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America’s Greatest Athletes Are Standing Up, Calling This Country To Change

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/01/americas-greatest-athletes-are-standing-calling-country-change


Chocolate City, by Parliament

Uh, what's happenin, CC
They still call it the White House, but that's a temporary condition too
Can you dig it, CC?
To each his reach and if I don't cop it ain't mine to have
But I'll be reachin for you cause I love you, CC
Right on

There's a lot of chocolate cities around
We got Newark, we got Gary
Somebody told me we got LA
And we workin on Atlanta

But you're the capital
Gainin on ya

Get back
Gainin on ya
Movin in on ya
Gainin on ya

Can't you feel my breath
Gainin on ya
All up around your neck

Hey, CC, they say you jive and game and can't be changed
But on the positive side, you're my piece of the rock and I love you CC
Can you dig it?

Hey, uh, we didn't get our 40 acres and a mule
But we did get you, CC
Gainin on ya
Movin in around ya
God bless CC and its vanilla suburbs

Gainin on ya
Gainin on ya
Feel the funk
Gainin on ya
Gainin on ya
Feel the mother love
What's happenin, blood?
Gainin on ya
Gainin on ya
Gainin on ya
Gainin on ya

What's happening, black?
Brother black
Blood, even

Just funnin man

Gettin down
Uh blood to blood
Uh playas to ladies
The last percentage count was 80
You don't need the bullet when you got the ballot
Are you up for the down stroke, CC?
Chocolate city
Are you with me out there

And when they come to march on ya
Tell em to make sure they got their James Brown pass
And don't be surprised if Ali is in the White House
Reverend Ike, Secretary of the Treasure
Richard Pryor, Minister of Education
Stevie Wonder, Secretary of Fine Arts
And Miss Aretha Franklin, First Lady
Are you out there, CC?
Chocolate City is no dream, it's my piece of the rock
And I dig you, CC
God bless Chocolate City and its Vanilla suburbs

Gainin on ya
Can you all get to that
Gainin on ya
Gainin on ya
In your stuff
Gainin on ya
Can't get enough
Gainin on ya
Gainin on ya
Feel the funk
Gainin on ya
Yeah we funky too
Gainin on ya
Right on, chocolate city

Yeah, get deep
Real deep
Get deep
Just got New York, I'm told

Songwriters: G. Clinton / W. Collins / B. Worrell

“The greatest athletes in America are standing up for justice at a critical time.”

Until they’re not. I’m guessing Jesse didn’t see the part where Obummer stepped in to shut down the NBA strike. I was cheering, thinking this action would spread to all sports, then the public, for a general strike. Apparently TPTB saw that coming too, and sent in their “Fixer” to stop it before it became real.

“Barack Obama Convinced LeBron James & Chris Paul To End NBA Boycott In Exchange For Voting Locations” / African Diaspora News Channel Platform

Another lost opportunity.


I think Billie Holiday singing Strange Fruit is one of the most courageous performances.

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More Hope and Change you can believe in!


No they are not. Sitting out one game does not make for a strike. They needed to sit out the season and call for everyone to join them in a massive ongoing general strike. But all it took was a few forked tongue words from Obama to send them scurrying back onto their courts to kill any meaningful protest movement from them. Way to go Obama, you god damned POS oligarch enabling traitor.


Obama’s not an athlete at that level. I suppose he’d crush me easily enough in a game of hoops, but it’s almost an insult to say so.

He took an opportunity to catch the train in the opposite direction. And it left the station, probably a couple decades ago.

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True, he’s almost up to the “con” level as Trump, but Trump could teach him a thing or two.
The people I wonder about is Obama’s past law students. He’s a guy that taught Constitutional Law, then turned around and wiped his a$$ with it, what kind of impression did that leave on his past students, and will effect their careers negatively in the future?

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