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America’s Failure to Protect Its Children from School Shootings Is a National Disgrace

America’s Failure to Protect Its Children from School Shootings Is a National Disgrace

John Cassidy

Early on Wednesday afternoon, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, had a fire drill, an eleventh-grader named Gabriella Figueroa told MSNBC’s Brian Williams. “Then we heard gunshots,” Figueroa said. “Then it went to code red. And then it was crazy.”


Interesting that the U.S, government is so deeply concerned about protecting the lives of Americans from Muslim terrorists (which only exist because of American policy and the behaviour of American corporations) that they will stop at nothing, violate all sorts of constitutional principles in order to surveil the people and spend obscene amounts of money on military actions overseas to do it. But somehow slaughters like this keep happening because no right is as cherished as the right to bear arms … SAD eh Donald


Agreed, Mr. Cassidy, but the problem isn’t schools. Schools are simply an available venue where immature, emotionally charged brains and broken hearts can find numbers of victims. The problem is guns and the myth of redemptive violence. If we get over the latter and reduce gun culture and the availability of guns with no good defensive or sporting use, we will all be safer everywhere.

The White House statement promises kids “we will do anything at all” to protect them. This is what is needed. We don’t need more terrorizing drills in schools. We need fewer guns, less mass-capable guns, and less of a culture that says violence accomplishes anything.

And it isn’t about mental health. Nikolas Cruz’s mental health appears to have been a chronic issue of aggravated adolescence, not fitting in, though he tried (including JROTC, btw, celebrating military culture), set off by the loss of whatever stability his mother had provided and maybe by a romantic loss. I pray for young Nikolas, whose life is over before it’s begun.

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Thank you, John Cassidy, for telling the truth, in all its ugliness. It needs to be told again, and again and again. We must not allow these things to fade away. America has a terminal sickness. To ignore it will only mean more death.


Then why spread the doctrine of hopelessness? Let’s do something about it instead.

I don’t own a gun and have absolutely zero personal interest in possessing firearms myself - but I live in a huge rural state where responsibly-used guns (mostly rifles) have been an integral part of most residents’ lives for generations (for hunting, but also for a feeling of’ ‘home security’ for thousands of families living on extremely isolated ranches and farms)

Interestingly though, most of my state’s rural dwellers have shown again and again, in public opinion polls, that they’re not automatically opposed to ‘reasonable’ federal and/or state modifications to their US Constitution 2nd Amendment rights (i.e.,.,local law enforcement background checks and local police registry for ownership of military-type rifles and/or multi–shot pistols.) Though many of these same rural residents say that they’re suspicious of, and therefore don’t easily trust, what they perceive as ‘Liberal, urban, anti-gun radicals…’, most do acknowledge that the far-removed urban gun violence in the US is alarmingly ‘out of control…’, and so ‘…does require some kind of societal address’ via ‘better legal procedures…for those high-density places around the country…’ .Many of these same rural folk in my state see the ‘no-compromise inflexibility’ of the NRA re any and all modifications to the US 2nd Amendment as being not just ‘unreasonable,’ but also as a likely threat to the legal durability of the entire 2nd Amendment. <><><><>


“we will do anything” said by trump. good…how about 3-4 vets in each school as security guards. is time to start thinking along these lines. our school kids need protection and our vets need jobs.

No, the answer is not more guns in schools. There was an armed guard in this school, who never got to where the gunman was in and out in 7 minutes. And the gunman got a mile away by dropping his luggage and stripping off his hoodie to expose his “school spirit” t-shirt with the athletic logo displayed. He walked out with the victims of his terrorism. Who would you have the veterans shoot? What veteran wants a job being ready to shoot schoolkids?

My thought exactly: again and again and again!!! Harp on this. Don’t let it fade from headlines or consciousness. Drag us through the carnage. Only in that way might something, one small thing, be done that starts another and another until reasonable gun law is once again the law of the land. Rubio and his ilk must be called-out. His blathering about this incident is irresponsible and reprehensible If he were my Senator, I’d be in his email box all day long. Little Marco indeed.

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VERY well said, Snowman.

Not. More guns in schools where children are is the exact opposite of a solution.

“Let’s add more gasoline to that fire! That’ll put it out quicker!”

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The problem is not guns. The problem is not schools. The problem is irresponsible parenting that lets kids grow p as if they were animals. Animals come equipped with instinct to guide them, humans must be taught by proper example and admonition how to behave.
Instead of proper parenting, our children are raised by their peers (who are just as ill-equipped as they are to know what is right and what is wrong), foul and violent entertainment (which along with their parents and other elders they feed on day and night).
Then there is the do nothing political establishment (both parties by the way!) who wring their hands and keep funding pointless mid-east wars whose chief accomplishment is to make lotsa, lotsa money for war profiteer contractors. This entire mess and many other influences turn some of our fellow citizens into gun wielding monsters.