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'America’s Gun Violence Epidemic' Continues with Mass Shooting in Oregon



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In England and in the Land Down Under they had this problem and fixed it. IMO, if you own a gun you automatically become part of the National Guard and that is where your gun is kept, Period. IMO, the nra is a crime syndicate. They want you to have your gun(s) at any cost. Well, what price did you pay today? I don't own a gun, I did once and got rid of it like a smelly shoe.

This dis-ease needs a cure. If you live in the usa, you have this dis-ease because it's on that piece of paper. That piece of paper needs to have an amendment. A change of course in order to stabilize the patient in hope(s) of a cure.


First, my condolences to all the families of those we lost and to those wounded by this senseless attack. Second, why do we continue to have gun free target ranges for the sick killers in our society? Had there been just one law abiding citizen with a carry permit many lives could have possibly been saved. If it were not a gun free zone it likely would not have even happened. Chances are the human killer with the weapon would have looked further for a gun free zone. Blaming the weapon is very short sighted and more gun bans mean nothing to those intent on harming. They laugh at the senseless bans. Of course this will be splashed all over the news and even lies told of how law abiding citizens should lose their second amendment rights to protect everyone in America. This was a cowards work.


Keep it up, America – the more you just carry on with your obsession like this the sooner the place will be completely beteft of people and we can find a better use for the fucking real estate. Oh yeah, you're really 'exceptional' you are.
I very strongly believe that the United States needs very serious gun control laws, and to hell with anybody who is so imbecilic as to interpret this as a blatant infringement on their so-called Second Amendment rights. All you people seem to have very gladly given up so many of your rights in the wake of the inside job that was 9/11, and the fascist 'Patriot Act' brought into being by the war-criminal neo-con cabal Washington 14 years ago, and now you'll continue to senselessly blather on about your so-called Second Amendment rights? You're deranged, and too goddamn selfish to do the right things to save what's left of your dying country. Anybody who keeps blathering in this way has no idea how the constitution reads, or what those Second Amendment rights really mean. Second point: how many more of these episodes in what is now America's national sport -gunning people down, whether by civilians or by militarized police – will have to happen before people wake the fuck up and realize that American society is deeply diseased, and very likely terminally so, unless a critical mass of people rise up to save it? It is a testosterone-poisoned, militarism- masculinism- and money-fetishizing society in which hypercapitalism has run amok, and the most vocal people on the issue of values in the society are unfortunately the psychotic, misogynistic, pseudo-Christian, evangelical, right-wing, warmonger,racist class.


Oh, spare me the gun free zone crap. The mass shooting in Arizona was not gun free. There were other people there carrying guns (conceal carry) but were not in the exact location to be of any use. In then end, the shooter was taken down by bystanders when his gun jammed. There were armed guards at the Columbine massacre and one of them actually shot at one of the killers but missed. There were armed campus police at the Virginia Tech massacre.
We need stricter gun laws across the nation. Ban semi-automatics, ban assault weapons and gun owners should be forced to carry insurance on their guns. THIS CONTINUAL SLAUGHTER IS UNACCEPTABLE! I'm sick of this crap, this ongoing non stop psychotic blood bath. Jaysus, what is the matter with this country, what is the matter with us!?


They need to rename each state to include GUN in each name, starting with OreGUN, WashingGUN, GUNifornia, AlaskGUN, ArizoGUN....thereby giving all who enter the US fair warning.


And the USA is frightened of Muslims?


Nothing else to say but that you are completely wrong about not needing more gun laws.


Welcome to AmeriGUN, the land of mass murder.


America absolutely needs more gun control laws because there are so many mentally ill people in this country who are willing and able to commit mass murder. Infatuation with guns is also a major contributor which I would submit is a form of mental illness itself.


Mother Englande never had this problem after the Jacobites and the Duke of Monmouth had been sorted out by 1745. There is no National Guard either in the UK or in Australia. Guns in Australia are licensed and even such rifles as the Lee-Enfield .303 are illegal. Farmers and certain others may own similar weapons to the .303 but Australians do not have the ludicrous attitude to guns as do the USAians.

According to Obama's recent speech 295 (did I hear correctly?) mass shootings have occurred in the USA this year and so far 10 000 USAians have killed fellow USAians. 3 months to go; and USAians are frightened of Reds Under Their Beds and brown-skinned bearded folk with a yearning to explode in public? Were I in the USA I would be terrified of any USAian within rifle range of me!


Another mass shooting in the homeland of the Empire? Can someone please turn the channel and pass me the doritos? Mass shootings are now so familiar they are just boring. A few Americans might actually think this, but MILLIONS unconsciously promote this view to the degree that they accept these massacres in silence. The spectacle of young people being led away from the scene of slaughter, hysterically crying, some traumatized forever, has been offered up so often--Columbine, Virginia tech, Newtown, etc, etc--that it now fails to command even a modicum of interest, let alone a deluge of shame and outrage. A good number of American citizens are simply benumbed to murder and mayhem. For these zombiefied folk, the massacres in the USA might as well be happening in Afghanistan or Burkino Faso. They are no more moved by the killing of American youngsters than they are by the annihilation of "savages" in the hinterlands of the Empire. The USA is deranged. The country has gone completely mad with the evil effects of the culture of violence, including an undying love affair with guns.

President Obama, himself a mass killer, says that it is far too easy for a lunatic to get a gun in this country and then to act on his dreams of mass murder. Obama is not wrong, but his heresy was too much for the Gun Owners of America, who issued a statement saying that they were offended by the President's crass attempts to make political capital out of an unspeakable tragedy. These people are something else, to put it mildly. Tens of thousands are murdered each year by the gun, including a good number of children. But 2nd Amendment fanatics argue that its inappropriate (even unjust!) to bring "politics" to bear on a citizen's "right" to be armed to the teeth. It's only "politics" when gun rights are questioned, but it's never politics when gun rights are affirmed as natural, God-given liberties. This dogmatic, infantile reductionism blocks off all intelligent debate and keeps the USA mired in a deepening bloodbath. I admit I hate guns with a passion: they are instruments of war, oppression and mindless animal murder. I'm not talking about guns in the context of necessary subsistence hunting. I am talking about guns as symbols of the warrior ethos and absurd trophy hunts--in other words, guns as the totemic images of barbarous masculine power. When NRA types speak of guns as the bulwark of freedom, they are only showing their ignorance of American history. Samuel Colt was moved by the spectacle of a single overseer controlling a gang of slaves when he gave thought to his weaponry. Colt understood that guns are key to domination and slavery. This is still true today: the US military rules the roost basically because it has more guns than anyone else and it is more than willing to use them. Guns come out of the dark side of human history.

Joe Biden said yesterday that the USA is the only "civilized" society in which gun massacres regularly occur. Biden has a strange sense of humor: by what measure is the United States a civilized society when the slaughter of the innocents cannot inspire enough moral outrage to force much-needed change on access to firearms? The NRA has won whatever debate there was: nobody seriously proposes that the citizenry should be disarmed (as essentially happened in Australia after a horrible massacre). Americans will forever enjoy the "right" to own guns. But the NRA, a fanatical front group for the gun manufacturers, continues to peddle the lie that the Federal authorities are coming after "your 2nd Amendment Rights," to defend yourself and to blast all the targets you want and all the animals you can find. This Big Lie has so morally corrupted certain American citizens that these people have no decency or empathy: when another massacre occurs they rush to defend "the right to own guns," and are bitterly hostile to any bleeding heart who wants to regulate their precious instruments of death in the interest of "public safety." Who cares about public safety when "gun rights" are on the line??!!!

I remember watching some gun nuts in action when the state of Connecticut moved to prohibit assault rifles after the Newtown massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary (!) School (!). The state had set up an advisory committee and the committee was holding a public hearing, in which some of the parents of Newtown child victims were present. One parent called for more regulation of citizen access to weaponry, hardly a "totalitarian" initiative in the context of 20 murdered children. But NRA fanatics, 2nd Amendment lunatics, cannot abide ANY challenge to their dogma of wonderful, wonderful guns. Certain barbarians among the NRA contingent rudely heckled the Newtown parent as he made the case for more gun control. It was one of the most heartless things I've ever seen and it made me realize that true gun fanatics are so far beyond the moral pale, they actually have no concept of responsibility to other people. In other words, they have no moral concept of society. It's as if these people believe that as long as I have my guns, nothing else much matters. No doubt about it, the fanatics are scary types. I could see that they would have no problem executing a "communist" like me, who poses what they perceive as an intolerable threat to their beautiful guns.

Someone will say that when the police and the military are the only ones with guns we are on the way to tyranny. There is a hint of truth in this observation, but the US citizenry is heavily, heavily armed and we are STILL on our way to tyranny. This only goes to show that guns alone are insufficient to the task of "defending freedom," as the NRA lunatics have it. The best defense of what is best in people is to build up their moral consciousness so that people feel responsible for one another. A slave society could never come into existence if the citizenry were wedded to moral solidarity, no matter how many guns the master class had at its disposal.


Great comment! You say what needs to be said and you say it the WAY it needs to be said!


As the antigun crowd is losing ground by the day, crime is actually down and all the comments and lies will not change that fact. And the fact that a bigger percent of Americans are tired of the antigun lies and nonsense. As stated, there are a lot of places with gun bans the antigun crowd can go. I can think of a hot place.


Frank Zappa put it this way: "Scab of a nation, driven insane."


It worth pointing out once more that the majority of Households in the USA do not have guns and there some 300 million guns in that country.

Given the number of households around 120 million this means that on average those households with a gun have 7 guns.

That again an average meaning if a household has 1 gun to get an everage of 7 another must have 14. When you get down to it those people with those arsenals ARE GUN NUTS. Added to this the according to pew research of those that own guns over 60 percent are white males while they make up 32 percent of the population.


In countries with stricter gun rates crime rates are also down.

In other words those guns accomplish nothing except fuel mass shootings.

In the past three years there have been 990+ mass shootings in the USA. Contrast that to the EU and than tell me guns are not an issue because 'crime lower".


In surveys done the majority of Americans support stricter anti-gun legislation. The vast majority of females want stricter gun laws. Those opposed to stricter gun laws are overwhelming white male republicans.


The latest from the "news" is that the shooter targeted Christians. Look now for the persecution complex of Christian right wingers to escalate, another excuse to stockpile.