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America’s Empire of African Bases Spreads

America’s Empire of African Bases Spreads

Nick Turse

In the shadows of what was once called the “dark continent," a scramble has come and gone. If you heard nothing about it, that was by design. But look hard enough and -- north to south, east to west -- you’ll find the fruits of that effort: a network of bases, compounds, and other sites whose sum total exceeds the number of nations on the continent. For a military that has stumbled from Iraq to Afghanistan and suffered setbacks from Libya to Syria, it’s a rare can-do triumph. In remote locales, behind fences and beyond the gaze of prying eyes, the U.S.

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‘The Obama administration, Reeve explains, has made use of humanitarian rhetoric as a cover for expansion on the continent. He points in particular to the deployment of forces against the Lord’s Resistance Army in Central Africa, the build-up of forces near Lake Chad in the effort against Boko Haram, and the post-Benghazi New Normal concept as examples. “But, in practice, what is all of this going to be used for?” he wonders. After all, the enhanced infrastructure and increased capabilities that today may be viewed by the White House as an insurance policy against another Benghazi can easily be repurposed in the future for different types of military interventions.’

As to what is it going to be used for, one would need to perform a geospatial analysis of the correlation between exploitable resources and base locations, but conveniently this is already revealed by the base locations, now hasn’t it?

But it’s all OK folks more Dancing with the Presidential candidates whilst Killing Christmas on Black Thursday/Friday will be imposed on an ever disconnected populace. After all, one only need to get to the Big Lie after the Big Distraction fails.


This is just a repackaged version of Colonialism and nothing more.

It has nothing to do with fighting terror. In fact if there a country in Africa free of the same the Empire will be sure to introduce terrorism to that country. This rather easy to do as in any country there people who feel left out of power and all the Empires agents have to do is whisper in their ears that they can have complete power and all the wealth that comes with it if they just plant a few bombs now and then.

Africa is one of the most mineral rich places on this Earth. The empire can not allow a peaceful Africa to tap those potential riches and form countries or alliances that might rival their own so it must be kept in disarray.


Read this article. It an outline of the Conditions forced on ex Colonies of the French Empire when they were granted “independence”. (some have likely ended but the point is made)


Empire state building

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Its all about corporate control of minerals and everything else of value, and roping African farmers into the GMO web.


Well, Nick, it’s not an “American Empire” per se, and the African bases are just a small footnote, but other than that you’ve got the picture right.