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America’s Hypocrisy on Free Trade Is Dangerous


America’s Hypocrisy on Free Trade Is Dangerous

Harry Blain

How did the United States get rich?

The textbooks tell us it was the “free enterprise” genie. The Founding Fathers, they say, had the foresight to construct a political and economic vision of a commercial republic, committed to private property, open markets, and individual liberty. Slavery was the only major stain on this vision — until our “new birth of freedom” extinguished it in war.


It all started when we allowed England to steal Hawai’i (O’Whei-Hee, capital O’Wha-Hoo) from the Irish . . . *

When O’Bummer was all for the TPP, everyone here was against it, and now that Tweetle-Dumb is against the TPP, everyone here is for it.   Knee-Jerk Liberalism is what I calls it.   There are some aspects of the TPP that might be good for Amurika, and some that might not be.  From what little I know about it, what is NOT good for most of us ordinary folks, and VERY good for those Multi-NaZional Korporations that would benefit most from it, are the ISDS / ISDR provisions that allow private korporations to sue national governments – governments that are doing their best (presumably) to protect their citizens from contaminated food – for establishing health and safety laws that result in restrictions, like ‘Country of Origin Labeling’ (COOL), that are “in restraint of trade” — as though trade, and the profits therefrom, are more important than peoples’ health.

*  The first Europeans to land in O’Wei-Hee were sailors on an Irish whaling vessel who had been lost in the Pacific for several months.  Of course their first exhaultation upon spying the verdant island was “O’Whaa-Hee!!”, followed by “O’Whaa-Hoo!” when they first saw the grass-skirted native ladies dancing on the shore . . .
(Not really – this was just a shameless ruse to get your attention.)


Grass skirted native ladies always catch my attention.

The success of the US has never been free enterprise. It has been slavery, at home and abroad. Plus the stealing of land from so many people.

The slaves at home were not only the africans who came here for a better life (Snark), but as industrialization grew, the ave american who moved to the cities as farms improved and needed few workers. Those workers in the city were wage slaves, they lived and bought in the company owned housing and stores which charged more than they earned which kept them in debt to the company and thus unable to seek employment anywhere else. But there really wasn’t anywhere else to go, the rich made sure that no matter who they worked for, they would remain poor.

Then we went overseas to repeat the process on those lands we stole from the natives. We have never practiced free enterprise at all. But we have been good at enslaving the poor.


Just like ‘Tennessee’ Ernie Ford sang in his mid-Fifties superhit, ‘Sixteen Tons’:
      "Saint Peter don’t you call me, I can’t go . . .
      “I owe my soul . . .  to the Company Store!”

Just as true in the textile mills of England and in the mines of Wales during the 1800’s as it was in the U.S. during the 1900’s — and like the Luddites of the past, we neo-Luddites of today are the slaves of the fat cats and their big korporations.


It is why I have become a pessimist. I see little chance for the rich to be swept out of power. Sure if the people get upset enough, they can protest and win some gains. But the rich will wait them out and slowly take those gains away.
Ah yes 16 tons, a favorite of mine. I use to sing it at work. “You load 16 tons and what do you get, another day older and deeper in debt. Saint Peter don’t you call me,”
Maybe someday we will decide that money shouldn’t rule us, it will be too late for me. And I suspect too late for the youngest generation.
I wonder how long before the collapse of our empire and country. Most empires are eaten away from the inside. Not that I expect that anything better will be built from the ashes. Usually the new empire is no better.


Advocacy of “free trade” is much worse than merely hypocritical. So-called “free trade treaties” give business more power, while the governments that can potentially implement democracy end up with little power. This promotes concentration of wealth. See https://stallman.org/business-supremacy-treaties.html for more of an explanation.