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America Pays Steep Price For Ignoring Crimes of George W. Bush Era

Thanks very much and I agree data is good if it is available. There are some instances where things are all lumped together and are biased in a way that limits our ability to see the whole picture. For instance your post reminds me of the transition from black sites to the use of drone warfare and you can’t see that with isolated facts. Thanks again.

No one wants to believe that their leaders (of any party) would be complicit, and thus, no one does.
But reading the available information, it is difficult to conclude that there wasn’t complicity.

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Not everyone keeps score the same way and I see little harm in asking for an explanation,

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Growing up in the 60s, we were told in school books the Soviet Union news agency Tass and the leading newspaper Pravda were full of lies from the Soviet government; now, I don’t remember moving to the Soviet Union but I live in a country where our media also publishes government lies. The entire premise of our foreign policy and domestic regulations are built on the lie of 911. So until you remove that scab of disinformation, any discussion of policy at home or abroad borders on the absurd.

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MSNBC recently compared the students today with a young passionate articulate John Kerry testifying before Congress. What they failed to do was to replay the debates between John Kerry and George Bush - they both made a passionate appeal to the voting public that ran something like this "I can kill more terrorists quicker and deader than then next guy. " There were few of us who called out that tragic foolish appeal to the basest and most racist prejudice of the American Public. Bush deserves criticism, should have been tried and convicted in courts of law, but he did not act alone. The Democratic Party bears significant responsibility - they also represented their corporate handlers interests, and the media rose to present propaganda stories which kept truth way below the national conversation. Obama spoke in language of change, hope, democratic ideals - but few of his policies made significant impact for the better. His accomplishment of “health care”, was a victory for corporate profit. Never did Obama or the Democratic party allow actual discussion of health care - only the circus debates on profits - exclusion - and costs. Our system is badly broken - its time for elected representatives to be representing the people - and funded by people not corporations. For real change - no more band-aids on fatal wounds.

America has never held it’s war criminals accountable and the fact that so many like Bush, that are guilty of lying and perpetrating war crimes, are walking around free and still at large, is why so many have labeled Amerika…THE FOURTH REICH!