents who were deemed “criminals” was both policy and practice.

Though the migra operated with a lighter hand and hid more than they do now, they still did the dirty against people who were migrants, primarily because of neoliberal economic and war policies driven by the U.S.

More liberal pap and un-needed Trump-bashing that distracts from the realities of immigration, neoliberal economics and imperial slaughter.


There was no small amount of embarrassment recently when a Photograph went viral showing two children sleeping in a small cage inside of a facility of the US Government. They were locked in a small cage with only a foam mat to sleep on. Outrage was expressed at how these Children treated in “Trump’s New America” until someone pointed out that the Photograph was taken in 2014.

Supporters of the Democratic party that had expressed that shock and outrage were suddenly silent.


Ya think America’s better? Ha, ha, ha, ha …


I believe that you believe that Dan.

I respect your belief.

Good luck with that.



I am not denying there is a segment of our population that Hates someone, something, or some belief. I personally believe that this group are a fraction of us all.

I also believe that as an individual, you either value Love or Hate, not both.

The question for each of us is, which do we value?


“Better get a bucket…” (See Monty Python.)


Interesting to find that Ronald Reagan is cited as the one who “heralded” the four-hundred-year old City on a Hill myth.


Well, can we all agree that we are now "The shining SHITHOLE on the hill? Besides those creepy Puritans were awful too, you know branding Quakers on the forehead…oh ick.
America was really awful to earlier immigrants also; families were separated when some were thought to be ill or had other problems… so families were immediately split up------ some stayed—some went back. I suppose that kids were separated then too. Although why anyone wants this to be America is incredibly creepy. but with ICE----omg what does that stand for “Incredibly Crentin -like Employees?”


Cool. Fair enough.


I’m afraid I’m more cynical. The US has been in a shooting war in every decade since the 1940s. Perpetual war breeds perpetual hate for “other”. Multiple generations have grown up knowing we war exclusively on non-Christian, non-white society. It stands to reason the majority of the population has internalized this. Pair our history of war with the rhetorical and economic war on the institutions designed to lift us up as a people, which Republicans have been waging, and Democrats barely opposing, since the 1980s. It’s no wonder we’ve elected a racist buffoon to the presidency, with little push back from the equally diseased Fourth Estate.

We are bringing about an end times of a kind, but it won’t be coupled with any rapture, just the extinction of the human species, among many.


More of a Rupture than a Rapture, I think.


I’m a bit more optimistic than you.

Hope our futures are more positive than negative.


“Multiple generations have grown up knowing we war exclusively on non-Christian, non-white society.”

That must be news to the Germans and especially the Nazis that Germany was a non-Christian non-white society according to the US. The US also bombed Serbia and the Serbians must have been been confused about being labeled by the US as a non-Christian non-white society. Or maybe you are confused about US foreign policy.