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America’s Death March

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/10/americas-death-march


Bravo! Tell it like it is Chris!

"It is up to us to abolish the American kleptocracy - to bring down the empire (that) poisons the world as it poisons us - the march towards ecocide. This requires us to acknowledge, like those protesting in Beirut, that our kleptocracy, like Lebanon’s, is incapable of being salvaged. The American system of inverted totalitarianism, must be eradicated if we are to wrest back our democracy and save ourselves from mass extinction. We need to echo the chants by the crowds in Lebanon calling for the wholesale removal of (the) ruling class — kulyan-yani-kulyan — everyone means everyone. "


“It appears the American people are tired of reason, tired of thought and reflection. They ask, what has reason done in the last few years, what good have insights and knowledge done and are now ready to follow false promises down the rabbit hole.”


There is only one thing left for humanity to focus on and pull together to achieve. It might sound like a simplistic concept but it represents the most difficult undertaking the world has ever seen.

We must see to it and make sure that everyone is OK! I mean EVERYONE!


Though maybe Lebanon isn’t the best example since a large part of the populace seriously wants to be recolonized by the French, which won’t do anything to remove the kleptocracy. Still their message is a powerful one.


Elites can only pursue their irresponsible agenda of endless greed and endless wars if the people give their passive support. It is no use clearing out the political class unless you change the competence of the citizens themselves. The replacement /decapitation of elites affords a momentary satisfaction, as was the case in France and Russia, but the old elites were soon replaced by new ones that were just as predatory and oppressive.


The crystalline, iconic perfection of Lebanon as a model of rapid state failure is certainly in a class by itself – a video tarot-card of national horror, resounding richly with the sudden wreckage we see all around us in 2020 USA. Put on a mask a take a walk through the shopping malls and main drags of Your Town, USA, and see for yourself: a huge bomb might as well have gone off; It’s a ghost town.

Where I live in Richmond, CA, the main drag is San Pablo, where the shops like to say their address lies in El Cerrito. This little hill is my own local ghost town.


Hmmm I wonder if and when the U.S. falls will we be begging the English to recolonize us.


Even UK and Sweden muddle through better than we do, at this point. They started out toward the herd immunity experiment to which USA is irremediably committed. But there’s some chance UK & Sweden might turn their outbreaks around before becoming an overwhelming catastrophe such as USA.

Maybe if we’re nice to the Cubans, they might help us out with public health.


It helps that neither of them politicized wearing masks. Sweden at least anyway.


So, from the historical perspective Chris gives, it looks like money and corruption will eventually destroy just about any society. Rot them out from the inside.

At least in the USA’s case, I think we would’ve lasted a few more decades - generations perhaps - if not for Rupert Murdoch.


Hi CriticaIThinker:
I am wondering if the French Revolution peopIe just stopped short of what would certainIy have deleted the ruIing oligarchy even more. AIthough, Iavosier, the scientist was aIso a tax coIIector—so that’s probably what got him kiIIed, but the crowds did Ieave his wife aIone -------so that she was abIe to compile aII of his scientific work and get it out into the worId.
But the young prince son, supposedIy died in prison, aithough the daughter Lived and was said to have been taken elsewhere— but Marie Antoinette, Iike the King ,Iost her head too/.
If in the coming war where those who have it aII i.e. the oligarchs and the CEOs and anyone in government who wars upon the citizens and immigrant too---------I wonder if this time, it won’t just be just the “creme de Ia creme” who are offed----- but sadly even their chiIdren too. But -----sigh-------humans being humans, I suppose that no matter, the cycle of “I am better than you are,” could very weII start over again with a different group waiting to ruIe. Of course, by that time, Gaia, might just decided she needs to start over with brand new Life forms. : (


I truly don’t think the majority of Americans even want to re-build a sense of community. We’ve been brain-washed by the Libertarians and economic liberty neolibs for too long now. However, small groups of us can and must form resistance communities, where we take care of each other outside of the dominator capitalist system. How would this work? Well, start to talk to each other. Begin to take bags with you to pick up trash and clean up neighborhoods.Teach children to respect others and the earth. Find a neighborhood plot of land and plant a community garden.
It’s extremely difficult to rebuild trust in others once it’s lost. I’ve talked to hundreds of elders and disabled people who are ignored and abused by their own families and old family friends. They’re done, just waiting to die. All they have to occupy their time is playing cards and watching TV. Only those who are still able to drive go to senior centers for activities.
America has never been a true community, with extended families and shared land. Instead, we’ve isolated families and homes into private plots of land, with elders and other relatives living a distance away.
If you’re willing to try to build community in a culture that’s never truly known it, well, here are some references-Ancient Futures by Helena Nordberg-Hodge, describing how she and others have joined up with a traditional community to fight the neolib development scam. Starhawlk’s Dreaming the Dark, written in the final years of the Raygun coup, with excellent guides on building groups and community.


The answer is very simple. A large group of people, all committed to creating a nation based on collectivism and beginning a new renaissance need to secede from the union and prove to everyone how it could be done.
We of course would immediately be slaughtered in the streets like mangy dogs, as we have come to a point US history that no alternative to libertarian fascism could be permitted to exist.
We are headed for a fall. A big one.


Watched the shootings and lootings in Chicago on TV tonig. Such acts will bring down a city–I remember what happened in Detroit in 1967. As the city emptied out (leaving the truly destitute behind), did the escapees find better lives? I do not know, but it might be necessary to destroy first and build later.

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Hi Kayie:
sigh-----yes the horses have aII Ieft the barn------and the barn was probably on its way to being repossessed anyway. : (


‘Predictions are difficult - especially about the future !’
~ Yogi Berra

I don’t know, but I rather like Jef’s idea above:

And CriticalThinker is right on too:

I haven’t given up on the States yet. But we are building rapidly towards some type of climax I think. This is required if a system as massive as the USA is to ‘change state’.


You know there’s a Freudian slip there Stardust !

They have all the money - but they don’t have ‘it all’. Far from it I would say - and it is the realization that having a good life does not equal having a lot of money.

That may be the ‘change of state’ we need to make as people.

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Hi manysummits: : ) IoI

WeII, Iet me cIarify : ) De Joy is having it aII in terms of power and ability to use government jobs money for his own personaI gains in Iaw making. ( I.e. the current thief running the Post Office into the ground) OMG, I heard today that DeJoY invests in private maiI and delivery companies, so wow, he IiteraIIy makes more money by destroying the Post Office.
There reaIIy has to be a change in government-----how can a man who knows NOTHING of the Post Office get rid of workers who know what they are doing ? We aIso need to have pictures of him which show him without a mask—IoI—I think he thinks he is being so clever that no one wiII recognize him on the street…but per De Joy–it is my theory, that maybe the mask makes sense----and as not using his mask for heath —but he is a virus of his very own infecting a previousIy working weII post office and De Joy arrives as a deadIy virus," of gimme more and more money ." capitalism! : ) And, OH—to find a maiI bag to stuff him in-----where would we send it? : )


Well said! Every word of it spot on.