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America Is Problem Now


America Is Problem Now

On this Day Without Immigrants, a painful look at what some endure not just to escape their own war-torn countries, but, now, a newly uncertain future in Trump's America. Since the election, hundreds of desperate refugees and asylum seekers have fled again, trekking for hours through frozen snowbound woods - sometimes losing fingers and limbs to the cold - to reach Canadian border towns. With Trump, says one, "It's not safe. So I run." See one Somali make it, barely.


OMG! What has this cruel country done? To Trump-loving, Republican-voting-always "Christian" voters: I think you really need to brush up on the teachings
of Jesus, and see if you can look in the mirror with no sense of shame.


Unfortunately, don't expect Trudeau to do much about it...


And to think that these two people are some of the strongest and lucky ones. There are 60 million forcibly displaced people right now in the world. Imagine the fate of the less strong or young ones. And unfortunately, this predates Trump.


I'm eighty and I'm finally ashamed at being an American. I loved Ike Voted for Nixon twice. I have been shamed by the fact that we turned away a boat load of Jewish immigrants in 1939 and we incarcerated millions of Japanese, but that didn't raise to this level of shame since it was before my age of majority. Please for god's sake impeach Trump and disband ICE.


The tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free



As I watched this video of the shear humanity of these Canadians--and one a cop to boot!--I thought about the half starved 'Pilgrims' that landed here south of the border who were taught to survive by the First Nations only to find themselves massacred by the same a few short years later.