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America’s New Revolutionaries Show How the Left Can Win


Regarding “how the process has been skewed against your interests”, centrally important in the fight against Big Money is standing up to the 8,000 pound financial gorilla at the root of America’s financial dictatorship. The history of this financial dictatorship is described succinctly in “War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank” at

American voters must learn this history, suppressed by its Israel-controlled media. Ocasio-Cortez was willing to call Israel’s massacre in Gaza a “massacre”. That shows her depth of understanding, honesty, and courage.
“Dems have four congressional candidates willing to criticize Israel — and ‘reap political rewards’”


BIG take-away for me: The line about Kirsten Gillebrand’s about-face. In her first run six years ago she was touted as genuine progressive, but like Heidi Heitkamp has legislated more like a corporate Democrat. Heitkamp is likely too indebted to her ND fracking base to budge on policies. I have been inundated recently with emails from Gillebrand, but reluctant to respond for just that reason. I will do so, but only if I can send a very strong “Fool me twice” message, probably through her Senate web site, as campaign web sites seldom have a “contact” link, for obvious reasons.


And when you contact via the Senate web site, the staff replies with “This is campaign-related and we cannot address this here…”

But hopefully the message reaches someone.


Justice Democrats have appeal. The facts support them: our elections are bought by the wealthy. We used to have a top marginal income tax rate of 91%, for 50 years, 1930 to 1980 the rate averaged at 78% on income over today’s $1 million, so the next dollar above $1 million the earner received 22 cents, the government 78 cents. We have to return to those high rates as the top one percent take in over 20% of all pre-tax income. Income and wealth distribution ratios are very unhealthy, today. We need some radical changes. The lower-earning 50% of workers, earning less than $30,553 a year, but on average less than $13,000 a year for all 50%, earn a collective total of 6% of the national income. The Social Security Administration report on wages shows this fact. Workers are vastly underpaid, and this corrosive effect on society is unacceptable. I write Economics Without Greed, http://benL8.blogspot.com, and we need a massive educational movement and political truth movement. The majority are being ignored, and low-income people are suffering – low incomes, no chance for upward mobility, and a education-to-prison penal system punishing the people of color.