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America’s Addictions: Opioids, Donald Trump, and War


Addition isn’t an intellectual process, it is the by-pass of an intellectual process. Otherwise we could just think our way out of it.


And something both conservatives and liberals and many others are unaware of, the most common mind-altering substances we use are:

  • Chewing gum (yes, you think a bit clearer–a tad more focused) so it is “mind-altering” a loaded term used by Nancy Reaganites.

  • Alcohol

  • Coffee

  • Nicotine (also the #1 drug treatment of choice for those with undiagnosed ADHD)

  • Sugar

And of course, a multitude of items around the house, like turmeric (however it is not near as common–unfortunately-as in say India–where due to its common use they have a lower rate of Alzheimer’s.)

So when those people use the term “mind-altering” we should remind them of the truth.

And thanks for that study: I do not know how you found that, but a great resource I had not seen. Thanks. That motivational flow-chart on page 30 is priceless–



How did the American ruling class become even more immoral since the time of the Settlers’ First Peoples genocide, followed by Slavery of the kidnapped African People? Boy, I tell ya!