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America Is Exceptional in All the Wrong Ways

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/23/america-exceptional-all-wrong-ways

The professor has just figured that out.

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Yes Mr. Reich, we are exceptional. As in, off the charts rotten, in many cases. Please do us a favor; " revise and extend your remarks “”, regarding the Democratic Party’s senile and pathetic Ol’ Joe, presumptive POTUS nominee.
You worked with him for 4 years in The Swamp.
Every time I think of voting for him, it gives me severe heartburn, etc. The guy is beyond a place called hope, actually. He’s an old cracked pot.


“Our incompetent president” ?

Trump, Moscow Mitch and the organized crime syndicate disguised as Congressional Republicans comprise the MOST competent regime in US history, having achieved more than any regime except for FDR’s first term wherein the New Deal was launched.

While nearly all of FDR’s first term achievements benefited the 99%, nearly all of the Trump regime’s achievements benefit the 1% at the expense of the 99%.


“Our incompetent president” ?
Exactly. People from Reich’s class (can afford to) maintain a discreet distance from the DT horror show, that his friend and acquaintances in government share. Reich knows that there’s but a hair’s breadth difference between the two parties, but does his part to maintain the illusion that that isn’t the case.


I kinda got that from the first week of the demonstrations that is was “more” this time than in the past. There has ALWAYS been an underlying economic problem. People are going to have to DEMAND more from their government than they have been used to. As was referred to in the article the US is fucking awful in its “social” benefits compared to other “wealthy” countries in the world. And, is Joe Biden going to change this when/if he becomes Prez, I don’t fucking think so.


Don’t forget the t-shirts.
These colours don’t run. Have trouble getting off the couch.


Choices - screwed by donkeys or screwed by elephants

“When you’ve got to choose
Every way you look at it you lose “


Biden’s remarks ( campaign surrogates ) regarding Maduro in Venezuela are disturbing, like he is. When was he asked about this during the primary debates? I missed that part, evidently.
His foreign policy team turns out to be more bellicose and crazier than Trump’s Team? Who knew? Maybe someone should ask and see if Joe even knows?
Maybe Pope Francis can break it to him gently while he’s hearing his confession?

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Actually it is the message he has has been trying to tell for a few decades now. Unfortunately few people listen to him.

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Bravo, Robert!

It was an amazing accomplishment to write this article without using any of these terms:

systemic corruption