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America’s Biggest Lie: We Can’t Afford Medicare for All

America’s Biggest Lie: We Can’t Afford Medicare for All

Les Leopold

Pundits and politicians repeatedly warn us that the country cannot afford costly social services. They caution about the perils of a rising national debt, the supposed near bankruptcy of Medicare and Social Security, and the need to sell public services to the highest bidder in order to save them. We must tighten our belts sooner or later, they tell us, rather than spend on social goods like universal health care, free higher education and badly needed infrastructure.


Given the bill the guy in the picture is about to get dumped on him, I find his T-shirt VERY ironic.


The T-shirt confirms how nationalistic many Murkins are, especially in places like Louisiana.

The author’s potential funding source list omits the biggest category of all: Reducing corporate welfare, especially to the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) that benefits more from corporate welfare than any other category of recipient.


It’s actually much less than $1.1 trillion to bridge the gap. Every dollar spent on health insurance by an employer is tax deductible. In addition, when employees pay for part of their employer-provided insurance, they do so with pre-tax income, so that portion of their income is not taxed. So we are already paying for a large chunk of that $1.1 trillion gap through tax expenditures.


Many people have done the math, and many people have elucidated on how to make Medicare for all work. Perhaps it is time to make Congress an offer they can’t refuse.



How can we tax the super-rich when they make the tax laws?

Preferably while the assholes are facing a firing squad!

Why didn’t one of the brilliant students from Harvard tell Amy Klobuchar, Hey Amy, we want the same healthcare package, we the public, provide for all you congresspersons.

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LOL, Clyde_Crebbafrabitz: I looked at his shirt and here he was . : ) MAYBE in the 21st century in America---- USA now stands for Unidentified SICK Americans .

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Hi natureboy, I have read that many in Congress don’t even read the bills; they just follow the party line and vote. Wasn’t there a guy from Ohio , Dennis… and I don’t know his last name-----that actually did read the bills and caught a lot of scary stuff? Maybe people will stat hacking into the government office that prints those laws to be voted on-------that might be fun way to get equal protection under all kinds of laws ----and a benefit for so many. : )

I’m not sure I buy what you are saying exactly, but in terms of ‘raising the money’, I agree the money is already being paid (and a bit more is being paid as the famous Koch brothers story says, we pay a bit more in our current system to not cover everybody than we have to pay to actually cover everybody except we kick the private insurance portion out of the game).

The fact that money spent on health care is tax deductible doesn’t really mean much to me - the government adjusts the tax rates anyway to get the amount they choose to tax. If they did fix the rates and changed to making it not-tax detectable, you’d pay the same to health costs and you’d pay more in taxes and if you booked that ‘more’ as taxes you could use to pay for health care, it would seem you have even more ‘money’ you could assign if it weren’t tax deductible - the opposite of what you said. But we don’t need more money, we actually need less money, so bringing up the tax deduction seems like it is more confusing than it is worth.

All people have to understand is:

  1. the government expenditure goes up, but it doesn’t even double (58% increase),
  2. the total amount of money spent goes down (not much and it depends on whose study, but it is down),
  3. everybody is covered with a lot less complexity and no worry and it is free at the time of delivery,
  4. your actual payments (taxes + fees now, vs only taxes under M4A) will go up or down depending on your situation, but more or less if your income is above a certain threshold you are likely to pay more and if it is below, you are likely to pay less and the majority will be paying less (I want the web based calculator so people can check this on their own).

That was Kucinich. Yours sounds like a good idea. I hope some hackers are listening.


Hi natureboy------as McConnell has done so much cheating—it only seems fair that the field of play is finally leveled for all. : )

This just emphasizes what the Koch’s have already told us. The total cost of healthcare under Medicare for All is cheaper than what we pay now for healthcare for only some of us.

We are all familiar with Ike’s MIC speech. I think part of his warning was due to his visit with the aliens . He realized how much money was about to go missing in pursuing back engineering and development in our clandestine services.

The trouble is with getting the unadulterated medicare for all description of costs and benefits across to the people. The adversary lobbyists and politicians will try to brainwash as many as they can into believing that this M4ALL program will cost MORE through taxes and poorer service. The propaganda machine is already running.

Truth is, all Federal employees get the same health insurance Congress does. My dad did when working for NASA, I did working for NPS and all others do to. People need to do the research before posting untruths.

Hi Kat_Munro. Now I am curious. What kind of coverage do all federal employees get?
I think a lot of people would like to see what Congress and others get for their health care and ----how much do they pay? OR, are there different benefit levels for all the different government jobs. Would Medicare For All make life easier for all citizens?

The current healthcare system costs $3.65 trillion per year … http://fortune.com/2019/02/21/us-health-care-costs-2/

Medicare for All costs $3.2 trillion per year … https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/7/30/17631240/medicare-for-all-bernie-sanders-32-trillion-cost-voxcare

Medicare for All is a bargain which has the benefit of covering everyone … http://www.pnhp.org/news/2018/august/single-payer-is-actually-a-huge-bargain