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America Needs Deep Cultural and Political Renewal—Is it Even Possible?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/12/america-needs-deep-cultural-and-political-renewal-it-even-possible


Important topics. But not much new in the US context. While the US was sending a person to the moon, masses of its population lacked basic human and economic rights, and many others around the world were being invaded and murdered by the US.

The author asks: "what new system of values can we look to in order to jump start and sustain a cultural renaissance? " There isnt’ much new that we need, just basic old human values of equality, fraternity, and rights (economic and political). These values are present in several societies in the world.

Excellent article—attempts to address the spiritual death and alienation from which contemporary humanity so deeply suffers.

“The transhumanists’ goals are to live longer, overcome what they feel are our current cognitive limitations, and improve our bodies using new forms of computer-based technology. Hard-core transhumanists like Elon Musk are working to wire the human brain to computers and the Internet to create what they fantasize might be this new improved species of human.”

Erich Fromm, the great German-born American social psychologist and psychoanalyst who was associated with the Frankfurt School of critical theory wrote several books outlining his theory of human alienation. I especially recommend:

  1. The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness
  2. Escape from Freedom
  3. The Sane Society

These books will change your life.

I also recommend: The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker.

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When the question is asked how do we transform society, the World Socialist Party of the United States has an answer. We know what’s wrong with the world. Arrogance you might say. Well, read for yourself


Cultures renew or transform in crisis. The question here is how. There is no simple and obvious guarantee that the change that happens will be an improvement.

The engines of power are also mostly engines of supply and distribution. As these fall to deep internal contradictions, supply and distribution will also tend to fail.

We need to set up more equitable and regenerative means of supply and of distribution of at least essential goods and services while the dinosaur systems are yet mostly in place. Otherwise, the population tends to cling to existing power ever more frantically as it fails.

To the extent that an alternative exists, people need not desire a “return to ‘normal’” during crisis. We can move to the more resilient system.


America and the World has lost its way, our values are all mixed up humans are all mixed up.
We are like a cacophony, to bring harmony a New Spirituality could help.
We Are All One ,ours is another way not a better way ,mearly another way.


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While recent events dramatically demonstrate the need for ‘Deep Cultural and Political Renewal’ the catalyst necessary to define those changes is to be found elsewhere. It takes the form of the most radical, potent, political, but completely legal, Non Violent Direct Action never even imagined possible until now. One able to advance the highest aspirations of human idealism and which cultural curators and gatekeepers, entrenched elites, religious institution, social media and MSM filters, bureaucratic control, nor the modern corporate/national security, surveillance state can corrupt, dilute, stop nor interfere with. Even if they dare try. More at www & dunwanderinpress & org

America, in it’s current state, the well-funded and well-maintained engine of both political and corporate corruption that it is, has zero chance to achieve cultural and political renewal of any kind.

The only way change will occur in this country at this point is with nationwide, un-ending mass protest that absolutely does unequivocally provide the threat for potential violence to and of the corporate and governmental structures that have legislatively shaped our nation into the deranged form of desperation and inequality we must endure today.

Put your race aside, put your culture aside, put your politics aside - these are the partitions used by your true enemy to divide, appease, and subjugate.

This has always and will always only be about the obscenely wealthy, lacking only in conscience and accountability, who have complete control of this country, versus you and everyone that you know and love.