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America Rejects Trumpism


Right. I’ll add that to the caveats I’m already dispensing. But let’s not ignore the real opportunities it does present, especially in the form of new blood in the Democratic ranks, much of it young, smart, and energetic.


And that’s what we need to tell them- who invented this neoliberal Hillary agenda? Certainly we did not. Also, many corporate dems hate the working class. I live in a union family myself. Some dems are just ivory tower suits who look down of the “working class” including the police, firefighters and teachers. We and the party need to decide who WE want to be. I want to be a FDR dem ( or Green).


Young , smart and energetic - fine but as long as they work for just the upper class snots then it is all meaningless.


One of the best posts I have EVER seen- right on! There is a working families and a Green party. These dems are just the ivory towers who are patting themselves on the back. They are no FDRs, no Dr. King, etc.


And the Northeast is steadily losing population, both in absolute and relative terms.

There is no state in the Northeast that has gained representation in the past 30 years. And if you want to see effective gerrymandering, look no further than Massachusetts, the birthplace of gerrymandering, where it remains alive and well - our Congressional districts look like they were done by drunks on Etch-a-Sketches.


Absolutely. We won’t know until we see what they do. All too often in politics what they actually do is the direct opposite of what they say. Politicians have always bent the truth, but such blatant lying was not always so prevalent, and its prevalence today is cause for concern both as a sign of the times and in itself.


Gee, thanks. There is a back story to that: Besides it being one of those old truths that is repeatedly rediscovered, the day after Kerry folded in 2004 a friend with more direct experience in politics and I concurred in the opinion that electoral politics had become at best a rear-guard action, necessary but not the determining factor. Since then I have become aware of a worldwide movement of movements, some small and local or operating under the radar (e.g., community rights) and others global (e.g., 350.org), all seeking to help create the new society even as the old crumbles about our shoulders. The political parties you mention are part of that movement.