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America’s Most Prosperous Companies Get $2 Million Per Job Subsidy at Their Data Centers


America’s Most Prosperous Companies Get $2 Million Per Job Subsidy at Their Data Centers

Kasia Tarczynska

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Facebook, America’s most well-known brands and most prosperous firms, are demanding that states and localities provide them ever-larger economic development subsidies to support their data centers. Last year these five tech giants reported nearly $120 billion in pre-tax profits, and yet they told states and localities they needed financial help to build new data centers, structures essential to their business operations. Their efforts resulted in more than $2 billion in public support to build 11 new data centers.


This is an example of the real "welfare state" in the United States. Corporations, through tax abatement, tax loopholes, grants and padded government contracts are the real welfare queens (recipients) in the U.S.

One of the biggest lies propagandized by the capitalist ruling class is that businesses (especially the huge multi-national corporations) create jobs. When, in fact and reality, consumers create the jobs. Without consumers, no products or services are sold/purchased.

As a reminder, the working class is, by far, the largest group of consumers.


More good news from Los Lunas, NM! The next week it was announced that Niagara will be opening a bottled water facility! (This is a desert. I have a well 20 miles away) Niagara is applying for a $500,000 state Local Economic Development Grant. Also jobs (only40) training reimbursement and high wage and rural-jobs tax credits while sucking out 330,000 gal./day. Facebook usage might be 10 times that.


Thank-You Very Much Kasia, Stop using these billionaire assholes products, and services, America! Buy local, money stays local! And by all means, dump that con-job Facebook!


Ultimately this is what happens under the economic model that suggests "Job creation in the hands of wealthy individuals" wherein Private individuals control all of the Capital.

The Corporation and by extension that one percent BECOMES the Government and all of the people labor on behalf of that one percent.


Corporations are human institutions. Shouldn't they be made to serve human needs rather than the reverse?


America's welfare state for the rich.


Corporatists spiral into Doom Cloud. The wrath of Doom Cloud is harsh. Why are they doing this? Grab the wheel and set sail for calmer seas.


Just about every town in the USA has a Wallmart. Dig into the news paper archives and city hall archives and find out exactly what the tax breaks were for that grounbreaking to implant the big box; when the glowing promises were being made to situate in your community.
Now, as I recall there was someone on the board of Wallmart, fully aware of but absolutely silent about the slave labor conditions for the greater portion of production foisted from the supply "chain"- 'life on the cheap'; every externalizable cost so distant from the profit line as to be its wet dream of a parallel universe.
Now, does the model look familiar?


No money is given to anyone. The corp gets to pay less tax to that state/city if they build the facility there. The state/city actually gets a benefit thru the, albeit lower, taxes that are paid. The choice is, get something or nothing at all. The title just makes sound sensational. If it would say, "America’s Most Prosperous Companies get a reduced tax rate to build facilities in blighted communities" would not be that interesting, and everyone would actually be cheering.


Not really. If you read the linked article, the data centers are paying taxes, but at a lower rate. So the state/city receives income from them. If the data center was not there, the income would be zero.

Actually, the local mom and pop burger joint is profiting from the teams that come to the data center to practice their disaster recovery drills. That depends on the data center type.


As an added bonus, when buying online you don't pay taxes.


They also charge me an arm and a leg on rental car fees when i pick one up at the airport.


Mastery of simple arithmetic should be a requirement for anyone filing for election to public office. In many cases it would be far cheaper to the communities to just put the unemployed on welfare rather than pay some corporation an outrageous sum to build a facility and "hire" them. The numbers just don't add up.


Is there not ONE lawmaker in the USA that can propose a bill making this practice not only illegal, but severely punishable???
This harms the nation, all taxpayers, and is akin to blackmeil.


(SOAP), Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan???


Yes; however, not enough!


Check out San Diego, CA in a ballot measure in this November's election to increase hotel tax etc. to give to the San Diego Chargers NFL football team, millions of dollars of tax payer money ( think schools, roads etc.) to a billionaire football team owner, for a lustrous new stadium.


Used to live there. Right about the time when they built the ballpark downtown. Oh well,.... panem et circenses.