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America Must Allow Its Heart to Break Before It Can Heal


America Must Allow Its Heart to Break Before It Can Heal

Simone Campbell

My heart aches for the division and anguish revealed in our November election. The fabric of our society is indeed torn and I wonder, can we find a way back together?


"Wrestling with painful realities in our communities is the only way we can reweave the fabric of our society.": Agreed but would take this to also mean "Americans" face their history frankly, boldly, unflinchingly--its racist roots of genocide and slavery and its repercussions that persist today. If we could do this we may emerge a new nation not needing its Empire, wars and inequality.


Agreed and we need to start with ourselves. If her words sound like "recovery" stuff which annoys me too remember she is a nun and she is also a woman who was sexually attacked.


The author suggests one should blame the Republicans for the mess that the people are in and not the Democrats.

Say what? The Democrats are every bit the enablers of the 1 percent that the Republicans are.

They are both parties of the Corporatists and the warmongers and have both advanced the interests of the same over the peoples.

In order to heal , the meme of Republicans bad Democrats good has to be abandoned , just as both those parties abandoned the people for those Corporate dollars and 250000 dollars a speech to the same.


Why the heck should I want to "move forward together" with racists, homophobes, fascists, and the like?


You've not learned anything for the election fiasco, did you "seriousprofessor"?

The vast majority of people are not "racists, homophobes, fascists". Calling them that, asking them to "check their privilege" (WTF does that mean anyway?) and trying to shove all sorts of agendas down their throats is gonna piss them off and you are looking at the results.


This anger and vulnerability is the result of an economy shaped by “trickle-down economics,” which privileges the already wealthy at the expense of those in the middle and at the bottom. These Republican policies betrayed our people. But rather than holding the politicians who passed these policies accountable, or turning their blame to the people who voted these politicians into office, some Americans instead blame the “other” — immigrants, women, people of color, Democrats.

Well, Sister, you really need to come up to speed, if you think that only Republicans have caused the historic levels of inequality in this country.

As it stands, your ignorance, willing or otherwise is a big problem.


I have seen two primary debilitating reactions to this election, anger and despair.

I have a sexual assault survivor friend who went into a full blown despair melt down. Having grown up in a violent and authoritarian household, I get that there are those for whom despair came down heavy and need time to come out from under that reaction.

I too feel overwhelmed by the task ahead. And whether you are angry or sad or frightened or exhausted , we have all been abused by the dysfunctional political system that we endure in this country despite best efforts over time to change it. The work never ends and it can take lifetimes.


Well, folks, we just elected an out-n-out fascist as president. It will take a black swan event like 9/11 or the burning of the Reichstag, oops... Capital Building for him to consolidate his power. The internment camps are ready and waiting. Gitmo is still open for business thanks to the corporatists Bush and Obama.

Who will be sent to the camps first? Probably not the Liberals, the Libertarians, or other intellectuals. Hitler went for the tough-minded socialists, anarcho-syndicalists, and labor organizers first. They were willing to bust heads with the Brown Shirts in the streets and went to the camps reading their Carl Marx and Rudolf Rocker. By the time the likes of good Sister Simone got there they were met with, "Hey, what took you so long?"


I too have a very close friend who suffers to this day (in her 70's) from its repercussions and know a man who was raped by an older man who most definitely suffers to this day. My own mother was a survivor bearing a child no less to 'her' rapist. It is up to all of us to come together despite our differences to build a new nation based on true equality that repudiates wars of aggression and Empire.


From my vantage point, the ruling elite broke the hearts (including their will and hope) of the working class years ago. Right now, just a glimmer of hope would offer more than an imagined heaven ever could.


Your post made me think of Utah Phillips/Ani DiFranco doing the old classic "Pie in the Sky." Listen here: https://youtu.be/tMraYdklSOE


Joe Hill said, "Don't mourn, organize." So true.


Absolutely. It's good to remember those who struggled before us and just what they had to face. It's also a good reminder that those who oppress you aren't doing it by accident. They know what they're doing, and why. They knew when Joe Hill was alive, and they know now.


One of the most emotional periods of my life was when I was researching publishing my Legends of Anarchism websites. When I learned the price paid by our predecessors of 100 -150 years ago for freedom, a reasonable work day, above-poverty wages, birth control, women's right to vote, the right to organize a union, and many others; I came to realization that I really have no idea what it is to "pay the price." Furthermore, the price was paid for all of mankind... not for individual gain or glory as documented by the fact that most of these individuals died in poverty.

I am absolutely humbled by their example.


I did not really think you did. Let's all work together to defeat the fascists.


Personally, my absolutely favorite version of the song I dreamt Joe Hill:

Paul Robeson as deep as his voice in commitment to the good fight.


I like your pacifist sentiments though you do say at one point diverse groups could come together for common defence. If folks agree on not using violence defence would be for ?????

Parecon is an alternative name for a participatory economy see: Zcommmunications.org


Brilliant response there. Now, tell me exactly where I wrote "check their privilege" or shoved an agenda down anyone's throat. I'll wait and die of old age while you fail to back up that cheap snipe.

In the meantime, it is objectively true that racists and the like have been emboldened by the Trump campaign and victory. The swastikas on walls and screaming at Muslims, etc., are not actions of well-meaning and misunderstood voters who need my patient indulgence.

If you have anything more coherent than putting my screen name in quotes, it would be welcome, but I won't wait for that either. I'll be working with the targeted and freaked out students where I teach.

Can you hear me up there on your f-ing high horse?


How do you know what the good sister does with her life, how she walks?

Is it impossible to be tender-hearted and tough-minded aimultaneously? Of course not!

Is it possible that relentlessly insisting on such false separations is part of how we become divided against ourselves and esch other? Can you "toughies" prove that it isn't?

Anyone who knows neurology knows that the division between feeling and thinking is fictitious.

Our feelings are always there, informing our thinking and acting. The more we deny this is true, the more subject we become to acting without empathy toward others, for we are failing to have empathy for our own nature.

There is no good reason to judge an author's life or Self harshly based on minimal experience of her or him. There is nothing to be gained from failing to respond to those who have not offered us harm. That's not touchy'feely, just the human equivalent of horse sense.