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America Needs a New Poor People’s Campaign


America Needs a New Poor People’s Campaign

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

In a spectacle of religious hypocrisy last week, preachers who say so much about what God says so little — and so little about what God says so much — stood in the Rose Garden as a backdrop for President Donald Trump’s executive order on “religious liberty.” As they celebrated this administration’s


Sounds good. Maybe, how about everybody who states they are Christians, just be Christians, for real. Be Good, Be Kind!


A loss for No. Carolina, a win for the rest of us. The time is right!


There are a lot of people in the United States that claim to be Christian, however, they stand in front of clinics where women have made a responsible decision about ending a pregnancy, and scream vitriol and some have even shot and killed doctors and nurses aiding these women.

This is only one example of the hatred some self descibed 'Christians' display.

There is entirely too much hatred in this world. Our Federal government is no model for Christian values as they prefer to keep our country in a constant state of war and agression all over the globe.

It's so unfortunate so many cannot see this and continue to support the Duopolys devious designs of Death and Human Suffering so as to provide big profits for those selling Death through their Weaponry.

Tragic our human brains do not work properly for 'All' of us Americans.

We could rid ourselves of these wolves in politicians clothing if we could only agree on one thing.


Dump The Duopoly


True Christian values are great, but many people that call themselves " Christians " do not follow Christian values, what they follow is the hypocrisy of wrong theology.


I believe Dr. King was murdered because he was building a coalition
independent of the phony "Democrats"
and overt Republicans, that had the
potential to take power.
He was starting to ally poor Blacks with
the the larger group of poor Whites, and
building solidarity with the Labor and Peace movements.
Such a coalition of movements would constitute a majority of the American people.
The fact that they killed Dr. King for this,
I think, proves he was on the right track.

For a century or more, the Repugnants
and Demagogs have stolen our votes, and diverted us from building our OWN party, while in FACT, representing the wealthy, controlling minority.
"The two" parties are now at their
deserved depths of unpopolarity.
The egregious choices of the Rump
and his handlers must not be used to herd people back into the SLICKER
corporate party.
Disaffected Berners should pursue knowledge about socialism. Talk to people in the different socialist groups
and read their literature. Read the classic socialist books.
The groups have their differences, but
by exploring them, you will get an education. Join one if you think they have the right approach.

But I don't think any of the socialist groups is likely to become a majority party soon, since it can be a daunting
process checking them all out.

But I think the Green Party has the potential to become the new majority
party, or at least a plurality larger than the two corporate parties.
As people jump ship from the corporate
"Democratic" party, I think the logical lifeboat is the NON-CORPORATE Green
Party, where we can debate the way forward without corporate influence.
If we don't build this party, the alternative will likely be a return to the
lethal 2-party Zig-Zag, and more poverty, wars, repression, and even
I think a majority support the idea of a NON-corporate party. I don't think a
majority see that happening with the "Democrats".
And hats off to Moral Mondays for carrying on Dr.King's Dream!


Our nation needs a Poor People's Campaign! So wonderful that Rev. Barber has stepped up to do this!


Interesting that Barber invokes King and the Poor People's Campaign, but then refers to "the twin forces of white supremacy and unchecked corporate greed...".

King referred not to twins, but to "the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism, and militarism..."

Why does Barber hold back from joining King to condemn US militarism, war, and terror around the globe? Leaving the third triplet out, does not do justice to the vision of King, and does not sufficiently confront the reality that we all face.


And I believe that you are 'spot on' Roger, concerning everything you have just said here.

I have read some of your earlier comments from December 2015 where Wereflea was in essence saying you would be responsible for Climate Catastrophe if you continued to support Jill Stein into the election. At that particular time, I too, as Wereflea did, supported Bernie Sanders. As you stated in your comments to him, I was unaware of Bernie’s support of Israel, Bill Clinton, and other less prideful positions, and didn't lose my support for Bernie until he basically quit the 'fight all the way to the convention' position, and rejected everything he ran against for the previous year, and supported the corporate candidate. Talk about dejected.

I'll never give money or my time to Bernie again. Granted, the press he gets, make him look like the 'most popular politician' right now, but as you said numerous times, he has been like a Trojan Horse to draw in progressive minded voters, only to bail and serve the Oligarchic masters.

Thanks for not joining the Marines in 1965. The Antiwar movement benefited more from having your open mind than the American Military ever would have.

I lost my older brother Bob in a tragic accident in 1990. I grieved his passing for a long time. He was the better man of the two of us.

Even though others may disagree with both of us for supporting Jill Stein in November, I couldn't be prouder of myself for not supporting the insanity of the corrupt corporate controlled politicians of the Duopoly.

It's a crying shame so many of our fellow Americans can't see their votes are allowing the Rich and Wealthy Elites to spread Death and Human Suffering around the globe.

You are my brother from another mother.

Be proud of your Enlightenment.


Thanks, PonyBoy. You made my day,
Hell, my year! It's one thing to know
you're right, and see the proof time after time, but it sure is good for morale
to get some appreciation like you just gave.
Halfway through your post, I knew I wanted to sign off saying Thanks,
People do change. If someone in high school had told me I'd become a socialist, I'd have told them they're crazy.
And while Jill Stein SUPPOSEDLY got
less than 1%, 70-odd percent of the American people favor opening the
presidential debates to third parties.
I think you agree that Dr. Jill would tear
up those phonies in a debate, and win over millions of people who never knew she existed.
Thanks again, and I'm sorry about your
brother. If he was the better man, he must have been a pretty great guy.


No doubt. Killed because too many people loved what he had to say. And I think his linking with labor helped to seal the deal. (Of course, his momentous speech at the mall was for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on August 28, 1963.)

The anti-labor movement here is the most ill-informed citizenry, taught to vote against their own interests. Similar to Tea Party members who are clueless they are in an AstroTurf org created by Koch brothers, to serve billionaire interests.

And to get a little preachy myself, his "Letter from the Birmingham Jail" originally written on scraps of paper and toilet paper, is both a national treasure and a study in rhetorical skill and logical argument. Cannot be read too many times. On MLK day is a good tradition, and share, read aloud, remember.


Re-read the essay. Barber does address
militarism and warmongering. "militarism, racism and economic injustice".
I think the "twins" he refers to are the
Big 2 corporate parties.


Rog, Your welcome.

The Political Establishment on both sides of the Duopoly did everything they could to keep Jill Steins message from getting through to the American people. They used the MSM to ignore her. They used the law to prevent her from getting to the debate stage with Donnie and Blondie. They were seriously afraid of her connecting with the public.

On November 6th, two days before the election, my wife and I saw Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka at the Student Union Ballroom on the University of Maryland campus. Jill and Ajamu are extremely articulate individuals in person and to call them 'Progressive' is an understatement.

Their version of what America is capable of is the opposite of the Duopolys.

Equality for all Americans and an end to Empire should be supported by all people who believe in People, Planet, and Peace over Profit.

There is more than enough money in this country to provide Economic Equality for all citizens.

The top 1% must come to the realization that they deserve no more than 1% of the benefits of any governmental program or policy. The bottom 99% deserves the other 99%. Anything other than this, is not only unfair, but unethical and corrupt.

I'm going to get off my soapbox now.

I hope you continue to offer your comments here at Common Dreams.


Not certain about that last part.
But he mentions "warmongering"
further on.
Glad you're vigilant about militarism.
Too many "Democrats" dropped such concern to get a "lesser" evil at home.
That's the mentality of a "Good German" circa 1930's.


"The movement requires us to push into the national consciousness a deep moral analysis that is rooted in an agenda to combat systemic poverty and racism,war mongering,economic injustice,voter suppression, and other attacks on the most vulnerable."-Rev Barber

Thank You for what you are doing.


"Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other's welfare, social justice can never be attained."
---Helen Keller


Rev. Barber makes a lot of sense.

Jill Stein's VEEP running mate really was bats**t crazy.