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America Rejects Trumpism


America Rejects Trumpism

Robert Reich

Make no mistake: America has rejected Trumpism.

No one seriously expected the Senate to flip, because Democrats had to defend 26 seats in that chamber, compared with only nine held by Republicans.

The real battleground was the House, where Democrats had to achieve a net gain of 23 seats to get the 218 needed for a majority.

They did.

Trump wasn’t on the ballot but he made the election into a referendum on himself.


Get big money out of politics? And who’s going to lead the charge? The Democrats? Not likely. Both parties have paid lip service to this issue when it suits them, but neither party has shown any real interest in biting the corporate/billionaire hands that feed them, not to mention court decisions that severely limit what can be done to control money in politics. It will take a major overhaul of our political system to get big money out of politics and until that happens, you can count on the Democrats to continue to ignore unions, same as the party has been doing for decades. Simply put, there is no room for a strong union movement in a neoliberal agenda. As Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, Reich knows this all too well.


The Stock market jumped close to 600 points since election.

The TWO strongest performing sectors were Oil and Gas and Health Care.

What does this tell you?


Americans better fucking make up their minds damn quick. He will now grab more & more power ANY way he can, as his first thing like 5 minutes after the election “firing” Sessions. Reich is absolutely right about the Dems NOT representing their loyal base of MAINLY working class people (of all colors, religions and sexual persuasions). Ever since Carter the Dems have been trying to be “more Republican” each election, until they arrived at blanched, empty political personalities like the Clintons & Obama. We need another FDR that will openly and forcefully PUSH all the things Reich says in his piece, which is to say the things FDR, Truman & Johnson stood for.


Yep, this time we’ll reform those Dems.

Sure thing.



Hey, but they have suburban, college educated, upper middle class women NOW. Let’s see how that (doesn’t) work out for them.


They traded the working class for soccer moms. Nice.

And because 70 senators come from red, small population states, expect to see the Ds to move even further to the right. Now hold your nose and vote LOTE.


That was sarcasm. Where I stand is in my original post above that you responded to. “Soccer Moms” WILL NOT save the Democratic party, the “working class” will (which by the way will include some soccer moms). For them to win over the working class will take a complete 180 in their policies, which I don’t think will happen. But hell, that’s just me.


I know it was sarcasm. I read your comments here all the time, we’re on the same page, comrade.


At the tender age of 17, I learned about how being anti-establishment could get you into trouble.

Our young men and women were dying half a world away, alone and scared for what, profit for the Corporations.

I saw it as my duty to oppose that war, and will go to my grave happy that I did.

I didn’t give a flying you-know-what then, and still don’t now, war is not good for anybody but the rich.


Here in the northeast it seems the Republicans have almost ceased being a viable party. The northeast has become almost all Democratic However, when you look at those voting maps of the US it appears the metropolitan areas and rural areas of the country have totally different cultures. As they drift apart it is almost becoming two countries within the borders of the US. The Republican response to their loss of support in metropolitan areas has been to rig elections through gerrymandering, voter suppression, misinformation about voting, etc. There is no attempt to win over voters in ;metropolitan areas as the Republican Party more and more embraces fascism. With regard to the Democrats it is hard to see how they can do better in rural areas. The Republicans tactics of fear and hate are far more effective than the Democrats offering policies. Studies show that creating fear shifts attitudes than offering policies. There seems to be no factual basis for believing policies can win over voters better than creating fear. This is where we are and it is bad situation as those trying to divide us seem to be winning out everywhere you look outside of metropolitan areas.


And perhaps if various Democratic Senators (Joe Donnelly for example) had not campaigned like a Republican–Hillary Clinton clone, then the Democrats would have won the Senate, or at least not lost seats.

Can’t imagine Hillary Clinton campaigning for Gillum in Florida helped Gillum in the governor’s race.


Yea, the New York Times was making comments like that yesterday.

Clearly, you and the NYT are not familiar with the governor of New York, the republican-lite Andrew Cuomo.


So what is the Democratic Party, presently constituted? It’s the non deplorable party, the party of and for professionals, the party of and for the highly educated, the party of suburbia. (Schumer’s notion of for every working class voter the party loses the party picks up two or more in the suburbs. I think many of the new seats gained by the Dems are from suburbia.)




Frank is spot on. The Democrats dare not speak its name–Class.


this is the most dishonest narrative out there in a sea of them. the first midterm after a new president is notorious for flipping the House. It’s only happened 4 of the last five times.

this was, frankly, a perfectly typical first midterm, and, if anything, more a victory for Trump in that there was virtually no deviation from his 2016 supporters. The only accomplishment was that both parties succeeded in scaring their idiot followers to death to get out the vote.


“The practical choice is either Trump’s authoritarian populism backed by the moneyed interests, or a new democratic populism backed by the rest of us.” These choices both have dead ends. The only choice that gives humanity a chance at continuing life beyond a few more decades is to kill democracy before it kills us. https://thelastwhy.ca/poems/2018/11/3/democracy-the-death-of-us


Yes!!! The political theatre if you will


Schumer is an A hat. The dems or at least this bunch only care about the uppity ups. They do not care about the planet.


We ain’t getting another FDR anytime soon, so if we want that to happen we are going to have to build it ourselves. Probably get a better deal (sic) that way anyway. “If you want it done right, do it yourself.”