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America’s Destructive Denialisms

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/18/americas-destructive-denialisms

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Yeah, you just had to throw in that crap about denying Hillary’s claim that the Russians rigged the 2016 election.

That must be the only conspiracy theory they’ll call you a conspiracy theorist for denying.


I was always surprised by the cultural emphasis on holidays in America such as the Spring Break and Thanksgiving until i began meeting Americans and discovered that they simply did not have paid vacation leave, or at most two weeks, and public holidays were the only thing they looked forward to.

As an unskilled government worker i got 5-6 weeks paid vacation every year. Across Europe generous paid time-off is the norm, not the exception.

For too long American workers have been in denial and never strived for shorter working hours, reduced working week, and longer vacation time.

A pay rise can be eaten away by inflation - being given actual time cannot be.



Chris Hedges joins MintCast to discuss the decline of US empire, the breakdown of society, the rise of militarized Christian fascism, and the discredited liberal class among other hard-hitting topics.

Fun stuff

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The US culture defines its population by what work a person does. We don’t ask someone what act of kindness they’ve done or how their comity is doing. Nope, first thing we ask is what kind of job they have. At that point, we make the unconscious determination of how we’ll treat them. If they say, “I work at such-and-such a business that handles mergers and buyouts”, your immediate culturally biased reaction will be that they’re a Big Shot and you will become subservient in both body language and speech patterns.
But if they say, “I take care of my dying mother and my elderly father and my husband works at at store re-stocking goods.”, our biased reaction will be that they’re lower class and not worthy of further attention.
Note-I’m not saying this is a conscious transaction. On the thinking and feeling level, we will probably treat them very differently. Those of us who are more interested in how kind a person is won’t even care what work they do. But it’s there, and it explains the extreme class divide in the US and what’s fueling it.
The very thought of down time, taking a long vacation, or even having a few restful hours in nature is heresy in our Calvinist heritage. Which is so very sad, because, no matter how much the US denies it, Death is the ultimate truth.
As for denialism…the US was founded on it, increased its immigrant population on it, and will die from it. Lots of books out there on this subject. One totem symbol of it is that big statue in New York City’s harbor, with that unctuous platitude engraved on the plaque. Freedom denied for Indigenous peoples and slaves, immigrants were really fuel for industries, and only a very, very few profited from the whole trope. This is probably heresy, but I wouldn’t be upset if it got the Ozymandias treatment.

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Good points

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Yeah… for these sneering, smug, speciously pontificating stereotypes to project their comical DENIAL onto the very nightmare they’ve unleashed upon us all (blissfully obtuse, as they ratchet us exponentially farther RIGHT & far more authoritarian into alternative reality despotism) I’m sure a few of us will note the unintentional irony, glib hypocracy, mind-boggling narcissistic entitlement, dead-eyed sniffing grandiosity and delusional chutzpah… hey, WAIT?

Never MIND! I’m sure the “moderation” algorithms KNOW?

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