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America’s Mixed Messages: On Board the USS Detention

America’s Mixed Messages: On Board the USS Detention

Karen Greenberg

I grew up in New London, Connecticut, watching many a military ship float by my window. New London was home to the Coast Guard Academy and sat across the river from a U.S. Navy submarine base. Uniformed guardsmen, sailors in training, and sub crews leaving port would regularly wave to my friends and me from the decks of their ships.


Why do they hate us? This article contains part of the answer.

Its “black eyes” match its black heartlessness. Its “caring” is calculated to obscure its callousness.

Its image will change when its essence is eviscerated.

Twenty hours since posted, and only three comments.

That in itself is a measure of the intensity of veiling of this stage of consequences from inversion demanded by inevitable failure of late stage empire. This sort of activity is rife and drama queen trump is the walking flashing mirror to distract from what is being done on his watch.

Coast Guard - the name itself was once one of dignity and coherence. Protectors of small, free, maritime activity, if you encountered crippling danger at sea, they were the heroes to call with absolute certainty of response.

The scenario described in the article should generate equally absolute revulsion. Why? Because it is a nefarious undermining by the predation kings of capital empire: those companies that rape entire biomes for MASSIVE extraction of natural resources.

It is no secret that for decades that the military and intelligence sectors of the US government have been screwing around with drug running, undermining democratically elected governments and lying about it for profit - MASSIVE PROFIT - that these cabals cannot exist without. And we are held hostage as their bernaysian propaganda arms are paid the big bucks to screw your heart to the wall until you scream capitulation to their criminal plans and buy, buy, buy into the schemes that destroy life on the planet - including entire webs of biology that you are not taught about.

Its a shame, but more, the dark shadow of a death wish: it creates unnecessary threats and chaos and then blames the victims. Hence it is the product of mental illness and sick minds that must be made aware of that disease.

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The Coast Guard lost it’s way shortly after the drug war started, and that remains their main focus. As a firefighter in a coastal town, I was afforded many opportunities to work emergencies with them, they rarely went well. One example I remember, we rolled up to a dock with a burning boat that the owner in his haste to get away from the flames, didn’t tie the boat off properly. When we hit it with water, the pressure pushed the boat away from the dock, beyond the reach of our hose lines. I called the CG, told them who I was, and that we needed their 40 ft. fire boat for assistance. they responded in their small rigid inflatable with no firefighting capabilities, they finally sent their fireboat. I put firefighters on the front deck of the boat to man the hose line, and the CG would not advance close enough to extinguish the fire, even after I explained the owner had no insurance, and allowed the boat to burn to the waterline, it should have been an easy task to complete, but their commanders 50 mi. away wouldn’t allow them to finish the task. I wont print what I told them when we exited the vessel, my post would be flagged. I’m sure the personnel there that day would have liked to have completed the task, but their commanders wouldn’t allow it.

Karen, I spent quite a few summers in Groton, Conn., across the river from where you were, about 50 years ago. Impressed with you’re bio, thanks for you’re work, the world needs to here these things.

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