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America Is Exceptional—in All the Wrong Ways

America Is Exceptional—in All the Wrong Ways

Danny Sjursen

I was born and raised in an America far more Orwellian than many now remember. Matters have gone so far off the rails since 9/11 that few seem to recall the madness of the 1980s. The U.S. had a celebrity actor for president, who railed about America’s ostensibly existential adversary—the Soviet “evil empire.” Back then, Ronald Reagan nearly started a nuclear war during the all-too-real Able Archer war game.

An attendant article by Caitlin Johnstone:

The blob of empire indeed.



Well, it seems that the thing that pisses the Empire off more than anything else is a threat to the dismal dollar and being the world’s currency. The Empire is built on Treasury debt spread out throughout the world - especially to China. Losing the status of the world’s currency will implode the USA Empire. And the central banking system. And that just might happen real soon, just like it did in 2008. The U.S. yield curve just inverted today for the first time since 2007.

Buckle up folks. This ride will be a lot bumpier than the last time.



From the article:

“Britain had to give up most of an empire to gain a social safety net.”

Indeed, giving up its empire is the only way the US will ever achieve a true social safety net, if at all.


Brings to mind Gabriel O Pesador’s Brazuca

The song is about Brazil but it is largely applicable to the US

It is champion of the hypocrisy, of the violence, of the humiliation
It is champion of the ignorance, of the despair, malnutrition
It is champion of the cowardice and of the poverty, corruption
It is champion of the abandonment, of the hunger and of the prostitution



and, Mother Nature will have a heavy hand in affairs from here on out.


Mother Earth bats last when it comes to protecting itself from the human cancer that has infected it. If the humans don’t get their act together to turn this ship around NOW to at least slow down the climate crisis, most life on Earth will expire. Then Mother Nature will just start all over again with what she has to do her thing - letting life evolve in a complex ecology of life and matter.

Hopefully this next time around, humanoids never develop again to upset the delicate balance the Mother Nature intends.


Britain had to give up its empire when the USA overtook her place in the scheme of things.

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This is something the rest of the world has understood for quite some time.
For many of us Vietnam was the turning point. Previously we thought of you as the good guy. Now, many of us simply view you as a bully.


When the empire crashes, is that when we stop bankrolling our foreign adventures? I sure hope so. Britain seems to hold it’s own with the military it has. Maybe that’s because they quit traipsing around the world flashing it’s dick at everything like we ARE today.


But yet, Oh Danny Boy, you do not leave the military you little psyop cretin.

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Rugged individualists, Americans don’t need no stinking social safety net.

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And what candidate is running on any foreign policy issue as their top issue or their second or third or fourth or even fifth place issue? Some have yet to even clarify their foreign policy stance, if they have one at all. With luck, we may see some incremental change after 2020 on domestic issues, but in the end, it’s a guarantee that whoever steps into the White House come January, 2021, will kiss Pentagon and MIC ass. Yeah, this country is exceptional, alright - exceptionally and hopelessly _______ (fill in your favorite adjective. I think corrupt is a good place to start).


In the meanwhile, over at Medium, Beto (the progressive), says:
“The government of the greatest country the world has ever known,…”

Author has put together a fine list, but slavery should have been in it - and also…no, Britain did not give up its empire…people of its colonies rose up…there is a difference.


I look forward to articles by Danny Sjursen.

Admittedly, technology has speeded up global processes. Nonetheless, the American empire will be noted for its short lifetime. We’re done in under a century. And no one will miss our exceptionalism.

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So, what needs to happen here? Problems are presented and we are all aware but…no solutions. I can think of some consequences if we don’t change but solutions? I’m at a loss and I feel helpless. Vote the hooligans out? Write and call your representative hooligans? Post desperate comments? Start petitions?
One good thing, thanks to CD and the like more and more people are seeing the true picture. Patience then, for now.

Until they find themselves starving because of sanctions imposed upon them by any number of abused countries and former allies.

Major Dan best watch out , he might wind up inside Leavenworth . Truth tellers don’t fare well in this banana republic.

Let me correct a few mistakes:

Apple pie has no official status in election-buying. Or in any other way.

Incorrect use of the word “exponentially”: It does not mean “a lot”.

And though an omission, not a mistake, the population of the least populous 21 states (mostly Republican) is roughly equal to the population of California (overwhelmingly Democratic). They have 42 of our 100 Senators; California has 2. That puts even Wyomingites’ almost fourfold higher representation in the House and electoral college to shame.

There were lots more omissions–low life expectancy, high infant mortality, low literacy and numeracy, low scientific understanding (not that that matters…) and on and on and on.

Last, using the word “America” to mean “the US” is US exceptionalism. There are many countries in the Americas, including those in North America, Central America, and South America.