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America’s Journalistic Hypocrites


America’s Journalistic Hypocrites

Robert Parry

Over the past few decades, the U.S. mainstream media has failed the American people in a historic fashion by spinning false or misleading narratives on virtually every important global issue, continuing to this day to guide the nation into destructive and unnecessary conflicts.


Parry lays bare the neocon pandering of the paid propagandists of print and the corrupt chattering class.

Still, it must have been difficult to write an entire article about supporters of the disastrous neocon foreign policy without mentioning the Borg Queen except in an ending reference to her delegates chants of “USA, USA.”

Mo' war! Mo' war! Mo' war!

Clinton 2016: She may be just one of the Four Horsemen, but she's a leader. Vote for her and the others will follow!


Remember investigative reporter Gary Webb and the " Dark Alliance" series? The origins of the crack cocaine trade in Los Angeles. That series was an eye opener of how Freeway Rick Ross was receiving huge amounts of cocaine dirt cheap. Crack is created, and floods South Central Los Angeles. Question, the Ronnie Raygun/Bush administrations funding of the Nicaragua Contras and it's involvement in what happened in Los Angeles with Freeway Rick Ross, and crack is just palpable. What happens, San Jose Mercury News hypocrites dropped Gary Webb like a hot potato, fired. In 12/10/2004 Gary Webb's death reported multiple shot suicide ( very, very fishy cause of death).


Free Press or free propaganda. Bizarro world has become a reality. Superman is dead. Let Luther is in charge.


Remember New York Times', Judith Miller. Miller should be in prison for conspiracy to create war. Chelsey Manning got 35 years, mainly for exposing a massacre in war. Millers looking at 50, 70 years, and that's going easy, considering all the death and mayhem she helped cause.


Mainstream media never really has been public friendly. Nowadays those of us who try to do a little seek and learn and who want to know what's happening even though it's scary and depressing are now more aware of what a good thing it would be if journalists were both allowed to and wanted to do in depth reporting.


Thank you Robert Parry for an excellent article that articulates so clearly what mainstream journalists and media have done for this country. (Like we really need to be continually dumbed down.).

Mainstream journalists and media are by and large mere lazy mouthpieces for the government. It is difficult to have an informed citizenry when an uninformed, lazy, and biased media is where people get their information.


Just a quick post to say that Robert Perry has for years been an excellent source of reporting on foreign affairs. Years ago Perry did the most important reporting of some of the Iran Contra issues including probably the most thorough reporting on the "October Surprise." His articles are meaty and give lots of context often missing from other reporting.


Just a small nitpck: I'd say the abdication of principal by journos came when critics first began exposing the Warren Commission fictional report and coverup of JFK's murder. The media attacked them like rabid dogs. Pretty much still do.


He's surely correct with his observations in the conclusion: Clinton supporters behave much like Bush supporters when anyone dares points out how ridicuous (and often dishonest) their new Red Scare has become.

For those of us who didn't having lived through McCarthyism, it's certainly been illuminating.


It is truly unfortunate that such a perceptive analysis has to end with such a blast at Hillary Clinton, as proven by the following direct quote, which has no connection to the substance of the article:
At the Democratic National Convention, some of Hillary Clinton’s delegates even chanted “USA, USA” to drown out the cries of Bernie Sanders’s delegates, who pleaded for “no more war.” On a larger scale, the mainstream U.S. news media has essentially ignored or silenced anyone who deviates from the neocon-dominated conventional wisdom.

This article author should stick to the point of his analysis, rather than raising irrelevant and gratuitous insults against the Democratic candidate for president. ín Logic, that is called SETTING UP A STRAW MAN (or STRAW WOMAN in this case.) He might try being fair-minded, rather than biased, i.e. he might try practicing what he so effectively preaches.