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America Needs a Long-Term Care Program for Seniors

America Needs a Long-Term Care Program for Seniors

Sarah Anderson

By 2035, seniors are projected to outnumber children in the U.S. population.

Maybe then we’ll look back and credit Washington state activists for being on the forefront of tackling America’s elder care crisis. On May 13, the state became the first in the nation to adopt a social insurance program for long-term care benefits.

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An even bigger problem is the diminishing number of caregivers concurrent with the growing need. Most of the workers in care facilities are immigrants and the ever growing restrictions on immigration will only make this problem worse no matter how much “funding” long-term care gets.

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The bitter fruit of elders buried

And veterans. And chronically ill. And genetically or congenitally ill. And just about everyone but every other country in the world.

26% of Japan’s population is over 65 compared to only about 16% in the U.S. and yet only about 2% of its labor force is foreign born compared to 17% here…they are, however, just now, beginning to allow increased levels of immigration.

p.s. the median net worth per adult in Japan is almost double what it is here in the U.S.

The U.S. needs a bold new plan that asks Seniors how they want to live in retirement and old age. Living in an understaffed, contaminated, over priced longterm care facility is probably not high on anyone’s list.