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America is the Worst Polluter in the History of the World. We Should Let Climate Change Refugees Resettle Here


America is the Worst Polluter in the History of the World. We Should Let Climate Change Refugees Resettle Here.

Michael Gerrard

Toward the end of this century, if current trends are not reversed, large parts of Bangladesh, the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt and Vietnam, among other countries, will be under water. Some small island nations, such as Kiribati and the Marshall Islands, will be close to disappearing entirely. Swaths of Africa from Sierra Leone to Ethiopia will be turning into desert.


Everything imported to this country has a carbon, other pollution, and human exploitation footprint that should be added to the country’s tally stick. We have more of Pacha Mama’s blood on our hands than the first-order analyses indicate.


This has got to be the most asinine idea I have heard lately. Sounds like something I would read in “The Onion”.


Cuidado! Your empathy deficit is showing.


This past week in a five day period 950 human beings in Pakistan died due to heat levels reaching over 112 degrees Fahrenheit. Not exactly front page news in most American dailies. I wonder how many anthropogenic global warming climate change denialists one counts among the dead?
Be well.


It’s my understanding that China is now the world’s leading polluter. The US could fit in China’s back pocket. There’s really not much the US can do about climate change. We already shipped out a huge number of our manufacturing jobs since the 1980s. Of course, we do seem to be increasing the use of coal. Still, our leading contribution to climate change is our excessive use of privately owned motor vehicles – something that defines middle class life. Even where public transportation is readily available, they don’t wish to be inconvenienced by it.


There it is, isn’t it? The reality that will not be swept under the carpet by media denial and political rhetoric. “Tens of Millions” at first and maybe sooner than we would like to admit but then hundreds of millions will undoubtably follow on their heels.

Mr. Gerrard you are correct about justice but justice is a casualty in our world more often than it is a savior, sad to say. History records justice but mostly by its absence not its application.

Fear approaches humanity year by year. Species wide fear, that is. Like drought or famine, the future is dreaded and given the extraordinary (and as yet unchecked) pace that global warming is overtaking us, humanity will have great reason to fear indeed.

Such misery awaits poor humanity in overcrowded refugee boats, internment camps near borders and walls along borders patrolled by surveilance drones and armed patrols etc.

But once it begins in earnest it will not stop because there is no place ‘back where they came from’ for them to go that will sustain them.

The conservative corrupt and cynical may delay doing something about global warming while yet we could but the cost of doing so will not let them escape either.

Lower crop yields, rising food prices, drought or flood etc and so forth!

Care for a deal on a $10 million dollar beach front mansion or invest in a $100 million dollar hotel complex? How about that marvelous ski lodge that nobody goes to anymore? Or that huge acreage in the corn belt that is dry as a bone? $$$ - investments - future developments whatever? All at risk.

It won’t be the end of the world by the way like fanatic fatalists seem to hope for but it will be the end of the bountiful Earth and a world of scarcity will take its place. It will be the end of the good times that’s for sure! A billion more people in the next TEN years and a billion more every decade after that.

There is no place to ‘go back where they came from’!
No place to run to either. Not really.

We make the future that our children will have to suffer in… and there will be no escaping that for anyone.

Humanity’s future looks really grim.

Thank you Mr. Gerrard for pointing out the most human part of global warming for Americans…

…that there will be no place for us to hide like many people think there will be.

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I think, the author was trying to make a point… uuummmm… like, get your *sses in gear and reduce emissions drastically… because you(USA) have been the biggest maker of greenhouse gases… or, this is what SHOULD HAPPEN…


I’ll bet they’re just partying it up now… wow!!!


I think this was a great article… this is just the medicine that we, the USA needs… but, will not take… or will not even admist that it needs it for a real dis-ease…