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America’s Civilian Killings are No Accident


America’s Civilian Killings are No Accident

Peter Van Buren

America and its allies make modern war in a way that assures “mistakes” destroy hospitals, and civilian lives are taken by drones. These horrors are all too often strategic decisions, or the result of the profligate use of needlessly destructive weapons. They are typically far from accidents.


The war machine quakes at the possibility of the American people coming to know and love peace. The war culture is so steeped into the collective mind and has been ever since the Committee on Public Information (Lippmann, Bernays, et al.) drummed up support to engage the country in the Great War. Decades later, Dresden and Tokyo (among many others) demonstrated the American ethic (gasp) when waging war. Hopefully, the internet and social media can be deployed to awaken the American people to the blood on Empire's fangs.


While I appreciate the facts--such as the record on prior hospital bombings--cited by Mr. Van Buren, I hear his State Department "programming" in the constant use of "America" or "American" in the place of something more accurate--such as U.S. MILITARY forces--in the way of actual causality.

Too many males, in particular, raised on war games and/or team sports identify the entire citizenry by its "team." What this does is turn the citizenry into a seamless extension of the military.

No matter that so many of these operations are covert.

No matter that a captured corporate media used immense amounts of sophisticated propaganda to "sell" war on the basis of fabricated evidence.

No matter that a majority of citizens oppose the war.

No matter that the media's smiling cognoscenti continue to speak in military jargon about PRECISION drone strikes; and when it's too obvious to hide, they'll describe any human "mistaken" target as an enemy, anyway.

I am tired of this segue way made between civilians, many of US peace-loving and opposed to war, and the ACTIONS of an out-of-control military-run empire.

This status did not happen overnight. It took place through a covert "creep" over the course of close to 70 years and the inception of the NSA--to which Mr. Van Buren was a card-carrying member--was, in my view (and that of others) the first major step in creating a Shadow Govt. unanswerable to the sovereign people.

Mr. Van Buren used the frame "America" (as indicative of the entire nation) in every statement made about the deliberate bombing of this hospital.

Were he to stop 50 people on the street to ask if THEY would bomb a hospital, probably only 15 true believer NRA-devoted, macho shock jocks would answer in the affirmative.

Bullies, i.e. The Dominators... have society held hostage. THAT is not consent and it's not Democracy.

Democracy and a heavily armed military empire are incompatible concepts.

PRETENDING that one is the other is the stuff of State Department expertise: Class A. bull-shit passed off as endlessly recycled propaganda. Its language becomes so pervasive that its frames set the tone and narrative upon which all analyses follow.

WE are not all soldiers. WE are not all warriors. And WE, sure as shit, do not all support or endorse these sickening wars.

Because some giant boys in stages of stunted adolescent development wear decorated military uniforms and get their sociopathic kicks bombing hospitals doesn't mean that AMERICA did this.

When a cop mows down a Black kid that doesn't mean that AMERICA did this, either.

VERY twisted entities exist and so long as our nation is under homage to Mars Rules, the warriors will call the shots. They rule by fear, deception, and force. THAT is not Democracy, either!


Mr. Van Buren,

I thank you for your knowledge and information to us, the public expected to pay for these horrific, shameful, BLOODY, DEATHS AND DESTRUCTION of cities, neighborhoods, fields, peoples' livelihoods--in places so far away most Americans couldn't locate them on a map of the world. My son and I recently published a letter in our local city paper on the Doctors Without Borders hospital bombing in Kunduz, and the money spent on these attacks, drones, and occupations, in the Middle East. They printed our letter with a black and white picture of the Kunduz hospital, post-bombing. I wish we had pictures of ALL the U.S. and allies' bombing results, complete with victims, and in color. Maybe then there would be an outcry and people's humanity would demand a different foreign engagement . We need more people who have direct knowledge of these 'normal' military atrocities, and more whistle-blowers, to speak out and help us get to the truth and change this awful status quo.


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These killings are all violations of the mythical international law.

Why mythical?

Because where there is no enforcement there is no law.

International law is a tool designed to give the appearance of a rule of law without actually binding international powers to it. It is used only against those without the power or backing to oppose it.

Laws are for the little people. The powerful do what they wish without consequence.


Bernie Sanders isn't even mentioning scaling back or stopping any of this insane Permanent War BS, so count on him continuing and expanding it, just like Obama did.

You might vote for a Dem because you think he will be all hopey-changey. But the Dem will interpret your vote as endorsement of the status quo, which is Permanent War.

(Of course this is also true of the Republicans, but theoretically, they all love war. Supposedly liberals and lefties don't.)


Why is it that so many here, who theoretically self-identify as OPPONENTS to the corporate (disaster capitalistic)/military status quo turn around and essentially embrace it by attributing to civilians what this entity--decoupled from the populace's consent--does in its name?

First of all, I find it problematic when posters insist upon "with us, or against us," black-white, either-or frames.

Whenever I explain the problem of disproportionate power:

The power of a press that has lied to American citizens for generations, but never more since the False Flag of 911

The power of not just military, but its equivalent positioned all over the Homeland TO crack down on all forms of dissent

The power of corporations that write law... currently, the TPP which effectively anesthetizes all prior environmental and labor laws

The power of a Deep State that creates false pretexts in order to wage war (and remains largely invisible to the public)

A mass media beholden to the Military in its insistent lock-step pro-war messaging and reciprocal demonization of peace proponents

Posters like you insist that I am saying that citizens have NO responsibility.

Responsibility is just as related to hierarchy as is everything else in our stratified top-down system of power & control.

What if a majority feels intimidated by churches that have granted false witness to Creator by encouraging wars in the name of god, or fear they will lose their jobs if they speak out, or get taser'd at a protest just for being there?

Posters like yourself seem like Agents Provocateur.

When principled people like Bill McKibben manage to create huge protests and divestment movements, they are critiqued for not doing enough.

When citizens don't know how they can stop the carnage... it's hardly the same thing as being responsible for it.

This penchant for turning the average citizen into the problem is also seen when:

  1. Instead of blaming Big Oil, posters push blame onto the individual driving a car
  2. Instead of blaming the spy state, they seek flaws in Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, or Glenn Greenwald

In this case, instead of blaming REAL personnel within powerful military organizations, the modus operandi is to make it about "us," the citizens.

People do what they can.

And most are stressed by jobs that rob them of their souls while barely covering expenses; while millions more face clinical Depression, one in three now suffers from some kind of Cancer (or will); many have kids with behavioral disorders; and drug use as well as alcoholism are rampant.

That's also a product of Empire's version of Disaster Capitalism: Lives of Quiet Desperation

When people DO go out into the streets--for protests against climate destruction, or as was the case with Occupy Wall St. it thus far only does so much.

I believe the paradigm based on endless war and resource destruction, like an arrogant warrior is falling on its own sword. Sometimes, apart from whatever principled actions one can take along with speaking truth to power, the best thing to do is get out of the path of falling debris.

If YOU think YOU can do more... all power to you. I will continue to state what should be stated: That The People (those of us who have awakened and do not support Empire, war, or Shock Doctrine approaches) and the military are NOT one in the same.


Perhaps you are right that 15 people would say, "yeah. bomb the ragheads wherever they are, even if they are in hospital." But it does not follow that the other 35 would categorically oppose the violence of the US military. Perhaps 15-20 people would adopt this stance. The remaining group would simply say that they don't really care, one way or another. In other words, a significant number of Americans are apathetic and amoral; some are even nihilistic. I don't say they are choosing to be this way; I am only saying that they are this way and one cannot ignore this fact in any analysis of American politics. It's not surprising that some Americans are apathetic or nihilistic--in some respects, these are modern maladies to be found in a wide range of societies. Perhaps it is more surprising, given our cruel predatory society, that more Americans aren't this way...


That GODDAMNED jigaboo (yes, jigaboo b/c he doesn't deserve the respect of being called president, Black, or even Mr!) in the WH needs to be IMPEACHED and then JAILED/ EXECUTED/ GUILLOTINED! He has embarrassed us even more than the shrub and antichrist!


No, only fuck the United States...


Even if the writers continue to refer to the USA as "America", can we here in the comment section agree to stop using the term "America" or "Americans" unless we are talking about all the peoples of America - from Pond Inlet to Punta Arenas? The proper term is "the USA" and "the USAns".


Indiscriminate inhumanity


We have become high-tech, high-financed MONSTERS around the world ... and pretend OTHERWISE.

After ALL, don't we we fight for "freedom and democracy" all around the globe?
... even though we have a record of overlooking it at home, unfortunately.


"...raised on war games and/or team sports identify the entire citizenry by its "team".

So true.
I live in a university town which has a special rival for sports- another state university. A few years ago, I bought a car here which had been owned by a student from the "enemy" school, and which had a front vanity plate with the "enemy" mascot on it. One night, it was vandalized while parked near a store- just some water-washable paint, but the reason was doubtless the presence of that other mascot on my front plate.

I had been warned something like that might happen.

Here, as in many places in the U.S., it's almost a requirement, (in order to get along) that one must identify emotionally with some preferred team or set of teams- (football and basketball, mostly).

Several large statues of the university mascot (the "good" one, i.e. the locally approved one) are placed around town. One is even bronze- and about four feet tall; that doesn't come cheap. But
most of them are fiberglass, I think. They're for visitors, and various local day worshipers, I suppose. They remind me of shrines.

This mascot creature is imaginary, but that doesn't mean that a local resident isn't required to, if not pay homage, at least abstain from ridicule. You might as well criticize Jesus, as that damn mascot, even though it's an ugly thing, and quite pugnacious-looking, for an imaginary beast.

Neither a griffin nor a cameleopard nor Sir Pellinore's "Questing Beast", it is a stubby-looking bird that seems to want to fight- from the glare on its face- reminds me of that kid in school that no one liked because he was annoying and pushy.

Well, that's off topic, but your comment is so good I wanted to write something.

I liked team sports, as a kid, but never could get into the rivalry- of having to beat someone else, to feel good about yourself, which is sort of what it amounts to in my mind.

I don't know what's wrong with Americans- well, lots of things- but I mean, in regards to violence. Some violence is acceptable and even laudable (in the mind of the general public) and some is less acceptable and some is not acceptable at all, but to me, violence isn't something which can be rated as good, better, and best, but is all the same thing, that madness inside of the human psyche, which finds so many excuses to manifest itself, despite consequences. An issue of pride, maybe, at its root, but it's really beyond me.
Anyway thanks for your comment.
Hope I didn't use "we" anywhere. Actually, maybe i should check, just in case.


"Where are the movements of non-cooperation, of civil disobedience, of taxpayer revolt, of smashing the TVs, spitting on the newscasters?"

The same place The Draft went to, I would say.


He's actually more gray than anything. Gray or ashen.


"And most are stressed by jobs"
The other day I was in morning traffic and it occurred to me that about 90% of it was made up of people going someplace they didn't want to go, for the whole day.


Ashen -- like wood after it's been burned; I like that, he's all used up and we're all just counting the hours until he is mercifully GONE (hopefully sooner than later)!


Grotesque United States atrocities are made possible by financing endless war with a credit card.

Support the tea party call for a balanced budget. Ignore democrats that say borrowing is for growth and green jobs.

Believe your own eyes. Deficit spending is used to kill innocent families for war monger profits.