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America Repudiates Trump


America Repudiates Trump

Ryan Cooper

emocrats convincingly won the 2018 midterm elections, though it was not as big of a wave election as some liberals had hoped. Just as in 2016, the polls were badly wrong in a number of states, particularly Indiana and Florida, where Democrats lost tough races they were predicted to win.


This is hardly a great repudiation. Those corporation loving persons still have the Senate and the Casa Blanca, and the Supremo Court.


What this article neglects to mention is that the senate is now Structurally in the hands of the r-party for the foreseeable future barring any major missteps on their part.

Here’s why: In 20 years, 70% of Americans will live in 15 states. That leaves 35 small population states with 2 Senators apiece to control the national agenda from a position of representing minority viewpoints on policy.

Really, that’s the situation that already pertains.


From the article:

“A battle has been won, and the next might win the war.”

So far, the winner was the Democrat party. It remains an open question whether that translates into a win for We the People.


“America Repudiates Trump”
More exaggeration.
He barely received the proverbial slap on the wrist.


We should take comfort in the return of some ‘checks and balances’. Nothing gets out of Congress without House approval. Pelosi could grow a pair and make statements like “Our #1 objective is to obstruct whatever evil plan these sonsofbitches in the White House concoct.”
Such statements would only please hair Twitler.


HI Wellman: LOL, well Nancy Pelosi already has a pair. : )They’re called ovaries and they are meant to produce something…I wonder what it will be? : )


Anyone who thinks that Democrats retaking the house will be a push for any improvements is kidding themselves. The Republicans still hold two branches of government. The Democrats still have terrible leadership and DINOs. We are no closer to averting nuclear war or stopping climate change and I don’t feel we will be in the near future.


“America Repudiates Trump”

There continues to be extreme shortsightedness on the part of much of the media including, it seems, Ryan Cooper. Trumps anti-immigrant harangue was declared ineffective by many journalists and pundits. Around where I live, its clear that Trump was able to read his base and stir up their passions. Folk that had previously expressed objection to Trump’s policy of family separation are not embracing separation of families, and indefinite detention in tent cities, as the only way to deal with an ‘invading army’ of immigrants or as Trump supporters call them - MS13 gan members and ‘terrorists’.

Trump won the Senate, so he will be able to get all his judges through without any problem. There is no doubt that he will portray Democrats, who lead in the House, as the sole reason he wasn’t able to ‘Make America Great’. Meanwhile, the Democrat’s Party leadership will present progressives as ‘spoilers’ as they seek to move right to out-Republican the Republicans futile efforts to ‘appeal to the center’.


Not surprisingly, the GOP now controls the least democratic bodies of our not so democratic democracy.


It boggles the mind that the d-party establishment, incrementalism, and LOTE types around these comment threads are so willing to ignore impending climate chaos so that they can pitch their ‘blue team’ rah-rah nonsense.

Willing to ignore = willfully ignorant

We’re truly fucked.


Hi Stardust. I’d go by Wellman, but the Wellan refers to Well-Land.
Something else: Ovaries represent kindness and love. Balls represent mostly brash clumsy stupid boldness. Better yet, they represent fighting back. We don’t need balls for that. Nancy Pelosi has a moral compass that puts herself in harms way. She should keep her own health ahead of serving as House leader. Meantime, oh yeah, the GOP reeeeally hate Pelosi and I hope the hate gives them all hemorrhoids!


Hi Wellan I’m sorry. I have weird issues with spelling. After it’s out there I can see the errors…

Well-Land is nicer. LOL but if the GOPer had hemorrhoids they would be standing at attention a lot. That might be better as so many seem to be sitting around producing nothing. : ) However, I don’t think Schumer has any producing units. : 0 so the Dems are still in big trouble.


Now that the mid-terms are over we can finally bring the troops home…from the border. Turns out that caravan of terrorists isn’t so dangerous after all so Republicans and the Fox Ministry of Propoganda have stopped talking about it.


ha ha. We should look for some least effective program that the democratic party will sell out the more important projects to get funded. Like banning plastic straws, big TV campaign, wolves eating frogs and choking on plastic… you get the humor. My issue is infrastructure, mass transit, EVs plugged into Rooftop and neighborhood solar. Oregon passed 2 big subsidized housing measures and an energy fee of 1% on big corporations. Supposed to raise $30 million a year for solar, insulation, energy savings for low income folks. Wanna hear some self-driving car jokes?


HI Wellan— there are jokes for self driving cars? : 0 It seems that they mostly run over a lot of people or other cars! so tell—if they aren’t about dying!: )


Self-driving car tech is a ploy, a ruse meant to distract public attention from actual solutions to traffic havoc, fuel emissions, safety mandates, various costs, etc. None of the heralded features are possible, nor would it do much real good if they were. Even Amazon and Uber - the main corporate interests pushing it - do not need self-driving cars to continue bankrupting businesses both small and large. Auto manufacturers should continue research and development, but only up to the level of ‘driver assist’, never ‘driverless’. At the top, the directors and department heads know it’s not going to happen. Once you think about the ramifications of self-driving tech , it’s too ridiculous to consider seriously, thus jokes. Guy hails and gets into a self-driving car that quickly announces “Get out, you stink, take a bath.”