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America Is Complicit, as Yemen Spirals Toward Mass Starvation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/17/america-complicit-yemen-spirals-toward-mass-starvation


Do not realize that this viciousness was actively encouraged by the Obama Biden regime.

During those years over $90,000,000,000. worth of weapons were sold to the Saudis and the

US military was actively involved (as it is under Trump Pence).

Biden wants us to believe he will stop this horror in Yemen by repudiating the Saudis,

but, meanwhile,

Biden is more fond of the Saudis chief ally in viciousness, the UAE.

Since the selling of weapons is of such major importance for the US, I wouldn’t be surprised to

see any decrease in sales to the Saudis turned into an increase of weapons sales to the UAE and

to their friends in Israel.

The democrats and some republicans in congress keep pretending they do not want this war while

their leaderships simultaneously keep it going.

Trump and the Saudis have more bipartisan support than we are supposed to believe.


Grateful to you prof. Cole. “We the people” need to know that we are
accomplices in mass murder. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks let the
world know how horribly brutal America’s Iraq war is by showing
the “Collateral Murder” video, (2010); for which he’s suffering torture
during his Stalinist show trial in the U.K.
And when he’s convicted and jailed for life, for genuine journalism,
the CIA’s verdict has been given long ago; what happens to authentic investigative journalists like you?


This is what the Duopoly doing the dirty work for Saudi Arabia looks like.

Pure Evil.


Let us remember the war that was started under Obama in Libya to get rid of someone we did not like i.e. Gaddafi. I think that Prof. Cole endorsed our “take” down of this person and now they are in absolute chaos.


Good for you Pony B. Undiluted truth

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Good ship. Keep us honest; Cold War views are an American
virus especially in Academia

It will set us free.

The truth that is.

Without disputing that the Saudi war on Yemen is essentially American,
the British government was recently revealed to be collaborating, and
only in the last few weeks has Canada’s ‘sunny ways’ five-year-old
Trudeau government halted arms sales to the Saudi dictatorship.

Both governments are lap dogs for Uncle Sam; the empire rules.