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America Pays Steep Price For Ignoring Crimes of George W. Bush Era

America Pays Steep Price For Ignoring Crimes of George W. Bush Era

Will Bunch

This time, it’s going to be different.

They swear.

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Bunch backs up his statements, where is yours? He demonstrates how one thing led to another.

Great article by-the-way. Thanks.


Is this situation “amnesia”, or “ignoring crimes”, or is it really the result of the loss of accountability of our elected officials ? There are many reasons for this loss, money (bribes), gerrymandering, corruptible voting machines, blackmail, public brainwashing, ect. All engineered by the powerful to subvert the will of the voting public.


I don’t mean to pick nits, but the economic collapse of '08 was put in motion by one William Jefferson Clinton and the then-controlled R Congress. Mr. Bunch I recall those days with great clarity, and here is what I saw. G W Bush was a political commodity that the GOP just could not forsake ( that most American of all things - A NAME BRAND,) a mental midget that had no more proclivity for politics than I do for quantum physics. And so, of course, he became their nominee, a figurehead for the real powers of Darth Chaney et al on one hand, and Carl Rove, on the other. These two centers of power worked on entirely different but equally disastrous agendas (Rove = Help America Vote - remember, the onslaught of black box voting,) and so it is no surprise that no-one was minding the store when the three-piece suited thieves on Wall street crashed the economy.

But we need to go back a little bit further to really understand the “amnesia” that you alluded to. Daddy Bush, GHW, bombed Iraq back into the stone age and patted himself on the back for relieving all of us poor mentally anguished Americans of our “Viet Nam Syndrome.” So that we could bomb, destroy, and murder, just as we had as if the utter failure and disgrace (and crime) of Viet Nam had never happened.

But it is not us. Oh, of course, there is a certain percentage of USA’ns that will always be able to be led around by the nose, believing whatever fucking nonsense their masters tell them is true. But I don’t believe, and I suspect that accurate polling would prove me out that, THAT IS NOT US, the majority of citizens in this fucked-up non-democracy.

I used to believe, thought that we could all make a difference, that we could be the “good” America that was so lionized. until the mid-term election of 2006. Ordinary citizens did their part - they voted out the ruling party they thought had brought them this nightmare of our new reality. AND NOTHING FUCKING CHANGED.

THERE is the point of inflection. "“Impeachment is off the table.” And later, “We must look forward, and not dwell on the mistakes of the past.”

I agree with the headline of this article, just not with some of the details of how we got here.


But that’s nothing compared to the nightmare of Trump — still ignorant and largely untested on the world stage — turning for advice to the likes of Bolton, whose failure to be humbled and marginalized after Iraq puts him on the road to making the same exact same mistakes, but with consequences that would be even more lethal than the crimes perpetrated against Sinan Antoon’s Iraq.

For future reference, just never use the word “mistake” again.

It just blows my clucking mind.


The headline should have the word “Embracing” in place of “Ignoring.”


We are bamboozled, over and over again.
The latest example: Trump.

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Not to mention Obama retaining Dubya’s “defense” secretary, appointing pro-war operatives on top of appointing GMO cartel operatives ready to extort farmers around the globe after the US military secured the respective regions.

Those of us who observed Murka since the Kennedy years have seen through the serial fake news that the media labeled the “government’s credibility gap” during the LBJ years, and understand why Trump’s fake news accusations resonate with his base. Unfortunately, Trump fails to mention that he and the GOP’s faux news network originate more fake news than all other sources combined.


Lots of guilt to spread around but I am most pissed at liberals, who ignored Obama launching the Libya war on the anniversary of Iraq, who also expanded the Afghanistan war, who quadrupled drone strikes, and who whacked an old man in Pakistan, allegedly OBL, & threw him to the sharks, gangland style.

Liberals should have rejected Obama in 2012, but instead, they lionized & re-elected them.

And now every liberal I know has a boner for Putin, drinking CIA/NSA Kool Aid like it’s cheap beer at a frat party…

I’m pissed at liberals because they pretend they are smarter than conservatives!


The way I look at it is as a gradient that has an occasional positive blip but is mostly overwhelmingly downhill. Starting in 1980 with Reagan. Ronald Reagan created entire new norms for what was “accepted as presidential” and what was not. When any questions came up, there were offered up explanations: his mandate (?), we are in new times, or maybe “he is bringing his Hollywood style” to the office. (He had none, but that filled in gaps many an idiot’s mind).
Bill Clinton. Not much to say. Definitely no elevation of the office, except for some members of the first cabinet, like Robert Reich.
Oh, and I forgot “Poppy” Bush. Embarrassing. Ineffectual. Lying every single minute of the debates with Clinton. Left being disliked.
Which leads to W. Installed illegally by the Supreme Court. By and large, millions of Americans definition of the worst individual in the presidency in at least a hundred years. Including millions of Republicans.
Yet, in the light of the casino grifter, W. is now up in the polls. As I stated, it’s a gradient. And we may never reach bottom, actually, who knows. But the game has long been up. It was over in 1980 when an idiot with a nothing education and a nothing life was somehow preferred over a brilliant nuclear engineer with lots going for him (and his wife, who was interested in mental illness in the U.S., not BEING mental illness as interior decorator to outdo Raisa Gorbachev). Guess what won out? If you guessed stupidity at least you have one brain cell left.


The Warcrime commited against the peoples of Libya, was justified in part by refering to reports by Amnesty International as to the sacle of crimes being committed by the Government of Libya against the people.

As it turned out the bulk of those reports of “massive human right abuses” was fabricated and Amnesty International played its role in ensuring it was seen as truthful.

Today Amnesty International is being cited again as far as alleged abuses in Syria go, this leading to calls for more US Intervention in that country. These NGO’s which may have been founded on principles we might all support have been co-opted .


Great article Mr Bunch. It is almost impossible to find its like on the MSM.

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The US electorate can be grouped into three categories. There are those who actively supported the war crimes by voting for people who had committed, or promised to commit, those crimes; they are the majority. Almost all the rest tacitly supported the war criminals by not voting against them. The smallest category, by far, are those who voted against the war criminals by voting for candidates who were openly antiwar.


Also, preemptive war is a war crime. Another nation did not attack us.


Conservatives now control both houses of the congress and the presidency. Do you now think that with the current government things are going swimmingly? And is “grab 'em by the pussy” Trump, who seems to have screwed every model he could get his hands on, is a paragon of virtue?

Yeah we have been Bushwhacked. Living kingpin Poppy in on all of it at the highest levels. Are they wheeling around a live person there? From Prescott the Bush banker financing Hitler in WW2, possibly a US Senator also, to Poppy who begat Shrub, Jeb and the rest of the only slightly lesser con Bushes. Bandar Bush anyone. But Shrub Bush is a special nutcase void of even a drop of empathy for mankind. Twin evil Dick Cheneys sockpuppet is a wretched criminal. I would spit on all Bush graves.


Yes, indeed.

“All engineered by the powerful to subvert the will of the voting public.”

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Doodle, they’re not liberals. Liberals don’t do such shit.

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Yes, RELENTLESS public brainwashing, 24/7/365, with special emphasis on the anniversary of the bright and shining lie that is 9/11

The public perception is manipulated and polished largely by way of endless false flag operations. Fear-mongering raised to the level of an art form.


Hi fern,

We should always ask for data. In the case of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack Obama, who is reported to have commented, to his aids, about his prowess in killing people, there is ample data about his drone killing, his support for tortuous forced feeding of people he illegally held in detention without trial, and his support for the overthrow of Ghaddafi. Here is some:

Then there’s the Obama’s support for the overthrow of Ghaddafi:

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