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America’s Megalomaniac


America’s Megalomaniac

Robert Reich

I spent last week at a conference in South Korea, during which time Trump went from seeking a meeting with Kim Jong Un to cancelling it, then suggesting it might be back on.

“What does Trump want?” South Korean officials at the conference kept asking me. Notably, no one asked what the United States wants. They knew it was all about Trump.

Trump’s goal has nothing to do with peace on the Korean peninsula, or even with making America great again. It’s all about making Trump feel great.


Robert, it will be much more effective, strategically, to ‘tag’ Trump as “America’s Emperor”

Regarding Emperor Trump’s latest attack messaging against any TruthDigging or CommonDreams, I commented this to both those progressive web-sites, and to the NY “Times” on Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Maggie Haberman’s reporting today of:

“With ‘Spygate,’ Trump Shows How He Uses Conspiracy Theories to Erode Trust”:

Thank you, Julie and Maggie, for ‘teeing this up’ (which I thought was open to comments briefly last night) — because this is going to be an ‘easy one to resolve’ — although I’m not going to call it a “slam dunk” nor shoot my pheasant hunting partner in the face.

If faux-Emperor Trump is able to employ the vacuous, meaningless, divisive, and deceitful messaging terms, “Spygate” and “Deep State” effectively against ‘we the American people’ then he will win, and anything, including a sequel of Hitler’s Nazi Empire “Night of the Long Knives”, militarist action in the Middle East, or broader “aggressive wars” (as the Nuremberg tribunal defined the ultimate ‘war crime’), could well occur.

If, on the other hand, this provable; “Empire-builder” and “Empire-thinking” faux-Emperor Trump is recognized, diagnosed, understood, and bravely confronted as such by a brave and free citizenry of Americans with an accurate and effective “Competitive Strategy”, and the related ‘strategic narrative’ that in America we must “DUMP EMPEROR TRUMP” because “We can’t be an EMPIRE” — then our greatest crisis since the “Revolution Against Empire” in 1776 [Justin du Rivage] and our Civil War against an ‘economy of slavery’, will, likewise, have been resolved peacefully — and ‘we on both sides’ of the political divide, will win (by avoiding being ‘divided’ by an Emperor or Empire).


You know before Trump came along I couldn’t even imagine a person more subhuman without even and inkling of kindness, compassion or understanding. He truly is a monster and I just can’t imagine the stupidity of people who can’t see this in this piece of narcissistic, selfish, moronic asshole person. Chelsea Clinton said the other day that Trump is an insult to what it means to be an American. Trump is an insult to what it means to be a human being.

Anyone who couldn’t see what Trump was at the beginning is truly an abjectly stupid person. Anyone who still supports this waste of life is a traitor to the United States and to all of humanity. Trump is the single largest threat to the well being of this planet that exists today.


Upon Obama ascending the throne Trump tested voters’ willingness to swallow fake news by leading the birther movement. Trump’s 2016 campaign solidified his base by amping up racism. As long as Trump continues to obliterate traces of Obama ever having been POTUS his base will continue to stick with him no matter how much he screws them.


How very stupid and childish of Trump!


This too, was childish, stupid and wrong!


Yes, because they are as insane as he is.


Thank you, Mr. Reich, again for saying so clearly what’s need to be said.

I’m sure that history will discuss this new age Orange Caligula as much as the original Caligula…

Dror Marom


YES! You are correct. The 2015 Iran Treaty was focused on keeping nuclear materials/ wastes out of the hands of terrorists to avoid a catastrophic terrorist nuclear attack. It was a basic treaty that did the job of securing these nuclear materials and Trump cancelled the treaty with no alternative of his own offered. The worst possible scenario now is Trump pushes us into an Iran war and our troops in that country get nuked. And/or Iran terrorists set off a nuke within the United States.

Then when it really comes down to why an Iran War is being pushed by Bolton and Trump is the military industrial complex corporations are pushing millions of dollars of bribe money at everyone in Washington to generate military contracts worth billions of dollars for those corporations. I have no doubt that Trump would make huge personal profits off of that war.


And what will history say about the Palestinian genocide committed by Israel Dan? Will your drones be able to target unarmed demonstrators or will the IDF still need snipers to kill and maim them? Which side are you on…


Obviously Trump has no foreign policy. One only had to follow the presidential campaigns to realize Trump knew nothing about foreign policy and had not interest in it. Nobody with a foreign policy would be destroying relations with allies and reducing US influence in the world. They certainly would not be threatening North Korea with nuclear weapons and destabilizing the Iran agreement. And they certainly would not be pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord indicating no concern about the future of the US and human civilization. Trump is completely mentally detached from the concerns most people have about their country and the world. He is so detached people have been wondering if he is actually working on behalf of Russia. His political strength lies in his hate or at least not acceptance for everyone not white. This has solidified the Republican Party as a white nationalist party and by default had made the Democratic Party the party of diversity. That’s what voting now boils down to. Which side are you on? White nationalism or diversity. It never should have come down to this choice. But it has, the party of hate versus the party of welcoming. Whatever happened to arguments about balanced budgets and things like that. Those were the days. Gone forever maybe.


Right-O. But…

What I always say, and will continue to say, humans descended from the higher animals and lost a great deal of dignity in the process. Trump is a good example, but not the only one. No other animal outsources death by machine. No other animal is a killing machine. No other animal evolved “toxic intelligence.” “Animals don’t behave like men,’ he said. ‘If they have to fight, they fight; and if they have to kill they kill. But they don’t sit down and set their wits to work to devise ways of spoiling other creatures’ lives and hurting them. They have dignity and animality.” ― Richard Adams, Watership Down

There are no “subhuman” creatures, only creatures descended from the higher animals.


Reich’s piece sailed in pretty safe waters all the way until it really falls apart at the end. I am still waiting for someone to show me some actual evidence of Trump and Russia colluding…while Trump and his entire family profit off the Presidency like Ivanka this last week with China. Such blatant violations are ignored while the Democrats and the Deep State bet America’s very future on the outcome of fictitious witch hunt which is going to be the mother of all blowbacks when they fail. It is like a never ending train wreck that goes on and on…as the entire system is dismantled so the corporations can suck out the very marrow out of America’s hopes and dreams.


As if there’s no precedent for The Don. In the U.S. of A(mnesia), we had a certain “vice-president” who fit that description quite well.


The picture of Dump above says it all. The middle finger should be extended and the F about to leave his mouth is fitting. A true psychopathic puppet on display. What a cruel joke on humanity!


I thought this was going to be an insiders account of the Clintons . . . . .


Jack17 - Trump is a dumb-ass who doesn’t care one bit about anyone but himself. Similar to George Bush, he has little idea about what’s going on in the world because they’ve been insulated from birth from the normal world. Many other politicians, like Obama, Hillary, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, and Donald Rumsfeld, (to name a very few), were raised in the normal world and are brilliant, but don’t care about anyone but themselves either. Washington DC is filled with idiot humans and brilliant humans, but they’re all still war-criminals and murderers, who couldn’t care less about other humans, or the planet.


Right on, Dan Harris. There is zero evidence that Russia influenced the election, but establishment Dems like Reich still insist on pushing the lie rather than take responsibility for rigging the primary against Bernie and running the worst candidate possible. Julian Assange (100% accurate record), said the emails were leaked, not hacked. The corporate media and the Democratic Party got Trump elected. When Bernie came to town here, he was a blip on the radar in the local news. The next week, when Trump came, they shut down three stations for FIVE HOURS and followed his every move, before his speech, during his speech, and after his speech. THAT kind of crap is what got Trump elected.

Meanwhile, the US Government is currently interfering in two bogus elections, one in Honduras and one in Venezuela. It’s supporting the candidate the people there voted against, and the bad guys are winning. The US backs the corporate bad guys. Profit over people. America’s real slogan. “As American as profit over people.”


Obama was a much more well-behaved, intelligent psychopath. A great orator who slaughtered innocents by the millions with impunity.


The problem with this condemnation is that Trump would see it as a positive; it contains his favorite superlatives.