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America Is Now a Corpse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/05/america-now-corpse


Perhaps this should’ve been published before the election, since it provides much of the intellectual critique of this stupid circus you just herded the easily frightened and gullible, only to wake up and get more of the same bread.

still, better late than never?

On this, I’m no longer sure that holds.


Chris, I disagree.
80% of the lazy boomers got us to this low ebb.
The tea party chaps and chapettes will not even
pay reasonable local tax to educate their own grandchildrens.

The young peoples will build an American society.
it will take hard work, diligent attention.
Good news = they are fit and will accomplish.


Finally, CD gets it right for a change. This is a realistic depiction of the state of the union. Now maybe we can talk about what’s next.


Another thing you forgot to mention was the era of the ranting journalist.

You sound distraught.


Good and bracing to wake to Hedges’ perception after a dark night.

The phrase American dream has been used to imply many things. Originally, it involved the idea that taking and owning the tribal lands would provide an escape from the oppression of hereditary oligarchies, mostly those of Europe. But of course ownership and exclusion created another oligarchy, much as it had.

The American_corpse_ here is a metaphor, and just as well.

The sheets shift and float a bit over a fresh corpse, a literal corpse, as the provinces and settlements of the body, the organs and the cells, die and stiffen individually by turns. The living things within and upon it continue to grow.

We bury bodies and compost them, so that prima materia may live again.

If the dream is dead, what vision do we retain upon waking, and what blindness of dreamers do we carry into day? We have had our dance of corpses for November 3rd. We have followed an American dream unto its senile obscenity.

Let’s do something different, for a change.


“A for-profit health care system that is unequipped to handle a national health crisis” ?

Seeing how maximizing revenue and profit is that system’s highest priority, the boatloads of money the medical industrial complex is raking in translates to handling the crisis very well to enrich the 1% and their corporations at the expense of the 99%. Hell, even Kodak, a company that has no experience in pharma is being handed billions of taxpayers’ dollars to develop the elusive vaccine.


Spot on but there are genuine resistance movements now in the US and plans are in place to affect real change from the bottom up, bypassing the two state parties and the idiot centrists, who are of course far right in actuality.


Chris Hedges has been saying this for some time in fact.


Observation from a member nation of the British Commonwealth of Nations (what used to be the British Empire): I’m afraid the so-called “American Dream” was pretty much on life support at its inception, was fatally weakened in 1860, and is only now just expiring. As Samuel Johnson so pithily and, in my humble opinion, accurately put it at the time of the War of Independence, “How is it that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of negroes?”


If I may make a suggestion? Thomas Jefferson had it right when he stated that the Constitution should be thoroughly reexamined every generation or so to see if it was still fit for purpose, and that if it was found to be unfit for purpose, it should be therefore scrapped and a new one that was fit for the times written. After all, this is what has happened in Chile recently, when the people voted (about 90%, IIRC) to replace the Pinochet-era one.


not directed at hedges, but CD. of course hedges has been playing cassandra for several years now.

edit: and realizing that you’ll point out that earlier publication for this specific piece wasn’t possible since it’s a vague post-mortem, my point point point is that this criticism of the Democrats as a political organization is pretty valid, and it has been studiously snuffed out on partisan sites until the election is conveniently over.


Dude, you’re bumming me out again.

Seriously, while Chris’s critique of the U.S. is broadly correct, I am not so sure that what is happening ideologically is that different from any other era in the U.S. You want nuts? How about the American revolution, when neighbors in my area of New Jersey were cutting each others’ throats? How about bleeding Kansas in the 1850s? How about Brooks caning Sumner almost to death on the floor of Congress? How about the massive violence of the Civil War? How about resistance to reconstruction, lynchings, and the KKK? How about Chinese exclusion? How about the Indian genocide? How about the robber barons gunning down strikers? Fascism has always been with us.

I am not worried that the fascists are any worse, more numerous, or more powerful. What worries me is that technology has advanced so much that the same Fascist characters can do infinitely more damage. They can even destroy society. Look at global warming and the insect apocalypse. I don’t know how we turn this train around when it is stuck on the same track that it has always been on.


I like the idea, Russel, but who would you have do the examination, and what would you propose?

For the moment, I would be happy to see most of the Bill of Rights protections that we have lost of late reinstated in full.


I have always been in favor of that very thing. The Constitution as written is woefully outdated. And in its present form damn near impossible to change. Would that the founders had put a clause in it that it get reviewed every 20 years or so. We might not be where we are at the present moment.


It should have been. But CommonDreams chose to become a mouthpiece for the Corporate Democrat Party “Blue No Matter Who” mantra. CommonDreams printing scores of pieces aimed at getting progressives to vote the lesser evil. Most of these articles left out the fact that, for many in the US, the winner take all system in non-swing states, rendered their votes meaningless. The only impact of voting for Biden in a Democrat or Republican state, was to psychologically defeat the will to fight of progressives. By supporting the silencing of critique of the right wing Democrat corporation, the editorial board of CommonDreams became a tool of corporate capitalism .


I fervently hope, as I’m sure Hedges does, that he is mistaken in his miasma, yet no empirically honest assessment would validate that emotion.

Acknowledging our direst of straits should not give rise to despair, though. It should imbue us with “the fierce urgency of now”, an understanding that nothing less than truly transformational change will save us, and that no act of conscience, no matter its fate

Is ever in vain.


Because you hear the loudest yelps for liberty from those with strong narcissistic traits, a group tending to be also cursed with an excess of entitlement along with deficits in empathy and self-awareness. Emotional children. These people tend to be ambitious, to use people, and often do fairly well materially in materialistic societies such as ours. It is best not to get involved with them emotionally. Working under them is not that great either.


Implicit in what Jefferson says is the obligation to learn how to design, construct, and evaluate the fitness of constitutions. There are a lot of skills that we need to develop and learn if we are to do that competently.

I have no doubt that if Thomas Jefferson were alive and healthy today that he would agree that, with how much things have changed in the last few generations, this is a time requiring a thorough reexamination of the Constitution to decide if it is still fit for its purpose, or if we are better off to modify, or replace it.

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and add one more disavowing the personhood of corporations.